Will Capcom bring Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake announcements to Tokyo Game Show?


Tokyo Game Show 2015 is less than a month away. This year’s event will take place from September 17-20. Capcom has just announced their line-up of games that will be at the show. And, of course, we have Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster in there.

The upcoming remastered edition will most likely be getting an updated demo, which could take those in attendance (and viewers at home) outside of the train setting that the E3 and Gamescom builds have been focused on. But will Capcom have other surprises in store?

The Resident Evil 2 remake has recently been announced, to much fanfare. After years of waiting, it’s finally a reality. And with TGS so close, could that be an opportunity for Capcom to keep the hype train going by making a few announcements? We shouldn’t expect any footage at all, since we basically witnessed the game’s concept being pitched not even a month ago, but Capcom could definitely answer the question a lot of fans have been asking: Will this be in the style of old-school Resident Evil (like its source material)? Or will this be in the style of the modern entries?

TGS is also the perfect platform to shed light on the existence of Resident Evil 7. Despite the Resident Evil 2 Remake getting all the attention, we’re still due for the next numbered entry in the series. But with Remake 2, 0 HD Remaster, and all the excitement that’s garnered, along with the success of both Remake HD and Revelations 2, it wouldn’t be surprising if Capcom has gone back to the kitchen to cook up Resident Evil 7 with more traditional ingredients.

What do you guys think? Are you expecting Capcom to make some announcements about Resident Evil 7 and/or the Resident Evil 2 remake? Alyson Court returning?!


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  • brunopessoa

    If capcom didn´t annouced nothing at E3 and Gamescom then, they have nothing. So stop getting false hypes

  • Shane

    I’m not expecting major announcements from them this year, but I did post about this to ROH’s Facebook page and I’m not sure if you guys have covered it (maybe you are waiting for the hands on?)


  • RiesenRatte

    I’ll think they’ll wait until Resi 2 is ready to show something of for a Resi 7 announcement.
    I feel like they’re kinda trying to repair the series with these remasteres and remakes (and Revelation) to get big numbers out of Resident evil 7, so I doibt they’ll unveil anything new at TGS regarding Resi

  • MassDistraction

    If they are not in the lineup I doubt there’ll be anything interesting.

  • ZenTzen

    i dont believe for a second that REmake 2 was only pitched a month ago, it may already been in development even before that

  • Honestly it’s too early for anything about Remake 2 to even be said, So if anything I’m guessing there’ll be a RE7 announcement.

  • lulzprime

    No, I don’t think there should be a RE7 for TGS or even the next year. RE lost its way after 5 (yeah 5 was actually good, at least they introduced co-op).

    What cashcom needs to do is to double down on RE2R, get it in a shape where it be-fits the classic, then take feedback on how the next RE should be. Do people want classic tank controls back (REMake HD and 0 HD seems to say so) or do they continue on with the 3rd person style which is long overused for the series already?

    So no, RE7 should not be announced on TGS.

    • gantarat

      They already Split Resident Evil 2 Series.
      Main Number Series – Actions Focus .
      Revelation Series – Survivor – Horror Focus.

      Remake,0 Remaster and RE 2 Make are Fanservice Project.


      • lulzprime

        Uhm… the bulk of the income comes from the main numbered series. RE is honestly just surviving because of fans at this point, not because it has widespread commercial success like GTA or COD.

        If fans want a more classic approach to RE7, then that’s what cashcom must do. Not make another RE6, then call it new.

        Revelations while good, is really only selling to fans mostly. Heck, plenty of people who grew up with RE has very little knowledge about Revelations.

        • gantarat

          RE 5 and 6 is first,second capcom best selling game ?

          • lulzprime

            Yes, that’s what I basically implied.. are you repeating it as a question or confirming it?

          • gantarat

            blame my samsung phone i accident add “?”

  • Mohammad A. Fikree

    Remember, RE Team worked on PS4’s Kitchen. I guess we’ll finally get to see the gameplay for it.

  • Steven Bayne

    I’d like to see some more RE 0 footage. It would be awesome they implemented couch co-op for 0. One person controls Rebecca and one controls Billy. Just some wishful thinking,but I think it would be cool.

  • Nicola Polito

    RE7 has more than likely been in development for a few years now, Since 2012. I think it’s time to shed more light on RE7.

  • Barry Johnson

    I doubt it. But if they do!

  • poloscen89

    Nah they’ll make the evil within 2 if anything. Between re5-6 the reviews and scores only decreased significantly. Those teams are not capable of making traditional style re games.

  • Andy

    I don’t think Capcom has the man power and resources to focus on the RE2 remake and RE7 at the same time and wasn’t Resident Evil Revelations 2 pretty much RE7?

    RE6 was a huge failure for Capcom and I don’t they wanna focus on a next big numbered sequel. Capcom needs to get the RE series back on track.

    • gantarat

      They start development RE 7 after Release RE 6 few month (December 2012).

      Revelations 2 , RE 2 Make and Remake,0 Remaster are just side project RE game made by another team.

      RE 6 get criticize a lot but game still sale (6.3 millions now , 2nd best capcom selling game.)

      – before you said didn’t capcom disappoint RE 6 sales ?
      yeah but that because they set the bar too high, capcom expect RE 6 sold 7 millions around Q1 2013 (impossible even RE 6 is good/solid game get many awards)

      ps.believe or not asian people like RE 6

  • Christian Carbajosa

    I hope Capcom goes hard at this RE2 Remake (Plus hopefully a RE3 one) before doing RE7. With all that crap they shoved into RE6, where do they go as far as the story goes? Just imo, but I think they’d be better off doing a prequel of some sort. And give it enough time for the remakes to get exposure so RE7 could incorporate the optimum possible balance of TRUE survival horror and action based on fan reception. Either way I just don’t see them succeeding at both making a good survival horror game AND a good finale for the series if they try to top RE6’s volume and ridiculousness.

  • Mila

    I just want a new Parasite Eve to happen in TGS , none of of these fan-favorite games has an impact on me except PE , i need it NOW !


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