Whispers in The Dark Ep. 28: Dreamcrass

On this episode of the Whispers in The Dark podcast we spend quite some time talking about actors, films, upcoming videogames (horror and non-horror), and how we don’t actually force Whitney to be on the show; we’re the Brady Bunch of videogames.

The show encompasses the ongoing Resident Evil hype, analyzing what we want from videogames, the WiiU, Shenmue, and Sega’s legacy.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan, Zev Levit

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • StuntmanSnake

    Thank god, this podcast arrived just in time. I got stuck doing an overnight shift at work tonight and this will help pass the time, haha.

    • Likewise, I’m in Brussles for a business trip and by God I wanna survive until 6 pm before I close my eyes. XD

  • StuntmanSnake

    First off, I’d like to say that this podcast was exceptionally great this week. I can’t put my finger on why, but it was great.

    About Dead Pixels that I mentioned on the podcast, I recently found a Deadly Premonition easter egg! There’s a store called F.K Coffee in the mall!

    Also, I thought the comment about NBA13 affecting RE6 sales was a joke, hah. When I said “definately” I really meant the exact opposite.

    To Rourke: hope you come across a Dragon’s Dogma copy! In case you’re wondering how I got two codes, I was really eager to play the demo so I placed some bids on eBay for it. I accidentally managed to win two and I figured it would make sense to give it to someone who would like it, rather than trying to sell it myself.

    Forgive me for writing this novel, and thank you for getting me through work tonight. Time went much quicker while listening to this one!

    • Rey Mysterio Jr.

      I wasn’t even asking ur opinion when I asked about the nba question. I asked for them, Who are u anyways, u aren’t even part of the relyonhorror team.

      • StuntmanSnake

        Woah, slow down, champ. First of all, I thought you were making a joke, and secondly, when did I say I was part of the RoH team?

        • Rey Mysterio Jr.

          How is that a joke, it’s a question and I was just wondering if it would affect it. That’s the reason I was mad. Don’t go thinking that, u don’t see me saying ur questions are a joke.

          • StuntmanSnake

            I apologize if I offended you, that was not intention at all. I just assumed you were making a joke. Here’s an example of the way I took it: “Do you think Barbie’s Big Adventure will affect The Avengers 2 sales?”

            No offense to you or to sports games, it’s just the way I read the question.

          • 4thSurvivor

            Yes, it will

          • Rey Mysterio Jr.

            My bad I guess I took it too seriously. I just felt disrespected. No worries.

          • Why is this argument even a thing?

      • 4thSurvivor

        Why are you so mean? He gave his opinion on a question, what’s wrong with that?

  • Ross Ingram

    Another great podcast. LOL’d when Rourke was NomNom SlurpSlurp while talking.

  • Ross Ingram

    Forgot to say. Yay Zev Hitman Blood Money on Professional me too. Only Hitman I haven’t finished is technically the first one on PC had to use God mode on the last Rotterdam level and the Final level.

  • Wow. I never knew beacon could be so deadly. Good to know.

  • I think I have the perfect thing for the Deadpool movie. Terry Crews can be Deadpool but Nolan North’s voice is dubbed over his voice. Since Deadpool wears a mask, It could totally work.

    Yet another great episode of the podcast.

  • InvestiGator

    Great podcast again, literally made me laugh out loud! 😀

    I’d love to draw Whitney as a pony, but I think that would make her angry. I also suck at MS Paint, so…

    Speak, the novel that Rourke (iirc) mentioned, also has a movie adaptation we had to watch in school (starring, oddly enough, a very young Kristen Stewart).

    I too would be interested if they’d tackle the subject of rape in a future Silent Hill game. As a girl, I’d also really love to play as a female protagonist again!

    I don’t know how to properly end this comment, so here’s a cat:

    • Kitteh! :3333

      • 4thSurvivor

        MEOW! By the way Rourke I wasn’t saying you were a douchbag I was joking (again everyone is entitled to there own opinion) YAY LETS ALL BE FRIENDS!

    • It wouldn’t really make me angry, if you really want to go for it 🙂

  • Benjamin May

    CJ, you wanted to know about the changes to Alone in the Dark on the PlayStation 3. Here are the changes that I can remember.

    1). It is now called Alone in the Dark Inferno.
    2). The inventory is much easier to navigate and I believe the game slows down a lot more while in the inventory.
    3). It takes fewer bullets to down Humanz, making them less frustrating to fight.
    4). The car handling is VASTLY improved and the taxi cab chase through the streets at the end of Episode 2 has a checkpoint half way through.
    5). There is an extra sequence in one of the episodes.
    6). You can now rotate the camera around the main character with the right stick and the camerra is pulled further away for a better field of view.
    7). The main character now runs by default, rather than having to hold a button.
    8). A certain gameplay mechanic which brought the pacing to a grinding halt near the end has now been introduced earlier and scaled back.

    I think that’s everything

    • I don’t know where I’d be able to trade the game in for the better version. It would probably be difficult to do so. But thanks for the list. I can’t believe they even released it in that state on Xbox.

  • im also still replaying american nightmare, love this game more than alan wake, greatly appreciated the tweaks added during combat. but i do miss the atmosphere the 1st game had. i also agree with rourke, fassbender should definitely play as albert wesker if a real, serious, well-written movie adaptation of resident evil ever happens. i wish you guys could break the 2 hour mark just abit, now that alot of horror game topics has been going on. still was a great podcast overall

  • Btw, I’m not kidding when I say Terry Crews should be Deadpool.

  • SecretX

    The vita has a lot of ports and they look amazing on it. i think the Wii U is gonna be great have a couple of ports.

  • rem

    [Note: running gags acknowledged: Rourke telling Whitney to
    finish alien

    Zev telling Whitney he loved him]



    24:50 to 27:00


    Whitney the pimp (I still want a pic of Whitney with a pimp hat)

    32:10 to 33:55

    [No not Pokémon men! That’s been done and you promised us
    you would dress as silent hill nurses and be the silent hill men at the end of
    episode 1 we have been waiting a long time for this]


    Messing with Whitney

    43:12 to 46:09

    Zev: we don’t want an angry Whitney I have to get that in

    [Zev Levit master of the single entendre]

    CJ: this podcast is preparing you so when the time comes you
    can fight the demon

    [Or it’s preparing you for if any of your stalkers track you

    CJ: -to Whitney- you have to call me stinking bitch

    Whitney: sinking bitch

    CJ: Yes I’m going to eat your fetus


    Horror shows

    57:00 to 59:44

    [Tongue story: O.o Dear god the fact that it reminds me of
    corpse party is not good

    [Ice-cream story: O.O AGGGHHHHHHHHHH! –Scarred for life-]


    Book of memories (avatars)

    1:22:08 to 1:25:52

    [My avatars never look like me I make them look crazy unlike
    my friend who makes them look sexy curse her fashion sense]


    LEAVE WHITNEY ALONE! (Now we have Whitney and Jorge) and
    Zev’s love for Whitney

    1:27:20 to 1:28:44

    [I have the feeling that in Zev’s mind pictures his internet
    romances working like Disney movies. They meet sing some songs and marry the
    next day]


    Rourke’s voices

    1:38:40 to 1:40:40

    CJ:-to Rourke- I wish you were a pony.

    [What’s with CJ and ponies? Is he a closet broney?]

    Whitney: you do Wesker all the time –meaning the voice-

    Rourke: -as Wesker- I do do Wesker all the time, it’s very

    [lol he said do do! I never claimed to be mature]

    [I can’t do a pony voices (never watched the show) but I can
    do GIR from Invader Zim (it works best with auto tune!)


    Whitney: Well if we are it’s not because of me –refusing to new people listening to the show-

    [You brought me here after I asked you for the link because you told me about the but plug tails… I should have been more prepared for this stuff]


    Whitney = Kat

    2:32:20 to 2:36:13


    Rourke’s Halloween idea

    2:41:20 to end

    [Rely on horror book?]


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