Video: Defending Resident Evil 6

What could be more controversial than Resident Evil 6? We try and tackle defending it, and I think I came up with a couple of good points as to why it might be worth taking a second look at one of the franchise’s most unloved titles.

Please, let us know what you thought of Resident Evil 6, and we hope you enjoyed the video!

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  • brunopessoa

    I totally agre with you, even is the worst tittle of the franchise the Chris Campaign is the bst of all them. I don´t understand why people say that leon campaign is better because of the zombies but, when go through the games still have a lot action sequence is has one the most worst boss fight of all time. Simon´s fight are most anooying is shity battle i ever seen

  • Juuker

    how about jake’s campaign? naaah. hahahaha. for me, they made their comeback when they release another resident evil revelation game which revives the true resident evil game in a good and better way.

    • Juuker

      and yeah, i agree. the death of piers nivans is one of the sorrowful deaths in re history (in my opinion)

    • *Sexy Spanish Guitar Music Plays*

  • gantarat

    Capcom throw many idea on RE 6 but they didn’t check which idea they did good,which idea they did bad. (or they check but didn’t have time to fix it ?)

  • Henrikm

    I think Sherry should have had her own campaign. Or atleast more with Leon.

    I have waited too see whats been happening too her for ages.
    Once she was in Wesker’s hand until retcon.
    What was it about her and the G-virus etc

    Was she lady in red in RE5(nope)

    Though some of the question got answered.

    Finally when she returned she somewhat was overshadow by Jake.

  • Liquidmushrooms

    Eh I still believe operation raccoon city to be the worst title to come out of RE, with soo much potential for a game and the “hype” that came with it. It sunk soo quickly, with absolutely no character depth with any of the several somewhat interesting characters they could have added another more gameplay allowing for the characters to reveal themselves as valuable assets to the series, the ending was just pitiful the gameplay itself was lazy and half the game was introduced as dlc , it was an insult and a mess to the fans of resident evil if they put out as much effort into it as they did in RE6 they may have had a semi decent game with some replayability

  • Xuchilpaba

    Is there a rat on your shoulder, man? Lol

    Survival Horror aside, I think RE6 lack of what 4 and 5 had: Something new to introduce.
    RE4 invented a new type 3rd person shooter that is fun.
    RE5 brought online co-op with shiny graphics.
    RE6 introduce nothing new. I think their execution had a lot of flaws too, I often found myself lost in camera angles while going melee and exploring. Weirded out with the controls in this character centric gameplay.

    One of the reason I like so much old RE’s is that there is a world (even if it’s indoors) and you’re part of it. You’re surrounded by the environment and the dangers it contains. In action games we need that too. Unfortunately a character that fills up my half of the screen when they run kills that feeling.

    Re is never a emotional game, Their point is and always to show you how righteous their hero is (and how evil their villan is), getting blues and lost in the bottle because of his cliche american hero status, that cheesy self importance. the shit that even hollywood abandoned years ago. I feel no real emotion involved .Never felt sorry for him or the ‘partner’ he lost. How would you sympathise a man killing giants with machine guns anyway. He moves boulders with his fists… I think he’ll be okay.

    Btw I’m not saying old games are nothing like this, but newer titles magnifying this shit and making fake dramas hard to endure.

    There are games with well told stories but not enjoyable gameplay and vice versa That’s both okay for me. I enjoy what is enjoyable and forgive the rest. What is enjoyable and what is forgivable is where I lost in RE6.

    In the end the only new thing RE6 added my Re experience is the word ‘campaign’ like RE5 added the word ‘partner’

    But I’ve got your point, though. Even the broken clock is right twice a day. But does it really worth digging a bag full of excrement, getting your hands shitty, your stomach upside downed only for two silver coin.

    • killer89

      “Re is never fa emotional game…”

      • Xuchilpaba

        Yeah, right. There are instances. Further improves my point, thought. There’s no forced drama in this particular scene or the Scenario B version of Ada’s ‘death’. There’s no agenda for making Leon more ‘cool’ out of another characters demise.

  • Brodequin

    Very, very nice video, Rourke. I’ve nothing to say about game, i’m not a fan of RE.

  • fnd

    RE 6 is a great action game.

  • Andy

    ummm no.


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