Whispers in The Dark Ep. 30: Book of Mammaries

On this better-late-than-never episode of the Whispers‘ podcast, Rourke and I go over the wee bit of news released since our last episode. After that, we discuss Resident Evil 6 with a whole lot of spoilers (important stuff stopped being talked about at 1:10 mark), so you might want to avoid this episode if you care about ruining the game’s story for yourself.

We then talk about some films, other games, and then end with our impressions of the Silent Hill: Book of Memories demo. It’s a pretty hefty show despite it only being us two, but don’t worry, the “tension” will return on our next episode!

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Rourke Keegan

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • 4th Survivor

    What is this? A secret podcast has appeared? Damn, I haven’t finished RE6 yet so can’t listen yet…..but I’ll listen to it when I get the chance too. Great Work Anyway! 😀


  • You two make an interesting couple

  • Yep, listened to the podcast till the spoilers part and then stopped. Speaking of BoM. Nothing on my radar and it is Oct 16 sooo I dunno. Not even on the PSN. The demo is there so…..

    @ CJ: correct me if I’m wrong. You saw Revelation?

  • InvestiGator

    I can’t bring myself to finish Ada’s campaign in RE6. I just… can’t.
    Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks her campaign is the worst – especially storywise.
    I didn’t really notice the lack of textures you mentioned, though. Pretty sure that’s because of how crappy my TV is.
    I think a 7.5/10 for the game is adequate. I’m having fun with it, but there’s lots of little things that bother me and make me want to go back to playing Revelations. And that’s kinda sad because I paid €150 for the European Collector’s Edition >_<.
    Ah well, at least the Lepotitsa prop for my avatar is pretty cute.

    I also really need to save up for a Vita. BoM looks like a lot of fun!

    Nice surprise!podcast, guys. But the lack of Lovecraftian Lust was disappointing. I miss you, Whitney!

    …I don't even know what I'm saying.

  • 4th Survivor

    Great Work Guys! I listened to the spoiler-ific portion of the podcast but didn’t actually get that many spoilers (I haven’t finished the game yet…I know Rourke “Poo-poo on you”) except for maybe Ada’s campaign (I’m a fanboy so I think I’ll like it anyway)

    Oh and CJ about the whole mercenaries DLC thing: I live in Australia and I pre-ordered through Eb games (the Australian equivalent of GameStop) and got all 3 maps. I have it on both X-Box and ps3 (I know I pulled a Jorge) and both have the three maps. I’m sorry I can’t give you mine, but I wouldn’t be surprised if E-Bay Australia had some.

    Oh an Rourke, Boba / Jango Fett is from New Zealand not Hawaii! D:

    Hope this helps 😀

  • The only thing Ada story does for me is explain who Wesker and Ada work for during the Raccoon City and i think that my of been on of the notes.

  • I’m tension now eh? I guess now it’s out of the bag now …this tension between us is what drives me to the bottle. I wish you would not make light of my struggles Cj..it feels like I’m walking on broken glass 🙁 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y25stK5ymlA

  • Testing something. Ignore the cat.

  • SecretX

    too much spolers in this podcast ;(

  • rem

    Corpse party

    1:13:40 to 1:14:42

    [How did you have trouble with the females? Naomi and Seiko
    and Mrs.Yui where the best characters]

    CJ: did you see the scene with Seiko who is a psycho because
    she’s fucked up

    [TAKE THAT BACK! She’s awesome and funny and shut up! (Wow
    sorry you hit a nerve]

    [-listens to CJ’s argument- ok first the pervert with no
    shame is a normal anime character the thing with her brother is just tickling it’s not like it’s incest or anything SPOILERS one of the characters does love one of their relatives and your calling Seiko fucked up?]

    By the way here are the corpse party relationships

    1. The class rep and the bad boy (standard romance novel

    2. Naomi and Seiko (the only relationship both that
    character can give consent depending on how you play.)

    3. Incest (will never work out but cannon)


    Book of memories

    1:25:50 to 1:31:00

    CJ: someone told her (Whitney) that there is a sexual
    tension that is unbelievably high on the podcast

    [They never said that Whitney was involved they were most
    likely asking if she noticed the sexual tension between Rourke and Wesker or between CJ and Rourke]



    1:49:00 to 1:49:54


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