Whispers in the Dark Ep.19: Tasty Lips

On this episode of the Whispers’ podcast, Whitney joins me as my other two guests are not available. They’ll be back next time, though. In their absence, I tell the world Whitney’s dark secrets about her excessive use of violence and bigotry, alcohol consumption, and her other general “gringo set to fall” ways.

We also talk about Book of Memories being canon and the fan reaction, Jorge once again being sexually harassed, our videogame collections, the horror of losing teeth, and upcoming E3 coverage.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney Chavis

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“Cradle Of The Forest” Joe’s Video

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • 123

    persona 4 kanji vs shadow kanji

  • 123

    hey are you the leader on rockstar games: arsenic13

    • 123

      gonna join

  • Ross Ingram

    Listening to this podcast was like pulling teeth 🙂 Looking forward to the next one. Hope Rourke and Zev make it next time.

    • Like pulling teeth? We were that bad by ourselves eh?

      • Ross Ingram

        All those tooth stories, ouch 🙂 It was actually one of the best with just you and CJ.

        • Yeah, they can do it with two people. Now I wonder what CJ is keeping as a surprise. I don’t have a Twitter account so I’m excited. Though I think I could just check the account and see what’s up but I’m not gonna do that so I could keep the excitement.

          ….. I hope it’s not the one with Zev, him, the plane, and Whitney XD

  • StuntmanSnake

    Holy ****, you guys played The Curse of Monkey Island? Your coolness factor just went up in my book.

    • Ross Ingram

      I’ve played all the Monkey Island games. How cool am I?

      • StuntmanSnake

        Your coolness meter just blew off the charts.

  • Rem

    just finished EP 19 Tastey lips. it was good. I made a drinking game from

    New Whispers in the Dark drinking game
    Take a shot whenever
    someone calls Whitney an alcoholic
    Take 2 shots whenever Whitney jokes about
    having a drinking problem
    Episode shot count: 7

    here are some personial highlights. CJ dose not have to make them into videos or anything. The fanfic was special. these are just highlights.

    Best episode quote:

    CJ: I made a test because I wouldn’t want to add people who are like “hey I want to do this because writing on the internet will make me sexy for the ladies’’ which some people do.

    Whitney: you know that’s why I do it! Sexy for the ladies.

    Cj: writing on the internet o yeah

    Whitney: yeah

    CJ Body paint. Aka how CJ will frame Whitney for

    ep.19 5:20 to 9:55

    best quote: Rourke will fly the plane.
    We play games we don’t need to do things in real life.

    Japanese with CJ & Whitney

    ep19 1:15:10 to 1:17:30

    Best quote:
    Whitney: how do you say “I’m sorry for driving you to drink Whitney?”

    … Baka.

    Whitney: That’s Stupid!


    [I get the mental image of George from Deadly Premonition and that makes it
    funnier for me]
    ep 19 1:18:06 to 1:18:55

    Best quote: CJ: Someone put
    mascara on me in high school.

    he just says that and it annoyes me I NEED

    [Why do I find
    it so funny that Rourke only met CJ since CJ was being bullied by a special ed
    kid. Now I wonder what kid Rourke was like since he made friends with CJ because
    of that. CJ not throwing out the gum properly does not help.]

    Big Brother
    Whispers in the dark edition!
    1:37:55 to 1:38:50
    Best quote: Whitney: then
    you would have more creepers going “I want to taste your nips, I’m watching you

    [I think they would be watching CJ sleeping going
    “Confess your secret love for Rourke! He is already inside of you! –referring to
    CJ’s wisdom tooth-’’]

    Tooth troubles + holiday money.
    1:40:00 to

    [Wow that sucks I mean TWICE! I have had braces and I would
    go mad if I had to have them again.]

    • If you keep listening while playing your drinking game you will be drunk in no time XD You need to add anytime Rourke brings up that I didn’t finish watching Alien 😉

      • Rem

        sure I will add that and another rule could be when someone points out “we need to get to the news!” take a shot.

        here are some bonus rules for if you want to get drunk fast! ”Take a shot whenever they get off topic”

        Take a shot whenever CJ makes a sexual reference. 2 shots if it’s not CJ.

        I still want context for CJ wearing mascura in high school. Was he an emo?

    • Hey Super-Fan! 😀 I’ve got a new drinking game! (I don’t drink but you can still participate ;D) It’s simple! Take a drink whenever Rourke:

      – Tells the podcast crew about the cabin near where he lives (the one with the faces)

      – Starts describing something, pauses, says “um” then continues

      – Says something is ‘LITERALLY’ something, eg: “That game has literally 3 pieces of music”

      – Mentions his favourite quote from Darkside Chronicles is the “Ugh Men, Ugh Women” line

      – Does the Wesker voice (extra drink for “CHRRRRIIIISSSS!” XD)

      – Says “I have a mac”

      – Tries to get someone to buy something from GameStop (Won’t be doing that anymore ZING! I’m so sorry Rourke )

      Hope you enjoy it! Don’t get drunk! And hopefully you get up to the newest podcast soon! ^o^

      • rem

        well my plan is to spend the weekend doing that wish me luck. (at least i will have some comments to upload)


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