Whispers in the Dark Ep. 20: He Didn’t Mean To

In this pre-E3 episode of Whispers in the Dark, the gang discusses Capcom’s behavior towards its fans, pre-E3 announcements, the Metal Gear Solid series, Whitney and I’s abusive love-hate relationship, Troll 2 and its documentary, and our E3 hopes and fears, and Rourke’s battle with multiple personalities. This episode is full of different degrees of love.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan

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CJ’s videogame show

Byung-hun Lee

Freddie Prince-Redfield

Johnny ‘Akiba’ Sasaki


Eat The Cake

Whitney’s York figure

Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • Ross Ingram

    Listening to right now. Love that Rourke called the TV the Tele 🙂

  • 123

    I do agree, why did tecmo put the remake on the wii but not put it on the ps3 or xbox 360, tecmo has some problems in the past so nintendo helped them and from what I seen on multiple forums is that tecmo and nintendo created a 3-game contract where three fatal frame games are exclusive to nintendo consoles

    • Ghost

      if tecmo is a master of porting like capcom, they will port 4 and the remake to other consoles sooner or later, I also have seen the topic along time ago when 4 was release- so fatal frame 4, spirit camera and the remake which makes 3

    • Amon

      I also have seen this on 2008, there is a high possibility of port of 4 and the remake

  • Benjamin May

    It’s been pretty frustrating seeing the Wii get all these horror games as exclusives.

  • SecretX

    look what i found 😀

    the wii U games are looking good i need to save my money.

  • Rem

    WITD 20

    Whispers in the dark drinking game:

    Take a shot whenever someone calls Whitney an alcoholic

    Take 2 shots if Whitney makes a joke about being an

    Take a shot if Rourke tells Whitney to watch alien

    Total episode shot count:
    5 shots

    1:22:00 to 1:22:23

    Best episode quote: Whitney there’s nothing I don’t want to

    Rourke: are you sure you don’t want to see silent hill 9 as
    a 3ds exclusive staring Robbie the rabbit. That’s literally the worst thing I
    can think of.

    CJ: you want to know something worse. Robbie the rabbit
    dancing game for Kinect

    Whitney: that’d be awesome.

    Rourke: that would be awesome what are you talking about.


    [Watch this and tell
    me you don’t want this game to be made.]

    Capcom the dead beat husband

    8:22 to 9:15

    [Who is Rourke’s kid that Capcom won’t pay child support
    for? Phoenix Write?]


    22:40 to 28:55

    [I have to watch this movie with friends! How have I never
    heard of it! I saw the “it’s going to eat me too O MY GODDDDDD!” clip before
    but never knew what movie it was from! I am so dragging my friends into
    watching this soon.]

    [Now I have to play all the metal gear solid games! I won’t
    be able to play them for ages because first I have to find and play Spy
    Fiction! Sorry metal gear but SWERY comes first! –looks at picture of Freddie prince- …Um I
    don’t know what you’re talking about I mean he’s cute but he’s no knockout or
    anything…. Wait wrong picture –looks at picture of Johnny Sasaki- Wow! He’s a
    total knockout! –swoon-

    I still play my ps2
    –lives in the past-

    Chis/everyone and The Chris game

    1:07:40 to 1:09:55

    Best quote: Rourke: I have friends that are girls that are
    just like “God I love yaoi (is that spelt write?)

    CJ: and they just send it to you in waves

    [-Pictures a wave of yaoi- -shudders-]

    Rourke: it doesn’t bother me. I just think it’s funny. It
    would probably bother you if I was sending you pictures of my porn stash.

    [Yes Rourke send CJ picks of your porn stash –thinks of the

    I am your [Insert relative here]

    1:14:07 to 1:15:12

    [I am going with space Facebook! Everyone knows everyone!]

    1:17:44 to1:17:48

    Who’s your “special someone” http://images.wikia.com/aceattorney/images/a/a0/Pearl_Embarrassed_1.gif

    1:22:35 to 1:24:00

    [I am not a silent hill fan but
    through word of mouth and the internet and such I know about most of the games before I listened to this podcast I did not know anything about book of
    memories did they promote this game as all?]

    [Also I’m staying in the deadly
    premonition fan base where people aren’t like this. The worst I have seen is
    “It kind of sucks that director’s cut won’t be on xbox360’’]

    That laugh

    1:33:01 to 1:33:11

    Voice acting lessons with Rourke

    1:38:24 to 1:41:18

    [Rourke’s voice for Rocky sounds like
    a combo of a lawyer voice and Vash from Trigun]

    [… I have a pocket watch, a waistcoat
    and a top hat. Yes I do dress like that.]

    Matching shirts! (Aka CJ and
    Whitney’s abusive relationship)

    1:48:22 to 1:51:38

    “You’re my Jacob”

    1:51:38 to 1:52:47

    [When you said “nice girl but dumb as
    a post” I saw Anna Graham]

    How Whitney will break CJ’s nose (Aka
    how CJ will pierce Whitney’s hands) [Aka how Zev will kill CJ] Aka the pain

    2:04:30 to 2:07:10

    Quote from CJ that I demand context
    from: (yes I am making this a section at the end dead with it)

    1:37:10 CJ: I’ve heard babies die.

    (Taking all bets where had CJ heard
    babies die the smart money is on dead space)

    Facts of the podcast:

    Whitney has O positive blood

    Mosquitos like CJ

    Rourke: knew a girl who is probably a
    porn star now who told him “your my Jacob’’

    Quotes out of context: (yes I am
    adding a lot of bonus things to the end I like them ok)

    Rourke: I can always do Wesker

    CJ: This week I sadly don’t have a
    story in which I frame Whitney for murder.

    Whitney: -to Rourke- That means you
    have abs like the sun and you’re really hot.

    Whitney: why don’t you send me hearts
    CJ (made funnier by matching shirts)


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