NightCry is hilariously awkward

Nude Maker has released a demo to their upcoming spiritual successor to Clock Tower, NightCry. The alpha demo previously available to con attendees in Japan has been made available to Kickstarter backers, and guess what? That includes me, for better or worse.

I took to streaming the demo for NightCry earlier today, and all I can say after finishing my time with it is “what?”. It’s wonky. It’s cheesy. And most importantly, it’s awkward as hell. It reminds me a lot of Deadly Premonition actually. I’m not sure whether or not it will be as competent a game like Deadly Premonition was at this point, but it’s got potential to be one dumb, charming game.

NightCry is in alpha, so I won’t fault it too hard, but the fact it includes a gameplay mechanic based on the “women in horror trip all the time” trope is questionable. Not just because it’s ridiculous, but the game made no attempts at explaining why the protagonist fell again and again. I’m assuming it’s due to her wearing high heels, but no on screen indicator (or tutorial message) states how to avoid and recover from tripping. It’s frustrating, and it’s why I stopped playing shortly after it was introduced.

But if you’re interested in seeing the demo for yourself, look no further. A recap of my stream is below. NightCry is going to turn some heads.

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  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    cool and thanks but the stream doesnt work and i cant see anything

  • Scott

    CJ, she was falling because you were using DASH. If you just double-click, she won’t fall nearly as often. The blinking on the perimeter of the screen indicates her vitality. I don’t know why they didn’t feel the need to provide at least a couple of basic instructions in the beginning though, lol.

    • I switched to clicking and it still happened. What’s weird is that dash prior to the panic moment was simply a way to circumvent double clicking. Inconsistent, no?

      • Scott

        The whole thing could be broken for all we know. I just know that she only fell twice on me by just using the normal run. Smh. Such a mess.

        • I’ve yet to back a KS game and have successful results. I just hope this is at least silly (but playable)

          • Scott

            I’ve been involved with some good ones, but none of them compared to my feelings with this one. I also know the artist pretty well now and it got me so pumped for this, that I just dipped into my wallet without question. I’m happy the game is most likely going to see the light of day, I just wish they would have put more time into it. At this rate, we can only hope it turns out to accidentally be something like Deadly Premonition.

  • Shane

    Said this on youtube:

    They should have done full on RE style controls (classic) this looks over complicated.

  • Lol, not surprised after the jiggle physics demo (although happily that seems to be gone). The deformed curved spine/walk animation looks so painful though… shame, the rest looks alright, but I’ve only skimmed the video.

    • She’s supposedly drunk, although she’s still walking like she has a busted spine.

  • Henrikm

    supported this game aswell,so I was told I was gonna be made into an npc ingame that maybe would or would not survive…Guess it depends on player action?

  • Xuchilpaba

    DMC Dante?


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