Whispers in The Dark Ep. 27: Thundercock

On this episode of the Whispers‘ podcast we discuss how much we’re avoiding Resident Evil 6, because spoilers for the game are coming out of Capcom and possibly Polish players, very soon. We also talk some more about the hilarious fan reactions to videogames that aren’t even out yet.

Other topics include the  awesome looking ZombiU, Aliens (again), perverted Bronies, emotional games, future Rely on Horror content, how much I want Sleeping Dogs, Whitney’s FAKE alcohol problem, and lastly, how much we all suck at liking the right games.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan, Zev Levit

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • StuntmanSnake

    Nice, I managed to get here like right when the podcast was up. Will listen to this now!

    About Sleeping Dogs, I was able to get this awesome looking cardboard display for the game from GameStop (Rourke might know what it looks like). This guy at the midnight launch won it, but it was too big to fit in his room. He offered it to me and I was STOKED!

    Also, thanks for the add on Xbox Live, CJ! I have no friends who own 360s, so every new friend counts! If the rest of the podcast crew or any listeners would like to add me, my GamerTag is StuntmanSnake. CJ is my only friend.. T_____T

    • Lucky you! I’m still staring at pictures online, haha.

      • StuntmanSnake

        Oh crap, my finger slipped and I just downvoted you when I was trying to reply! (I’m on my iPhone) Forgive my stupidity.

        Anyway, what I was TRYING to do, I wanted to say the Sleeping Dogs is truly a great game. The atmosphere, storytelling, and music are amazing.

        Once you play, I highly suggest listening to Ninja Tune Radio. It’s my favorite.

    • added!

  • When you are present the podcast becomes fantastic

    • All go to Whitney’s house when she least suspects it? The podcast will be documentary style.

      “We are in the home of the Whitney. She seems to be ding her daily rituals. It has been about 10 minutes since she has been in the bathroom preparing for bed. Wait, she’s coming out. MY GOD, WHAT IS THERE. Where did her face go?! Shh, shh, she will hear us!…”


      Run. run, RUNN.

      “Holy shi—” Zev screams

      “No!”, I scream.

      *Whitney’s rib cage chews on Zev, like gum*

      *Rourke valiantly tries to block her as I reach for the front door. Only to be pinned up against the wall and have his head bitten off. Whitney-thing starts to suck up all that is Rourke, through the gaping hole where his head used to be.

      His body quickly shrivels as the fluids in his body are absorbed into Whitney-thing. She’s insatiable.

      *I run through the doorway and trip over the railing. I fall onto my back hard enough to stun me. I faintly feel myself being dragged to the tune of hard hooves clacking on concrete.*

      • D:

      • StuntmanSnake

        What did I just read?! Haha. Hey CJ, don’t forget that you gotta tell me what your initials stand for on the 100th podcast!

        • The Whitney!

          • StuntmanSnake

            Or it’s.. The Blair Whitney Project.

          • Dunno CJ coined the phrase XD

          • rem

            lol I just worked out something. CJ’s the origional writer of Whispers in the dark fanfiction!

          • We need more of this XD

          • rem

            here’s a metal gear/ whispers in the dark crossover
            (have not played metal gear)

            From what I got from one of the podcasts

            Whitney: Big mama

            Rourke: Solid Snake (because he called it)

            CJ: Liquid Snake

            Zev: ? (Raiden?)

            My guess of the plot summary of the fanfic (with no idea of the plot of metal gear)

            Whitney, Rourke and CJ fall asleep and get teleported into the world of metal gear solid. When they wake up they find each other (this could talk a chapter or 2) and realize they look like characters in the game.

            They have to rely on CJ and Rourke’s knowledge on the games in order to survive this world where a game over is death while hiding CJ from the rest of FOX (liquid is evil right?) -He hides under a cardboard box-

            after they learn they can just hide CJ under a cardboard box (before this they have been throwing him under beds into closets etc.) Zev (Raiden) is still begging Whitney (big mama) to love him and Rourke (solid snake) has to deal with this and stop it before the 4th wall breaks and kills everyone in the metal gear universe (add a joke about the devs pulling the plug if the 4th wall breaks)

            this revelation starts the final arc of the fanfic! They have to get out of the universe before they break the 4th wall by well-being themselves and breaking character e.g. Rourke (solid snake) being a pacifist (one of them will corpus-laugh when they should not- during one of their lines)

            they try lots of stupid crazy idea to escape the universe including: summoning a keyblade and trying to find the worlds keyhole, trying to get to the end of the game and riding the credits home and being knocked out again.

            being knocked out again works and they realize it was just a dream (I am serious) they all get annoyed and yell at the author about the ending breaking the 4th wall of the fanfic so they knock each other out again and go home!

            (I am surprisingly good at writing crackfics)

          • Wait how come Rourke being Solid Snake work with CJ being liquid XD? thhough the idea of the crew ending up in a Video-game is really interesting.

          • rem

            as I said becuase he called it! listen to 50:55 to 52:31 of episode 26 to find out my insperation for this fanfic

          • Somehow you need to also add in Kyle’s smut-film idea of CJ falling on things! XD

          • rem

            I will write another stuped fanfic when I get up to kyle in the podcast.

          • Podcast Premiers:
            CJ, Zev, Jorge: Episode 1
            Whitney: Episode 2
            Jessica: Episode 6
            Rourke: Episode 7
            Kyle: Episode 36 (as you said)
            Tobbii: Episode 40

          • rem

            huh Jessica? (I need to watch episode 6)

            I became a superfan recently before that i was jumping around randomly with episodes I will get to watching them in order.

            why not I will start with episode 1 and try to catch up in the next week! (feel free to bug me about this)

          • No worries Rem! ^_^ I did the same thing! Infact I think episode 25 was the first one I listened too…. XD

          • rem

            episode 25 that was a great one! right now I just about to finish episode 2 (there was not much to comment on in episode 1 it was realy all news) but for me the first one I listed to was episode 7 then 8 then episode 12 and16 I started commenting like crazy and became a super fan during the live action fanfic of epiodse 16 but they all had great moments

            e.g. they all sung “all i want for christmas is you” during episode 8

          • I fell on the floor crying when I first heard that! XD Zev’s impression of Ms.Carey is oscar worthy! 😉

            Wesker and Mariah need to do another duet! ^o^ (I’m hoping maybe ‘This is Halloween’ :D)

          • rem

            yes! I want to hear them sing more songs! (mabey for a special episode)

        • Oh I um *cough* May know what one of the initials stand for! XD

  • great podcast, volume was up when whitney screamed! that scared me! lol ! thanks for answering my re5 beta question, and especially to the details rourke added, i will truly miss the re5 beta even more. i just hope other survival horror games just pick up the intense concept it had…maybe relyonhorror the game could!

    • Did no one catch my scream?

      • 4thSurvivor

        I caught it, you screamed 3 times right? I may not have heard it because my I was still deaf form Whitney, lol 🙂

  • 4thSurvivor

    Just listened to the podcast great work guys!

    Rourke there’s an article on Project Umbrella on H.C.F: http://projectumbrella.net/articles/HCF
    There basically the security service for “The Organization’ (like the U.S.S is the security service for Umbrella)

    Hope this answers your questions 🙂

    • Thanks, man! I’m surprised I never found this stuff on my own considering how much research I’ve had to do for the comic 🙂

      • 4thSurvivor

        (Sorry if I’ve already said this, I swear I wrote a response but it isn’t appearing)No problem! Anything for a fellow Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick Fan 😀

        Anyway, did you already know about Project Umbrella or had you never seen it before? (I couldn’t really here it in the podcast)

        And how do I get a picture for my icon, do I have to register with Disqus or create a profile or something?

      • 4thSurvivor

        (GAH! I keep trying to write a response but it’s not appearing when I post it) No problem, anything for a fellow Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick fan! 😀

        Anyway, did you already know about Project Umbrella? And how do I get a picture for my Icon, do I have to register with disqus or something?

  • SecretX

    um.. i think your info on nintendo is wrong but other than that it was a good podcast.

  • rem

    [Let’s see how long it takes me to want to vomit! It was a
    bad idea to listen to this while sick and after eating]


    Scream into my anus reprise and poultry ghost [I felt the
    urge to vomit in the 1st 30 seconds go me]

    0:18 to 3:50

    Whitney: I don’t like gross stuff either

    Zev: that’s why you don’t like me

    [awww poor Zev]


    [Compared to birdemic how bad and stupid is it]


    Whitney the sprit medium and Alien (ultimate deadly
    premonition fan)

    7:00 to 15:05

    CJ: you just have powers of a demonic succubus, you can
    possess things.

    [(Succubus 1. A female demon supposed to descend upon and have
    sexual intercourse with a man while he sleeps.) I can’t work out if CJ just
    used the wrong word or it he meant that]

    [O.o R.I.P head phone users that scared me Whitney]

    Whitney: the fan base is pretty much me. –On the deadly
    premonition fan base-

    [I can see that. But I think it’s more like the story of
    kingdom hearts with Whitney as Sora. All other fans are somehow connected to

    (Pity I missed that! It would have been so easy to get those


    Puberty and stalkers

    20:35 to 23:17


    Whitney: that’s why I’m a bear

    [-spit take- Whitney be careful what you say around CJ]

    CJ: some draw Whitney as a pony.

    [I would just to troll but I can’t draw. Here’s York pony ( http://www.bronibooru.com/posts/4427 )

    CJ: you already have a stalker which is great

    [Ok this stalker is awesome! I think I have found AU me. (I
    am yet to meet someone who rivals me in creativity and stupidity]

    DMC devil may cry

    39:05 to 40:50

    CJ: what did he say? I wanted to fill your heart with light?



    Book of memories (thunder cocks)

    1:08:00 to 1:11:11

    CJ: somebody referred to people who like book of memories as
    Konami’s thundercock.

    [Thunder, Thunder, Thundercocks Hooo!]


    WITD game

    1:41:00 1:47:10

    [Has vessel36 come out? Did Rourke get to voice act? If not
    I will still try to find it on steam just for CJ’s voice acting]


    Whitney’s pics

    2:00:55 to end


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