Will There Ever Be a Parasite Eve 3?

Before you point it out, we know that The 3rd Birthday is a Parasite Eve game – we reviewed it.  It’s been eleven years since the Parasite Eve 2 was released and fans were hoping that The 3rd Birthday was going to live up to the massive shoes it had to fill.  We knew it wouldn’t, as no game really ever can live up to the hype that surrounds it.  Yet we always hold out hope that the next game will be better.  So we look to the future and wonder…will Parasite Eve ever return to its roots?

Although, the Babel does kind of look like roots to a tree…

While Parasite Eve had some strong survival-horror elements in it, the series’ focus on survival horror really stepped up in Parasite Eve 2.  Instead of the safety of an active-time bar (ATB), battles took place in real time, while only some elements retained their RPG roots.  So Parasite Eve 2  changed the mold a bit.  But we liked the way it was changing!  Hell, it was more survival-horror, would you expect us ‘not’ to have liked it?

The game did have a heavy focus on guns n’ ammo, but there was a variety of magics thrown in via the use of Parasitic Energy.  All of this was told in a manner that (to our young minds) made sense.

Dryfield (the setting for much of PE2) gave us an overall feeling of isolation, dread and fear.  Dryfield was abandoned – there was nobody else around…sure, there was Douglas and Flint, but seriously?  They were on the other side of the map.  The enemies here were sick and twisted, and could easily overpower you.   Ammunition was scarce; health and various MP restores even moreso.  They didn’t just leave it lying around in “Restore Points,” either – you had to hunt in closets and freezers for that shit.  You could get lost in a maze of locked doors, enemies and puzzles.  It was survival-horror heaven.

This man appears to have been killed by some sort of caterpillar.
Okay, so perhaps this is a bad example.

So what the hell happened in The 3rd Birthday?  As we stated in our review, T3B done away with all of the elements that made the game survival-horror at all.  Like Resident Evil 5, the game was more action than anything.  Furthermore, it strayed so far away from the storyline that it’s hard to draw connections back to the original source material.

We’d be sad too.  In fact, we kind of are.

The issue for this could partly be because Square Enix does not own full rights to the series.  Due to the fact that the game series is actually based off of the original best-selling novel of the same name, there’s a copyright issue.  Square Enix is in the process of renewing the copyright, but these things take time.  This would be why the game is called “The 3rd Birthday” and not “Parasite Eve 3.”

As a result, it would appear that the mysterious non-appearances of anything that has anything to do with mitochondria, MIST, or NMCs makes sense.  But it doesn’t do jack for the continuity of the series as a whole.

But will Square Enix ever get those rights back and give Parasite Eve the proper addition it deserves?  We can only hope, right?  In the mean time, Parasite Eve is available on PSN, and Parasite Eve 2 is on its way to North American and European markets.

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  • Lime Tree

    I disagree with you on 2. I felt 2 was completely a step in wrong direction because it became a resident evil clone. And I’ve never found Parasite Eve near as scary as silent hill or dead space. It felt more like science fiction (cause it is) with creepy elements.
    which the 3rd birthday retained.

    Also, 2 had the shower scene. Just like T3B had the shower scene.
    Except, that the 3rd birthday was a lot more fun to play. And had about as good of story. Both had holes.

    1 is clearly the best. 2 was dissapointing. And the 3rd birthday was surprisingly addicting and entertaining for a series I thought many years ago in my opinion.

    • You thought 2 was the worse? Well, fuck you buddy.

      • What kyle said ^^
        FuuuuuUCCK YOU, Buddy!
        2 is and always will be the shit!

      • Tabitha Dickerson

        He’s right. parasite eve 2 took something amazing and unique and turned it into a capcom clone. from genius to mush. 3 brought it back to its roots somewhat.

        • Orochimaru-Sama

          wtf PE2 was great,the story was interesting and it continued pretty well from PE1 story,PE1 had only a good story cuz the gameplay was boring,PE2 had a great gameplay,copy or not,the 2nd game’s gameplay was harder than the 1st one’s,it made the game more challenging.

        • what sort of roots are you talking about o_o

          • Tabitha Dickerson

            It’s roots were those of a jrpg, not a resi evil clone

          • PE2 didn’t change the direction of the narrative, it only improved it.
            If anything, PE2 is much more of a Jrpg due to the increased amount of story exposition and character development Aya gets. She was a good character in PE1 but she gets much, much lapidated in 2. The only thing that makes PE2 remotely feel like a “resi evil clone” is the controls, it is still an RPG.

            Now for Third Crapday… It’s a good shooter. RPG? Far from it. And it simply completely destroys the narrative PE1 and PE2 worked together to create, takes aya’s development and throws it out of the window and replaces everything with shit fluff motomu toriyama writing.

            I’d be pleased, though, if PE did undo a bit of its RE-ness if it happens again and goes a bit closer to the first game’s gameplay. But who knows. Just don’t make it a pretty shooter with shitty writing.

    • Argel Jim N. Azuelo

      okay it his opinion its okay

    • lp

      I completely agree with you.

      What killed PE2 for me was mostly the terrible movement controls and camera angles that kept changing every 2 steps. Oh and also the fact that you never really explore a variety of environments like in PE1. (I don’t hate PE2 but it felt like a slap in the face after finishing PE1 just moments before)

    • Tabitha Dickerson

      I agree. two was the most lackluster. at least three had the freedom of movement that one had.

  • Red

    As with most games from my gaming glory days, especially the survival horror games I fell in love with as a young teen, I just don’t know that I’d want any any series from back in the day to come back.

    This isn’t that I don’t miss them, I miss survival horror games probably more than any subgenre that has died off in today’s market. It’s just that in today’s market, combined with the pressure laid on developers to hit blockbuster status, there’s probably no way a publisher would allow something like the original Parasite Eve games to exist. They would undoubtedly be turned into an action game not unlike what Resident Evil has become (especially now that the next major RE game has been revealed as a third person shooter).

    The gaming landscape just doesn’t have room for niche titles with big budgets these days, publishers can’t seem to make money on anything else outside of the tried and true. It’s their own fault for playing their part in inflating production costs, and pricing anything niche right out of the mainstream console market, but it is what it is. I would rather Parasite Eve be left alone then go the way of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Hopefully the market will open up enough for these games to regain their roots, but that is unlikely, and I don’t know that I could take another horror franchise going full on action while using the franchise name as a selling point.

  • Quoc

    If all three games are pretty much different games from one another, what’s this bs about returning to its roots? Like it or not, T3B is a sequel and anyone that has actually completed the game knows Aya’s story is done.

  • Jay

    Like it or not, The 3rd Birthday is not a sequel. Not just because I don’t want it to be, but because it has been officially said several times. A thing to note however, is that until close to it’s release date in japan. The game had the “Parasite Eve” in the title. So I’m unsure if that was because of “rights” issue.

    And I actually liked the way PE2 headed from PE1. But since T3B was so bad received and it isn’t selling as much as SE would had liked to, and rightfully so. Who knows if we will see another title, but thanks to T3B I have stopped waiting for the next one.

    • Lunastaria SpiritDiva

      Unfortunately, if they can’t figure out why it didn’t sell well they shouldn’t continue without hiring better business people. Seriously? Are they surprised that a action combat shooter game didn’t sell better compared to Call of Duty and Battlefield?

      The game would have sold if it was a) Survival Horror like Parasite Eve 1 and 2 and b) Console game and *NOT* PSP.

      You can’t do survival horror correctly on a portable!!! In fact, you can’t even do Fps and 3rd person / action correctly on portables.

      PSP is great for laid back turn based JRPGs, it is awesome for platforming to a degree and Vita has that gyroscope, and it is awesome for puzzle type of games or brain age type of quiz games.

      Consoles are best for simulator (now that they are like PCs in terms of raw hardware power), strategy, and huge in-depth RPGs like Parasite Eve 1 and 2, and like 3rd Birthday should have been! The game is also far to short, which is not what any RPG should be.

      Please, Square bring back a true Parasite Eve 3 that is like PE 1 and 2, not a shooter…

  • I was impressed with The 3rd Birthday – ok I agree that its hard to live up to the standards of games from the past – but I think this was a well done game and very impressive in what it did do – it was almost on an epic scale and I found myself playing it over and over.

    I can’t wait for another sequel!

  • Greg137

    Parasite eve series is dead… They killed off the only real character that was the staple that held the series together! Aya Brea died in third birthday! You weren’t really controlling Aya, but rather Eve who switched bodies with Aya…. -.- Parasite Eve.. if it continues it will simply dissolve to a meaningless heap of crap… Many games don’t make it back after the main aspect died or is destroyed… The Megaman series lost its spark after the death of Megaman X(who was in fact the original Megaman with an independent thought upgrade.. Giving him the ability to make his own choices in life)… Zelda series lost its interest with the destruction of Hyrule.. When you’ve seen the end of the line it can get dissappointing when you know your efforts are ultimately in vain.. Just like if someone were to show you that the end of the command and Conquer series involved world destruction, or the Brotherhood of NOD winning even when you win as GDI, and you realize you never had a choice to begin with you lose interest in it.. When you know what the end of the road looks like it; doesn’t give you much reason to continue the journey, unless it is a possible outcome that makes you feel gratified that your efforts meant something..(sigh)…. The game industry has Uwe Bolls syndrome(And no I don’t mean that in a good way, either, but then again… Uwe Bolls Syndrome, I don’t think, has any good applications anyway… so.. Whatever!)

    • IanArvinK

      Square can claim that T3B is non-canon should they work on a true sequel to the PE series since it’s known that T3B is a spin-off from the main series.
      T3B can actually be a standalone game and its creators used bait and switching to attract the market; using the established characters from the successful series and placing them in a totally different and unrelated theme with minimal to no references to the original series.

  • ArchangelOfSanity

    aya is no dead if u beat the game twice u unlock a deleted scene so Greg137 shut the hell up but Parasite eve was the peak of the series but T3B was confusing yet surprisingly addicting anyways the the only game of parasite eve i come just rage on the enemys

  • Liaira

    I think they should remake the first game with the astounding graphics used in the third game as well as remake the second one. if you’re going to do a third one stick to the original storyline. I thought the third birthday was kind of confusing. Such as why did all the police gun Aya down and why (spoiler) kill off Aya in the end and leave Eve with her body. To me killing off the main character who made the game is stupid. But personally since the game is called parasite eve it roils be cool to bring Eve back

  • Insanitycomes4free

    I think there is potential for the parasite eve series, that is when looking at T3B as just an off story game…which it kind of is. Even when looking at the plot line T3B doesn’t really make sense. When I played T3B I didn’t think of it as a parasite eve game because if I did I couldn’t play it seriously. What ruined it for me was the body hopping thing. It didn’t make sense…at all. I an understand how Aya/Eve can hop from one body to the next. That’s not what killed it for me. What killed it was going to different points of time or whatever. Parasite Eve seemed more along the lines of science fiction biology. It dealt with the evolution of mitochondria and shit like that. A little far fetched but they made it believable. A girl had super powers because her mitochondria made it so. She can shoot fire and lighting because the energy of her mitochondria. She can also heal herself because of it….Soul hopping though? It just didn’t really link into the previous games! I really didn’t like that at all.

    If they could get the rights it would be amazing for them to make and official 3rd with out the twisted and the soul/time hopping shit.

    Don’t get me wrong though, T3B was cool and I loved it, just not as a Parasite Eve game.

    • IanArvinK

      Played T3B. The game’s plot was hard to comprehend. It was paradoxical, i.e. how can you plot on creating overdive and knowing about twisted or high ones if they were not present in the original timeline? How can Hyde plot on becoming a high one without even knowing the true nature of Aya and Eve’s powers given they laid dormant after PE2? Also, how can they just get massacred at the wedding ceremony? Aya and Kyle dealt with bigger shit in the past games (Aya was a cop and Hunter while Kyle was a government agent).

  • The 3rd birthday was technically the third game, just a different plot due to copyright issues…

  • Zac Carter New Bern, NC

    Hey dipshit fuck hole. He said in the article it was the third game with a different name due to copyright issues. Do you not know how to read? …or did you just skip to the comment section like the average skittle fuck does? Dumb shit. Go fuck your Mom.

  • Zac Carter New Bern, NC

    Do her in her old crusty fucking pooper!

  • parasite eve 2 is one of my favorites too. i just love how many cool items/weapons you could unlock through replays, it was fun getting back at tough enemies that pissed you off on earlier playthroughs. i tried 3rd bday, but it wasn’t interesting at all and had unwanted, convoluted drama ala kingdom hearts. the dialogue was atrocious, the unlockable ‘costumes’ were irrelevant, the gameplay was not fun at all. it had nice graphics, and cutscenes but that’s about it. for a modern game you’d expect they’d bring improvement on writing as much as they do for the visuals. and that is possible even if they could’nt acquire the copyrights back.

  • 2 was the most satisfying combat system in any survival horror game at that time. It had authentic weapons, crazy ones, and parasite energy. I thought the parasite powers were 20 times better in 2 considering in 1 they did jack, except for liberate. It paved the way IMO for games that combined magic and weapons like bioshock. I had the trademark damage counter from final fantasy which is super satisfying. But we will never get a good sequel as long as retarded 4 year old COD heads are the only market out there. I mean look at other games ruined by the advent of COD, everyone needs to make games fast, game speed I mean, like a squirrel on shrooms. Socom is dead because they tried to copy it, Resident Evil, why……..why must everything be a fucking quick time scripted event in games nowadays. Now I know how old people feel about movies.

    • IanArvinK

      Games nowadays rely on gameplay and high def graphics. Kids nowadays only want to see guns blazing, kill as many enemies. Games nowadays are only eye candy due to high reliance to HD graphics. Remember the days when we played games with crappy or close to shit graphics but the plot’s good? I didn’t care much for graphics quality then if the game had a very good storyline.

  • I think it’s possible for there to be a parasite eve 3 game, if we all get to together and make larger enough voice that can heard they will see that there is a market for parasite eve 3 either on the playstation 3 or the new playstation 4 but either way there is a away of making parasite eve 3 with aya and you know I’m sick to death cod, and all these crap games parasite eve 2 is the best power slasher shooter game ever imagine what it would be like on ps3 or ps4 it would diffent and ground breaking hope this adds a voice of hope !!

  • Cláudio Firsoff da Silva

    How you people can say there´s no connection between the games? For me PE2 and T3B have a few connections, for example, Eve, the MAIN character in T3B.
    In PE2 for the people who complete the game, we saw and save little Eve, she take control of a giant creature in the Lab. (that´s HER power, not Aya´s) In my opinion her power simply grow in T3B.
    When she tried to save Aya in the wedding she change body´s and splatter Aya´s soul, making the twisters. (really don´t get why Aya´s wedding was attacked but oh well)
    Just agree, that the second game was most survival horror, but hey I loved all the 3, and hope for a sequel.

    • Derian

      Well at the end of PE2 the president sends out an order for Kyle to be brought in for knowing too much of what had happened and Aya was also involved too so maybe it was just simpler for them to kill Aya and Kyle at their wedding.

      • IanArvinK

        that was year 2000, T3B was set 10 years after and presidency should’ve changed by then, thereby changing the priorities of the gov’t. Kyle said he was resigning. Aya and Eve’s identities were altered with help from the FBI. It would’ve taken too long for them to be silenced had that been the reason wouldn’t you think?

  • Argel Jim N. Azuelo

    um.. hi guyz since i was 10 years old I play the parasite eve 1 and 2 actually for me the great is the PE2 because it have some powers that i can lvl up when i keep repeating it but the 3rd Birthday only mix up the cells or what you called the over energy I’m a little confuse but in the end I actually understand it but the part where aya died in the church I don’t exactly know why they do that *sigh* well I hope for the next parasite eve I want it very very bad I wish there is some mithicondria powers that I can lvl up and use by pressing a button or key

    OH I forgot…
    I’m a gamer in philippines
    15 years old now nice to meet you

  • Jacob

    A reboot is what they need. Most will agree that survival horror in the traditional sense I’d through. But with some work and adaptation, Parasite Eve could be rebooted. I feel that PE2 was the best in the series. This game is precisely why I want to get into the video game industry. They need new ideas, new perspectives, that’s true, but what of the “dead” series such as Parasite Eve, Earthbound (Mother in Japan), and such. With a little ingenuity, these series could be rebooted.

    • IanArvinK

      Or they could remake it with better graphics. Though they should stick with original gameplay mechanics to give that PE feel the old gamers know.

  • Lunastaria SpiritDiva

    *sigh* I really miss Resident Evil 1-3 and Parasite Eve 1 and 2, survival horror games are sadly lacking…. Why do people enjoy playing Fps clones so much? Action games are great and all, but they don’t give the same thrill… I’ll take a laid back slower paced game over twitchy action anyday of the week! Niche gaming is what made the market for me, it is what made the Playstation 1 and 2. “Popular” games are boring , they tend to be short, and they never do anything unique or different.

    The neverending sea of clones has to stop, we had so many great rpgs back in Playstation 1’s era. Why can’t we have these games like Legend of Dragoon, Grandia, Grandstream Saga, and Baiten Kaitos (Gamecube) back?

  • DarkCloud24

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