Whispers in the Dark Ep. 21.5: Sexist Chainsaw Massacre

A bonus episode of epic proportions! Well, not really. At the very last minute we decided to do a mini podcast because an interview episode is coming up this weekend. We discuss a whole bunch of movies on this one. Zev also gives us a new installment of Wisconsin Chronicles! The show is a barrel of laughs as usual and we probably say some things that would get at least one of us fired. It’s late and I don’t want to move anymore, but this episode is for all of you: the shorties. You better like it.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Zev Levit, Rourke Keegan

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • 123

    that’s a long wait, who’s the new advertisers for the site

    • I don’t know. Advertisement companies aren’t household names. Try looking at one of the ads and see what it says before it takes you to the product page for w.e it is.

      A long wait for what?

      • 123

        the podcast

  • I haven’t played a MGS game since the PS1 release so I can understand Christian Bale for once.

  • Benjamin May

    Great episode, as usual. I left a review on iTunes a week or two ago.

    I’m glad to find I wasn’t the only one who thought that Josh was acting a little suspiciously at certain points in Resident Evil 5.

    I too found it extremely creepy going back onto the Ishimura in Dead Space 2. I’m feeling reasonably happy about Dead Space 3 – especially since the single player experience will be left completely intact.

    And yes, the 1990s Batman cartoon series is amazing. I’m not a comic fan at all really, but to me, this is Batman. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are absolutely definitive as Batman and the Joker. The writing was also superb.

  • Last portion of the podcast was just surreal with politics and other things that shouldnt be mentioned.

    And Rourke always mentions the creepy cabin in the wood with the faces and skin XD

  • rem

    [I lost my password 🙁 im such a scaterbrain]

    CJ: But Whitney’s not here today so now it’s PG

    [A PG WITD podcast? Yeah that’s going to happen –sarcasm-]

    Wisconsin chronicles 2
    2:07 to 7:00
    Best quote: Zev: and he’s like “I still live with my parents”
    then he was going off about having to pay rent but has a roommate and he was
    like “He likes hanging out with me and it’s cool because I like him too”

    CJ: Awww

    [Me: Awwww!]
    GameStop power to the players!

    8:30 to 11:00
    Best quote: Rourke: Preorder at the GameStop in the Monroe
    mall in Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian

    [Me: you fool you’re making it easy for the crazy people to
    stalk you…. (later) and you opened yourself to a mole ratting you out!]

    Predator dreads

    44:20 to 46:00
    Rourkes art commissions
    1:15:40 to 1:20:00
    How they play horror games
    1:26:50 to 1:29:00
    Crazy people and politics
    1:52:50 to 1:58:05

    Quotes (yes more than one from this section): Rourke: sorry
    fans I’m straight

    CJ: I don’t think theses a huge following for you to get undressed
    on this podcast

    Rourke: I love the idea of me assuming I have fans

    [Me: you have me Rourkie!]

    CJ: they want you to scream into their anuses

    [Me: O.o NO! just no CJ!]

    Rourke –to CJ-: yes well you.
    CJ: one of our actual fans did not want us to get political

    Zev: we have actual fans?

    [Me: You have me! I’m an actual fan! Wait you do what your
    actual fans tell you to do interesting. I will use this power later for my own
    advantage! ]
    CJ the killer and horrible kids

    1:58:06 to 2:01:43
    CJ: have you ever been at a train station and when “I can
    push that person and get away with it”? And then say “wow I am a horrible human
    being” in the same sentience?

    Zev: no

    CJ: don’t lie everyone’s thought of doing it

    Rourke fanboys over BatmanTAS

    2:02:04 to 2:05:30

    [Me: did you know in the comics the Joker killed of Mr.Freeze
    then the batman TAS episode “heart of ice” came out and introduced his
    backstory and made him a deep and sympathetic character and was brought back to
    life in the comic with the TAS backstory to his character (before this he had
    no backstory and existed only as a joke villain)]

    CJ: So you see a little boy die and that’s the funniest part
    of the movie.
    CJ: I’m going to take a few hour car ride to touch your

    Rourke –in Wesker voice/sexy voice- come over here and touch
    my move controller CJ

    CJ: is it pink?


    CJ to Rourke: are you batman?

    Rourke: I’m not batman I consider myself a low rent Captain
    CJ: have fun with your period Zev

    Zev: thankyou sir

    CJ: I hope it’s flourishing for you


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