Whispers in the Dark Ep.17: Kirby Enthusiasm

On this episode of the dark and awkward podcast that is Whispers in the Dark, Rourke and I discuss the massive amount of Resident Evil news that Capcom spit out during Captivate.

We also talk about Resident Evil 6’s new release date & theories, HD re-releases, why DMC will be amazing, and try to understand the modern state of gaming. A little bit of the usual philosophical “why is life?” question also get discussed because we felt like it.

As usual, some deep thoughts about humanity are thrown in there. So, have fun listening!

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Rourke Keegan

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Harry/Christopher Tweet

Kirby Loves You

Saint’s Row 2: Drag Queen vs Pimps

Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • 123

    played the dmc hd collection no problems so far

  • Benjamin May

    Yay! Now I’ve finally had time to finish Silent Hill Downpour, I can start listening again, without fear!

    I know you said you were avoiding spoilers for it, but it only takes one accidental slip.

    Anyway, yay!

  • Levito

    Great stuff as usual guys, you definitely should do that “Devil May cry fans need to STFU” article CJ.

  • StuntmanSnake

    So close to beig able to catch up on the podcast. I’m stuck at an extremely annoying part in Downpour where *Minor Spoilers* there are license making machines and you gotta unlock the door with a code.

    I’m on the hardest difficulty and there’s like 50 enemies that continousy respawn. So annoying.

    • Turn off the machines so they stop coming.

  • Guys, we have been avoiding spoilers for Silent Hill.

    • StuntmanSnake

      Oh, I know.

      I’d just rather listen to them in order rather than jumping from the future to the past and to the future again.

      I actually found a glitch where I was able to keep the stupid monsters stuck in a room using the box you’re able to push around. I had 5 of them stuck once but I could not find the last “you know what” (Don’t want to spoil the answer to the puzzle).

      Looked forever..will try again shortly.

  • Yesh yesh yesh!

    Always looooove the great chemistry here. Fellow listeners. Please help the guys up. I mean 1,000 listeners and 7 reviews. Take sometime off your busy schedule and write a good review because Whisper in the Dark is really fun and informative.

    So do that now. Be supportive.


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