Interview: Opening the book with Tomm Hulett & Adam Tierney

On this special episode of the Whispers in The Dark podcast, Whitney and I talk to Tomm Hulett and Adam Tierney, the producer and director of Silent Hill: Book of Memories, respectively.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is the newest spinoff in the Silent Hill series. Rather than being a traditional Silent Hill title, BoM is an isometric multiplayer dungeon crawler on the Playstation Vita and because of its drastic gameplay differences, a lot of fans have been wary on accepting the game into the series. Their outcry is hard to ignore.

Whitney and I talked to both Tomm and Adam about the feedback from fans, gameplay features, the story, and the game’s inception. If you’ve been on the fence with BoM you might want to sit back and take a listen to the show. The two BoM developers give us the skinny on what they believe to be the most personalized Silent Hill to date.

Hosts: CJ Melendez, Whitney Chavis
Interviewees: Tomm Hulett, Adam Tierney

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • Callego

    The more I hear about this game, the better it sounds! I’m considering getting a Vita just for this. 😀

  • Aaron

    I cannot wait for Book of Memories. I love Tomm Hulett’s Downpour, its one of my favorite(s) of the series… So any SH he does I’ll buy it.

  • Those two in the podcast cover look VERY familiar XD

  • deadboytk

    The mechanics of the game sound amazing. Still a little turned off by a lot of it visually, and the core gameplay. If I had a Vita, I’d definitely give it a shot.

  • Silent Evil

    This game was covered on RPGamer as it has RPG elements. It’s a Silent Hill RPG! How can anyone not be excited?

    Oh, if only Vita had more games I like, I would get this.

  • Benjamin May

    Silent Hill Book of Memories sounds like a really interesting game. I’m not interested in the PS Vita, but if I had one, I would definitely have bought this game. Perhaps at some point in the future there will perhaps be an XBLA version. Well, I can dream.

  • Lisa

    It look’s pathetic, get out of their arse CJ! Aka “Silent Hill Guy.” haha

    • Hey, Lisa. I guess you’re new to opinions and optimism.

      I’d like to welcome you to a world where being angry about things prematurely isn’t the only thing in life.

      I don’t need to defend my Silent Hill “cred” because to a person like you, I expect reasonable discussion and personal opposing views go in one ear and come out the other. I’ve met my fair share of people like that on the magical, emotional rollercoaster that is the internet. So you’re not special.

      In the end, if Book of Memories is an enjoyable game and I have fun with it, I gain something. My willingness to try the game won’t end the world nor make me suddenly dislike everything I love about the series. In fact, my copies of SH1-4 will still be here. Isn’t that grand?

      I’m also able to enjoy more things than you. That in itself is a beautiful thing. Having fun is pretty cool.

      And no, your comment was not deleted. You’re free to say any dribble that comes to mind. Isn’t opinion great?

      I wish you the best in your adventures.

      • I don’t understand why is it so wrong for people to be optimistic until they play it for themselves :/ If the game turns out to be pathetic I’m confident CJ will be honest about it in his review. If you have no faith in the game just don’t waste your money, simple as that.

      • StuntmanSnake

        Damn, CJ. You just wiped the floor with that guy using only words. Props, man, props.

    • awaiken

      It does look pathetic.

  • Lisa

    Hmm was my comment deleted?

  • 123

    Interview with Tomm Hullet, Adam Tierney and a Basher:

    Basher: Silent Hill: Book of Memories, it sucs.

    Tomm Hullet: You judge a game and You judge a person, who’s worste?

    Basher : Critic is not a bad thing at all, considering that often prevents people to make mistakes.

    Adam Tierney: Nobody is forcing you to play it, faggot.

    Me: CRR00o000WWfBBAAAAR!!

  • Jeremy

    Downpour was fine. I’m still not convinced on a “Silent Hill multiplayer dungeon crawler.”
    Changing the genre of a survival horror title makes it something
    completely new and should not be considered a Silent Hill game…end of
    story. If, say, a survival horror title was created in the Elder Scroll
    series, fans would have the same reaction. It does not contain the
    essence and soul of what makes the series, and only sounds like a cheesy
    gimmick to win over fans that are devoted, regardless of these poorly
    executed decisions.

  • Jeremy

    A better Silent Hill RPG would feature elements similar to Dead Island, have a single character that develops an extensive background and play-style from there in-game decisions, and have an emotional and compelling plot like we had seen in Silent Hill 2. If they took some of the best elements of SH2, Shattered Memories, and Downpour they would have an amazing game that fans would actually excited to buy.

    • Jeremy

      -and forget Daniel Licht’s forgettable compositions and try to bring back Akira Yamaoka.

    • Like Dead Island? Dead Island is fun to play just with friends IMO. It’s also a first person shooter with a shallow story and repetitive missions. If a Silent Hill game is going to be an RPG is shouldn’t follow the footsteps of a first person shooter RPG with simple characters.

      • Jeremy

        In regards to the RPG element only, but maybe I should have said Borderlands. A first person shooter, however, is more akin to a survival horror title then an overhead dungeon crawler hack-and-slash.

  • Optimus_past_my_Prime

    It’s been 3 months since both Downpour and the HD Collection were released and still no patch. Tomm making light of this in the podcast makes me want to spit on both of these broken games and shove them his ass.

  • Andy

    This game is actually the reason I want a vita. Its an interesting twist to the series and looks pretty fun! I understand why alought of people dont like the idea but personally it looks good. The story seems really good and im gonna get it

  • rem

    What a silent hill sport game?! NOOOOO! they can’t make that! they need to make the Robbie the rabbit danceing game for kinect first!

    Watch this and tell me you don’t want this to be make!


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