Whispers in The Dark Ep. 42: Racist Poltergeists

On this week’s WiTD podcast we talk a whole lot about Bioshock Infinite and the depiction of racism in games ; Evil Dead and the modern horror film problem; paranormal and prehistoric creatures; and lastly, of course the usual banter that involves us discussing irrational scenarios. Don’t worry about spoilers, folks!

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Kyle Campbell, Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • That Guy

    Obscure MMA facts from Kyle, love the guy even more.

    • Hahaha! Awwww :3

      • Do you even MMA bro? Wait… That’s lift hmmm but seriously GSP does that?

        • That Guy

          MMA? pfff. I trane UFC

          • I remember way back in the day when the UFC started… Now that was interesting and then everybody starter to mishmash everything into what we call today mixed martial arts.

        • GSP has stated in a number of interviews that he has an irrational fear that aliens are going to abduct him. He apparently wont even go jogging at night outside because he’s afraid of being abducted.

  • With the new podcast physique I thought I might post my comments a little bit differently! *laughs maniacally* MUAH HA HA! *cough* I mean:

    0:49 – CJ dressed up as Ke$ha singing? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
    14:22 – Whitney’s “MMMMMM” and “In da’ band!” both made me lol! ^o^
    15:51 – I made a pact with a friend yesterday that we’d watch ‘Human Centipede 2′ at some point during the year… SUPER EXCITED! (I’m a disgusting person )
    34: 57 – I wanna’ hear that goddamn song now! *googles requiem for a dream* HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! :O
    42:02 – OMG! *does the math* Colonial Marines is 1/3 out of 10… WOW! D:
    45:34 – Kyle everytime you say you think your pronounce / name something
    wrong… you never do! 😉 OWN IT!!! XD
    50:41 – “It feels like this place that you go to unwind, have a good-time
    and just fucking smile” Rourke I applauded that sentence! BRAVO!
    1:09:40 – But CJ! I don’t wanna’ get off tumblr! XD (God some people are so
    stupid… )
    1:15:48 – Ohhhhh… WHITNEY! DO A LETS PLAY OF DARK SOULDS!!! 😀 I wanna’ see Senorita-Yolo-Swag-Dawg in action! 😉
    1:29:31 – “Der Er Merl Perners” Nobody can talk probarly! XD
    1:40:38 – Don’t you dare mention Australia! I have enough trouble sleeping as it is! *turns off the podcast then runs away screaming* Oh wait… grasshopper people? 😛
    1:46:34 – (CJ’s ghost hunting team’s first case) Hey twitchy get in here! XD Oh and Rourke, CJ’s never going to go with your podcast titles >.<
    1:54:32 – Fuckin' way to go Ahmad! XD I'm kidding… I mean our questions got answered! FIST BUMP! ^o^
    1:55:59 – Kyle I'm with you man! COMPLETELY AGREE! 😀 Oh and great impresion CJ! 🙂 I'M SO EXCITED!!!! WHO IS THE WOMAN??!! I MUST GET IT!!!! *has awesomeness seizure*

    Anyway I justed wanted to conclude by saying that I really didn't mind the old formula of the podcast, and I really don't mind the long podcasts either : But I actually kinda like the way this new podcast moves! 😀 (Also I'll work on asking shorter questions for the next podcast… sorry about that! ^3^)

    But remember guys (and gal): Vesicals… *whipsers* VESICALS! BYE'S BYE'S! *waves* Can't wait for the next one! ^3^

    • That Guy


      • I know right?

        • Well sorry If I actually get excited when I listen to you guys talk for 2 and half hours! 😛 GOD! You guys take so much, but give so little! XD

          • We give you everything! Even our dignity.

          • * remembers ass photo* Yeah… that’s true! ;D

        • I have to relisten to understand what he’s referencing lol 😀

    • Wow Brady XD

  • Christopher James

    Not sure if I can keep listening to the show after hearing you guys, minus Rourke, drivel on about “believing in ghosts” and the “paranormal”.

  • rem

    wow. I have had these comments saved for ages I need to check which ones i have posted.

    CJ’s song

    0:34 to 0:50

    [Not going to lie I was expecting more. You had lots of
    podcasts to make a song.]

    Whitney: Are you going to sing the entire podcast?

    CJ: One day I will. I’ll be like Kesha and I’ll make money.

    [Another day another quote to extort CJ with. Please tell me
    I was not the only one who wants to see CJ’s face photo shopped onto Kesha now.
    Maybe as a question image.]


    New format and April fools and the internet does not read

    1:50 to 9:35

    [Not going to lie Whitney my reaction to your April fools
    post was like this –reads title- OH EMMM GEEEE!
    SQUEEE! How did I not hear of this? (Was reading it when I became a fan
    way later) I guess it was not dubbed in English or something. –starts reading-
    …. Well –Note the following has been removed so the commenter does not look
    overly childish-]


    CJ on MSN and evil dead.

    13:05 to 14:13

    [Not going to lie the section of me that’s a fanboy is
    fighting the section of me that does not want to see the crazy shit on Redit on
    the issue of getting MSN]


    Salvia and Black face Dora the explorer.

    33:55 to 36:20

    [So CJ’s old channel has black face Dora the Explorer and this? –puts on stalker hat- I have a lot
    of work to do.]


    CJ’s Pax coverage and WITD brony con and Never have I ever

    1:24:09 to 1:30:52

    Whitney: you did some nice interviews

    Kyle: handsome boy

    Whitney: and you were handsome.

    CJ: why’d you look away? You looked away I heard it. You fucking lied to me! You looked at the floor and crossed your fingers.

    Whitney: CJ you’re beautiful don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

    Kyle: -dad voice- CJ you gotta do some squats you ugly shit.


    CJ: And you just hear clopping down the hallway.

    [-spit take- CJ you have no idea what you just said! Hahah]

    CJ: and we are like ”Oh god their coming!”

    [HAhaha keep digging that hole CJ!]

    [I am looking forward to next year when you all meet up! You
    can go to brony con and record Whispers in the sheets]


    Kyle: don’t marry inadament objects and say their better then women…. Now i want to do that! God that’d be so great! ”YOU KICKED THE MAP IN THE RIVER WHITNEY?!”

    [Kyle X Map OTP!]


    Metal gear

    1:33:16 to 1:34:06

    [Come on CJ I want to hear your Raiden voice.]


    Paranormal encounter and Whitney’s sprite medium practice

    1:34:14 To 1:54:31

    [(I saw a ghost once. Or at least I think it was a ghost.) I
    was walking with one of my friends in the forest (I shit you not the forest is like a fence from the school) and we were talking and hanging out when I saw something behind me and turned to see the ghost. I did not think he was a ghost at first. He just looked like a local council worker. His body/ clothing showed no signs of damage but the thing that got me was he looked slightly transparent I could see a branch behind him. I blinked and he was gone.]

    [My friend saw me staring at nothing and asked what I saw
    and I told him. I found out a lot about him that day. 1) He did not think I was crazy 2) He had seen ghosts before (I wonder if he could see the ghost after I thought It was gone. I’ll ask later) 3) one of his neighbors is a psychic and I think he said something about learning from his neighbor so he might know basic medium stuff.]


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