Whispers in the Dark Ep.13: Blame it on the Rain

On this episode it’s just Rourke and I. We’re two souls lost in a strange podcast world, left to talk about horror films, Japanese School girl perv games, Alan Wake’s not-so-nightmare nightmare, the Playstation Vita, Silent Hill delays, horror co-op, and lost gems that we miss in the gaming world.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Rourke Keegan

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Gal Gun

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Soundtrack – Kasabian

The Binding of Isaac

Rammbock: Berlin Undead

Monocyte – Saltillo


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  • Well, thanks for the response. I honestly just wish there was some way to show Konami that they would get more sales with a Vita version of SH, because personally I see that as more of a new version than the PS3 or 360 versions would be and I’m not the only one who will only buy it if they make it compatible (or even put out a separate Vita version, I don’t care). Anyway, regarding one of the things you said, just FYI: 3DS’ touchscreen is resistive, Vita’s is capacitive. Means 3DS’ is less sensitive but can be touched by anything whereas Vita’s is more sensitive/responsive but needs to be touched with a conductive surface like human skin.

  • Benjamin May

    Great episode, as usual. Thanks for the Silent Hill release-dates, CJ.

    Thanks for the answer to my Resident Evil question, Rourke. There was some really interesting stuff in there. I would be devastated if one of my favourite Resident Evil characters was killed off, but it would really give some of the other characters some genuine motivation that even players would feel.

    Not that it matters, but Hammer didn’t make either The Pit and the Pendulum or The Raven. They were both American International Pictures. However, around time those films came out, they, along with other films from AIP, such as The Fall of the House of Usher, had a very Hammer-like look and feel to them, and I can well understand why they might be mistaken for Hammer productions.

    Hope I don’t sound like a complete arse now – and I do agree with you that it’s great to have Hammer back on the horror scene again after all this time! Can’t wait to see The Woman in Black. It’ll have to be on DVD now, since I can’t get to the cinema. I hooe it turns out to be as good as the original television version, and indeed, the book itself.

  • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

    Epic as usual guys. But curious what happened to Whitney, Zev, and Jorge. Hmmmm probably in that weird cabin with faces skin …. What?!

    Anyway, jokes aside I really think Resident Evil 6, or any other upcoming horror games, should really work on the surprise element story wise.

    I’ve read a lot of horror Mangas lately and I personally think that the Japanese are really master of pulling out surprise after surprise. Guess that’s all I could say.

    Next week is gonna be big for Silent Hill fans. Can’t wait

    • Whitney was going to be late for recording and had to work on her SHD OST review.
      Zev is still dealing with family stuff and wants to be back for the next episode.

  • StuntmanSnake

    Awesome podcast, guys. Although, I still cannot sign into this site on my iPhone. The entry fields are cut off at the bottom. Anyone else with a mobile device having any issues? I’m rarely on my laptop so you probably won’t see many comments from me on this site anymore until this issue is fixed. -______-

    • I can sign in on my Windows Phone, just takes a second. Sorry you’re having troubles.

    • DaMa04

      Which phone are you using? You can’t resist to post comments from your mobile? If commenting is so important for you you may just switch on your laptop more often.

      My guess is your phone isnt properly supported to work with this comment system. Did it work BEFORE we installed the new commenting system?

  • Rourke

    @Benjamin, no, totally, thanks for correcting me. You’re totally right, I got confused. Hammer did all the Draculas and things lol.

  • Levito

    Good podcast yet again guys!

  • zackfurniss

    Just listened to Episode 11 (catching up!) and I’m sad that you won’t let me take Whitney’s offered spot haha. Would it help to know that I’ve been involved in the radio program at school for 2 years and had a video game and movie talk show? No? Well I tried haha. Good show guys. The quality keeps improving and I enjoy listening to you all while I walk from class to class or work out!
    PS. I’m not scary CJ. Hmmmhmmwuahahaha

  • Ross Ingram

    Good podcast, but not as Great as Whitmey’s Voices in the Static #4. Sorry CJ and Rourke.

    • But I was there, too!

      • Ross Ingram

        Yes you were 🙂

  • Ross Ingram

    Oops typo “Whitney”

  • David

    I wish you guys would do one every week. It’s just fun listening to you guys talk about RE/SH and other stuff for hours on end.

  • I haven’t heard about Gal Gun being Kinect supported, but I imported the PS3 version. TAKE THAT, AMERICA THE FREE.
    Rourke, when you leave messages for pre-orders, do it in a Japanese school girl voice. You’ll totally get a raise, maybe even promoted to manager!


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