Whispers in the Dark Ep.18: Weeping Heroes

On yet another episode of the Whispers’ podcast, it’s just Rourke and I talking about the latest developments in the horror gaming world. We talk about movie heroes and how they vary, romanticism, Freddy Krueger, bronies, and my story about a Hideo Kojima signing gone awry.

It’s just the two of us this time but expect both Whitney and Zev on the next traditional episode. In the meantime, stay tuned for that special podcast-thing coming soon. I give some details away on the show, so you’ll have to listen to find out!

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Rourke Keegan

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Duration: 01:54:27
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Link Dump:

Hideo Kojima Signing

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Development Confirmed 


Sup’ Holmes with Jasper Bryne


Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • Pretty good … pretty good as usual. Look forward for the surprise.

    Yep, time for bed.

  • The WiiU isn’t probably going to be released til 2013 and information about the system and titles are sparse.
    I would think people would wait until there are about five or so titles released before they decide to purchase a console system. The reason I don’t own a 3DS or Vita now is because I’m waiting for the library to build up a little more so I can jam on it when I finally do have it in my hands, but that’s not the case for some people, it seems.
    Anyway, good show, chaps!

  • StuntmanSnake


    Cool podcast. Hope to hear some info on the Deadly Premonition podcast that Whitney is doing. Love that game so much.

  • Hey now don’t forget I’m 3 hours behind ya’ll. You texted me at 9am I got up at 10:30am. You make is sound like I was rolling out of bed at 1pm or something XD. Also sorry I didn’t realize you guys were actually waiting for me :/ I would of signed on. I thought since you guys already started it wouldn’t be worth it to pop on when you guys were practically done.

    • You have a drinking problem that you have to admit.

      • Yes…some day, some day I will. But that day is not today.

        • DYCL

          How about tomorrow? 😛

  • Ross Ingram

    Great podcast. CJ you REALLY need to play BG&E it’s one of all time my favourite PS2 games.

    • I will when I can this summer.

      • Ross Ingram

        I can 100% it in one sitting. Finished it like 10 times. Bought it when it came out finished it traded it in. Re-bought it cheaper a year later. Also got it on PSN for the HD.

  • I just realized that Batman is either in pain or he just went nuts.


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