Whispers in The Dark Ep. 2: Wiggle the Stick and Hold Your Breath

In the second installment of Whispers in The Dark we cover a bunch of news and topics. We finally have a new episode after numerous delays and we hope you enjoy it.

We discuss a lot of Resident Evil games and movie news. One thing noticed was that there are way too many subtitles in horror games right now. Silent Hill is also discussed in detail as me and Whitney go over our event at Konami. We discuss our demo of Silent Hill: Downpour, and briefly touch upon our experience with the Silent Hill: HD Collection.

We also talk about the magical Deadly Premonition, Alan Wake 2, the Resident Evil movies still existing, Leon Kennedy being a home-wrecker, Steve Burnside being annoying, and how Sam Lake and Swery 65 need to have a child that will create the perfect game.

Again, sorry it took so long for episode 2. Please leave your feedback and suggesting in the comments. We had fun doing things more casually, but we’re open to some suggestions to make things more efficient.

Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney Chavis, and Zev Levit

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Duration: 02:10:58
File Size: 82.3
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Johann Urb IMDB


F.K. in The Coffee

Pillow Stains

Deadly Premonition

Alan Wake for cheap

Swery Lake

Silent Hill Movie Poster Contest

Jeremy Blaustein Interview

Descent into the Otherworld – A Spotlight on the Silent Hill Fandom, #1 Brandon Delacruz


Intro and closing track “Altered States of Consciousness” by Cyanotic.

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  • I can’t believe you really made that line the title of this episode XD

  • Harry Mason

    Definitely getting Deadly Premonition now. Would’ve got it sooner had it been on PS3.

  • Great podcast, guys! That was a beast, but I’m glad I listened to the whole thing. I really enjoyed hearing more about all the little details that are going into DP, such as how Murphy’s reactions change and his responsiveness in certain situations varies. Regardless of when it actually releases, it’s gonna be a long wait.

    I was also pleasantly entertained by how much I laughed during it, too. See – not all Silent Hill fans have to be fanatically serious. Thanks for keeping it light and professional.


  • Thanks William! Be sure to share and give a review on iTunes. It really helps 🙂

  • rem

    [I’ll comment a lot CJ! Do the podcast for us]

    The Fabulousness of Leon S. Kennedy

    13:00 to 19:16

    CJ: Leon X Barry!

    [CJ once again proves he is the original fanfic writer in
    the WITD community]


    Isaac Clarke NBA jam

    53:18 to 54:00


    [CJ MARIO IS NOT A WHORE! But Luigi’s a cross dresser (Remember that
    time Luigi dressed up as peach?) I am now seeing a connection between Luigi and Thomas from deadly premonition]


    CJ and the cute little penis monsters

    55:30 to 57:27

    CJ: when I was a very little I always felt safe near them
    –referring to the penis monsters-

    CJ: only the big ones bother me I rather the small ones

    [That’s what she said!]


    CJ and Rourke play! (Game name here)

    57:35 to 59:53

    [DO IT! I will watch it! I wana see you do it so bad! You have a capture card now so DO IT! What game do you want to record?]

    Rourke: if I can carry it in real
    live I can carry it in every game –referring to a knife-

    CJ: I wana go there I’m a dirty,
    dirty person


    CJ: I think it’s going to be
    amazing –referring to the game AMY-

    [It’s so funny hearing this and
    knowing what future CJ thinks of the game :)]


    Deadly premonition and (Bro Whitney) and SWERY’s kid (with science)

    1:01:00 to 1:15:55

    [Rourke you doubt Whitney’s
    understanding of Deadly Premonition SHE WILL FK UP YOUR COFFEE!]

    Whitney: how did you not know
    there were side quests in that game?

    Rourke: Because I’m stupid!
    CJ: that’s what I’m calling this episode “wiggle the stick and hold your breath”

    [eww after talking about the purple dicks that sounds gross]


    Rourke: I don’t remember anything! I remember the coffee was talking to me! Then I fought some guy who was dressed up in female clothing, and then I fought some guy behind a store who was all like “I am going to turn demon because my mum used to beat me or some shit.

    Whiney: O god!

    Rourke: and then I was playing as a raincoat killer and then there was the end of the game… (This keeps going seriously just listen to it I am done!)

    CJ kills blackface Dora the

    1:26:54 to 1:29:00

    [I have the mental image of black
    face Dora being turned purple like Blue Popo!]



    [Starts over the top acting:
    Whitney you ruined Silent hill by being happy! HOW COULD YOU! Go sit in the
    corner and think about what you did! And when you get back you better be all
    emo like Leon –tries to hide laugh-

    Not wearing pants

    2:10:50 to 2:12:00

    [what dose ‘’get on your fat
    self” mean? I have the mental image of CJ getting a piggyback from a fatter
    clone of himself]


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