Whispers in The Dark Ep. 37: Mama Chavis

On this episode of the Whispers in the Dark podcast, the Chavis family storms in and brings the noise. I ask Mama Chavis why I’m not allowed to live in Whitney’s walls, why her daughter is fascinated with my behind, and if she would adopt me. All questions were answered with disappointing responses, but I won’t give up in finding my way into the Chavis household.

The non-Chavis discussions revolved around Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut, Silent Hill Revelation and our planned commentary for it, the Silent Hill HD Collection, Dante’s scrumptious abs, Kyle’s nightmares, and the potential Resident Evil reboot. It was a hell of a time and incredibly strange.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney Chavis, Kyle Campbell, Rourke Keegan
Special Guests: Mama Chavis, Sarah Chavis

Duration: 02:40:18
File Size: 91.7 MB
Format: MP3

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • I played Extermination on PS2 when it released. It was really good. Traded it in ages ago, but want to get it again because I found out SWERY worked on it 😀 There’s even a bar Swery65 in it like Spy Fiction and Deadly Premonition.

    • I went and got a new copy of Extermination on Ebay 🙂

      • Tito

        I still got my original copy :D. Remind me of The Thing when I first play it.

      • too bad my ps2 broke. extermination also reminded me of cold fear, enjoyed both games

    • Funny how that works out lol

  • FlameOfOrion

    Good podcast guys. Anything I can get some laughs from is appreciated! Shout out to Kyle (from a friend from beyond the wall).

    • Whispers in the Dark is Night’s Watch approved, perfect long shifts guarding the wall.

  • Neutron15

    this is a crazily great podcast, I cant stop laughing

  • Tito

    The super bowl is today, a new podcast & dead space 3 this Tuesday. Starting out to be a great week.

  • Omg Whitney, you and your mom sound almost exactly the same! All the intonations and stuff! It’s cute 🙂 I also watched an LP of Extermination, but it got a bit boring. I still plan to play it myself though.

  • OMG! Episode 37! Is this the one where we find out if the legend of Whitney’s sister is true!?

    Anyway, great podcast guys (and girlsss)!!! Also I find it funny that in all the pictures I’ve seen of Whitney (^above included) she’s always had alcohol in her hand…read into that what you will XD

    Oh and I mustn’t forget to say: ROURKE YOU SHOULD USE YOUR TWITTER MORE…..often….please ^o^


    • It doesn’t work on my phone so I always forget about it haha

    • May I ask what legend this is?

      • I was kinda paraphrasing Gamer Poop Skyrim,but I have no idea 🙁 I’ll twitter CJ and see what he comes up with XD

        • Goblin

          That’s a terrifying thought! XD

          • Just tweetted CJ! 🙂 Now we play the waiting game…

      • Goblin

        I think it’s just because Whitney talks about me sometimes. I am in no way legendary XD

    • “Whitney (^above included) she’s always had alcohol in her hand”

      LOL Say what? I think the one above is the only one I’ve taken and posted anywhere with an alcoholic drink in hand. Most of the time I’m just making a weird face or giving a thumbs up XD

      • I may have over-exaggerated that comment a little bit XD

  • That Guy

    Dat laugh. I thought she was having an asthma attack. Great podcast.

    • Goblin

      Nope, no asthma attack. It’s just that I have a *very* loud laugh and that’s what happens when I try to reign it in 🙂

  • outrageously hilarious episode. i was on my way to work and i didn’t even mind the traffic XD

  • Okay I feel the need to post again! Rourke I’m glad you listened to the commentary for Retribution. I laughed too, Milla Jovovich is FUCKING HILARIOUS! 😀 She just points out plot-holes and Paul Anderson I just like “Oh it’s a zombie movie” 🙁

    Oh and Whitney’s mum is the funniest person ever! She sound so much like you Whitney! And Kyle’s story MADE ME CRY! XD So did Sarah’s laugh XD

  • SecretX

    i can’t see sony doing anything for ps vita. they might show new gadgets and their new ps4 but the problem will be they don’t have the games.

  • Thank you for convincing me to play on my PSVita via this podcast. The console not that bad for a handheld and I’d like to see the ps4 to utilizes it more then the ps3. AC3: Liberation is awesome and I look forward to getting Book of Memories this weekend.


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