Whispers in the Dark Ep.15: XIV-2

In this episode of the Whispers podcast we continue our discussion on Silent Hill Downpour, angrily discuss the Silent Hill HD Collection and Konami’s ridiculous behavior toward all of it’s games, embarrassing photos of ourselves, and other crazy shenanigans. Hopefully you guys enjoy our long rants about Silent Hill because this episode is full of just that. Rourke and I also have a bit too much fun reading the HD Collection’s manual; it’s Shakespearean!

Once again, this episode contains spoilers for both Silent Hill Downpour as well as the HD Collection. Our spoilers were sporadic so it’s hard to label all of them.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Rourke Keegan,Whitney Chavis

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  • StuntmanSnake

    Missing another podcast. Damn.

    • Ross Ingram

      Missing another one too. Once I get and finish Downpour it’s gonna be a marathon Whispers session 🙂

  • Benjamin May

    Looks like I’ll be missing another podcast too. I’ll have to keep this one and the last one and listen to them both once I’ve completed Silent Hill Downpour.

  • Levito

    Another really solid episode. It’s too bad about Operation Raccoon City, I was considering giving it a rent, but hearing that it’s so linear really sounds lame.

  • Levito

    Also, the bit at the very end f the podcast was hilarious.

  • Nice interview! I, as a hardcore fan myself, totally agree with you, with the exception of Downpour’s tech issues – too many giving it a pass, and while issue is not as bad as HD collection, its pretty unacceptable – at least to me!

    Look forward to the next. And I pray Tomm is willing to do another interview – Konami has a lot of explaining to do.

  • Sorry for being so angry. :/

  • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

    Yaaaay done.

    Thank you guys for another awesome podcast full of passion and laughs.

    The part where someone wished Tomm Hulett to be dead is just plainly weird. I’m mean why would someone do that over a videogame?! Beyond me.

    Anyway, as an SH fan I made sure to thank him for his effort even before finishing Downpour or realizing that something wasn’t right with the HD collection and oh yeah, I think delaying Book of Memories is not a bad thing why? If the game had technical problems they shouldn’t release it until everything is resolved.

    Hopefully Konami will learn and fix things.

    Big respect to you guys and keep on keepin’ on 😉

  • Fine, I put ’14’ the way it should be.


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