Whispers in the Dark Ep. 26: Big Momma’s Pillow

On this episode of the Whispers in the Dark podcast we talk all about those games. So much in fact that we almost hit the three hour mark; sorry about that, but it was about GAMES! So if that’s a bit too long for you, just cut the show in half. We also put our thinking caps on when we start to analyze the industry.

We discuss a few strong topics this week; some topics are personal and others about the industry. Here are some of those topics: reviews and how they’re interpreted by fans, how we would raise our children around media, wondering how Hideo Kojima’s involvement would change Silent Hill, buggy games and the developers behind them, and how to be an unselfish gamer.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • Ross Ingram

    Kinda glad it’s 3hrs. Will help with the monotony of level grinding in Sacred 2, which I am replaying. Preparing for some top down RPG action in BoM.

  • New episode of Whispers in the dark —- achievement unlocked.

    First of all, guys you legitimatelay made me crack up. I mean your response to my first question.. I was really laughing my ass off when CJ was doing his insane parent thing.

    Secondly, Rourke your game idea sounds like a mishmash of Downpour and Deadly Premonition. It’s kinda cool. CJ’s idea is fanatically awesome I could buy such a game.

    Probably Whitney might come up with something the next podcast.

    Love you guys and keep on keepin’ on.

    • I can not wait to raise a little one. If you ask my friend they will tell y, haha.

      So it was a personal question about something I care about. I forgot to mention all of the Halloween costumes I’m going to make my kid!

  • StuntmanSnake

    Love the podcast pic.

    Will listen to this after work. 🙂

    • Oh it’s your turn to be stuck at work and wanting to listen to the podcast! Been there done that

  • Glad to hear you guys are finally getting into Corpse Party. The game itself dates back to PC-98: http://youtu.be/2Thsi6Rx-qQ
    CJ, just give it a whirl. Just Cause 2 ain’t goin’ no where.

    Speaking of Maniac Manson, did you guys know it was a TV show? http://youtu.be/CutaNxxS8N8

    • Giant Bat

      I used to watch Maniac Mansion a bit when it was originally on, have to check it out again.

    • I did know because the box said watch the show on ABC but I never did see it.

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    Not getting at launch,i don´t even have the Vita yet,waiting for more games for it to come(primary RE would mean an instant buy for me).Can´t wait for RE6,will get the Collectors edition,as for ending RE well i wouldn´t want the series to end but rather to keep on going and cut off sometimes to leave some space tie-in games to tie up some plots or reveal something new,my personal goal is to work for Capcom on the series and i have few ideas myself for the story and so on(don´t worry guys i m also thinking on the classic games fans).About now i have at least about 10 games in mind(4 are remakes)

  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    Also about RE5 Versus,your damn right about that,that simply mages me rage quit every time,i m missing 3 trophies for 100% and those 3 are Versus.Once when i along another player was winning the other team quit the game.That made me rage quit the versus and since then i haven´t touched it up again.

  • Why is it always my face Cj. Why? XD

  • Kaine

    I believe one of the people you may have been talking about in regards to poking fun at Vatra’s closing down was the fake Kaine in the comments of the article:

    I still have no idea what his dipshit thought process was in pretending to be me. Troll fail. Hope the Vatra guys are doing okay.

    • You’re better off connecting your account to a profile that can be linked to so i’s not easily copied.

      • Thanks for the advice. 🙂

        • Kaine


          • Guest


          • -__________-;;;;;;;;;

          • I can see your IP, so I know who you have commented as on this site. About 6 accounts? Some acting peaceful with members, some pretending to be other people, and others to just troll.

            You’ve got some things you need to work out.

  • Red-Dragon-Cro
  • Red-Dragon-Cro

    Watch PewDiePie on youtube,its hilarious when he screams.

  • yelle25

    Xbox…playstation 3…nothing beats a pc anyways. I bought a second-hand ps3 for the exclusives only (and used games) at the pawnshop and that’s it. And no it doesn’t cost that much if you know where and when to buy parts for it! and it has so many perks I don’t even know where to start! (I just won’t talk about Microsoft hehe :p )

  • SecretX

    this debate about xbox and ps3 is like religion lolz
    i’ve only have a ps3 so i be getting it for the ps3 but if they make a wii U version im so getting it 😀

  • SteveREfan1

    i agree that with u guys saying that its not good for ppl to lose there jobs and i wouldn’t wish that on anyone but u have to understand keeping an incompetent or inefficient worker/manager is just as bad, why? because these kinds of ppl could potentially ruin a business, yes its sad and yes its unfortunate for those ppl but if a game is made poorly with lack of effort or passion then maybe the company does need to start looking to hire a more capable team, especially if the team has a bad track record(slant six) but at the same time these producers do hand pick there developers so in a way its there fault as well. Companies need to stop being so cheap and hiring these 3rd rate developers to take on major games like RE

  • SteveREfan1

    also i’m getting RE6 for both ps3 and 360 im only getting the ps3 version for anthology

  • rem

    WITD 26

    [Noted running gags: when anyone says “we are not real

    [Whenever Rourke says “Get (product here) from game stop
    only (insert amount here)]

    [Whenever Rourke says something and CJ says ‘’No.’’ he uses
    a weird tone when he says this like he’s telling a puppy not to do something or
    tells Rourke to ‘’shut up’’ same tone of voice and everything e.g. 2:14:05 to

    Sexy pyramid head sculpture and pillows

    5:50 To 14:11

    look cute!]

    [When you say corpse party’s voice acting is amazing I agree
    (watching let’s play) the cast dose a great job the screams almost made me cry
    well the end of chapter 1 did make me cry]

    CJ ball

    17:45 to 18:47

    [Eww that bone crunching noise! I was thinking you would
    turn into a ball like Sonic or Samus]

    CJ’s security in his sexuality

    21:10 to 22:50

    [I forgot about the ‘’Bad bitch crew’’ Good times –laugh- by
    the way CJ you get a dildo bat yet and put it on your coffee table?]

    People suck/ unemployment

    23:05 to 30:35

    [I am a teen and I say stupid stuff but mostly my stupid
    stuff is crazy theories and plans involving taking over the world using burgers
    (When I told my friends that plan I used my Maya voice)]

    Old man fight

    50:55 to 52:31

    Note: this made me write a fanfic idea in the comments of
    episode 27

    [Me: so Whitney’s older then CJ what do you know (we were
    calling him an old fart) I just though Whitney was more mature then CJ because
    well… being more mature then CJ’s not hard. Wana know how old I was in 1999? I was 3 (I feel so immature CJ say something rude!).]

    [Me: (I will play the metal gear games eventually I need to
    get either the collection and play it with a friend or try to find 1 and 2 for
    ps2 and get snake eater on 3ds]

    [Also I am trying to convince myself that 4 is good when I
    now have the mental image of the final fight being two old farts on top of a
    building swinging there walking frames at each other]

    Nicolas Cage

    1:54:55 to 1:55:40

    CJ: ‘’Katamari is a disturbing game that tells you “You will
    never be as good as Nicolas Cage”

    [Did it crush your hopes to be as good as Nicolas Cage CJ?]


    CJ: Whitney are you looking at Nicolas Cage?

    Whitney: No.

    CJ: … You should look at Nicolas Cage.

    [- is this another man you think is hot like that dude from
    metal gear? (The one who I don’t know the name of but rocks the Mr Stewart
    mask.) –Google’s Nicolas Cage- ummm… not as hot as metal gear guy.]


    Whispers in the Dark parenting!

    1:57:44 to 2:06:39

    [So Rourke does not want to be a parent yet and CJ can’t
    wait for the day he’s a parent. This gives context for that time CJ tried to
    adopt someone in the comment section for being stupid with Rourke. (New fanfic idea CJ and Rourke adopt someone from the comment section! Wow CJ you offer so much fanfic material!) and have CJ be a kind father who pranks his kid (half the time he really cares about the self-insert I mean adopted kid and half the time he is dressing up as different horror game villains e.g. pyramid head (he has the abs for it! I think? I really don’t know anymore) and scaring the kid]


    Rourke: with like 13/14 year olds I get a lot of parents who
    are like “O my god there are boobies in this game o dear god it’s not real!’’

    Rourke: and they wonder why there kids turn out gay

    [-spit take- Wow Rourke If I did not know you were cool I
    would be yelling at you for longer than I did for calling Phoenix Wright 2


    Fast forward CJ

    2:14:45 to 2:15:08

    [Ok who put CJ on fast forward and who has the remote? If
    Whitney finds it she will mute CJ! (Admit it if you had a remote that
    controlled CJ you would try to mute him too!]


    Favourite game music

    2:17:03 to

    [Whitney I thought you meant Greenvale lyrics (the opening
    song that everyone this the chorus is in French she is not Amy Rubinate’s
    singings as Carol is just that hard to understand (you see why I hate her voice
    and its attempts to stop me from working out the lyrics to that song)


    I love corpse party’s music too! My personal favourites from
    that game is the opening (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxpk3KKvRjk)
    and chapter 5 main building theme (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IHj1sRjHIA)


    CJ: I am on a lifelong quest to find something that scares

    CJ from experience try finding really good haunted houses. I
    went in one where the payed staff to walk around and they looked like they had been stabbed horribly and when I went up to them they played the part well and told me where they thought the exit was I was so scared it was great! I had a plan to stop the killer involving knocking them out by swing a hanged corpse at their face –that thing was heavy I was barely able to move it to get past it into the hall anyway look into the idea ok http://www.hauntedhousemagazine.com/articles/top_13_haunted_houses.html%5D

    Rourke: “Phoenix Wright justices for all is my second
    favourite ending”

    [I’ll take your word on it but so far the last case is
    getting to me it’s like they did not have a basic understanding of law. E.g. assassins don’t work like this! If the person who hired them was the real killer being an assassin would be a respectable profession.]
    [As for me My favourite ending is the end of 358/2 days
    because it takes ages to work out and then you realise the nice girl who was
    being used by everyone was really a chess master playing with the big bad
    either that or 999’s ending because it’s so shocking when you realise the
    reason the Nonary game is happening again]
    [Never been kissed may watch that movie later]

    CJ the best PR
    2:34:04 to 2:35:25

    [Take a page out of Whitney’s play book and send people the
    no face!]


    2:35:50 to 2:47:25

    [There are a lot of reviews I disagree with like this
    review] http://www.abc.net.au/abc3/goodgamesp/transcripts/s3609802.htm

    And my only problem with it was that they are professionals
    and still call a game bad because it’s clearly not there thing and they were a
    little biter because of it.

    [Rourke for ace attorney 2 I will debate with you on that game I don’t care if Von Karma’s in it it’s not perfect and I will break a hole in your argument or at least yell OBJECTION and waste the courts time until we at least agree to disagree note: I love the game and the characters but I hate phoenix wright logic I wish they would make an anime.]


    Game ideas

    2:50:00 to 2:58:46

    [But Whitney you said you wanted a game where the main
    character was being stalked by someone and it would start as a few calls and get more and more extreme and it was meant to be very psychological]

    [I would play CJ’s game Rourke’s game sounds amazing someone
    make it!]

    Corpse Party

    2:58:46 to 3:06:25

    [Corpse party did not scare me it just made me really
    depressed and then angry when I learned the time loop endings not cannon
    because then you could loop and fix everything! It would have been the coolest new game plus ever but NOPE NON CANNON!]

    My favourite characters were Seiko and Naomi and after chapter 1 I got biter and did not let myself love any other characters! Except Mrs. Yui she’s so awesome! And I regret loving them it hurts so much when they are in pain and I yelled at the screen in this game (I normally don’t do that)] So far the only character who me loving them has not hurt me was the gentlemen (from extra chapter 1) he was so fun to voice!

    (while watching a let’s play I was practicing voice acting with each of the characters I loved doing the gentlemen’s voice! but this game was hard becuase the voice cast was so good I listened to them then tryed to do a voice for the character)

    This podcasts all your fault Rourkie :3


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