Why Capcom’s latest Resident Evil port may be the most important one of all

Today Capcom producers Tatsuya Kitabayashi and Yoshiaki Hirabyashi announced that the Nintendo exclusive Resident Evil remake (often called REmake by fans) is making its way to last and current-gen consoles and PC. This news has brought both a roar of applause and disappointment from fans of the series, the latter seeing the announcement as yet another rehash, remake, “cash grab”, or “pointless” port. But the release of REmake on new platforms outside of former Nintendo exclusivity is nothing we should be criticizing; this announcement means that Capcom is listening. They’re giving fans what they want whether or not those fans realize it.

The Resident Evil remake was originally released on the Gamecube on March 22, 2002 as an exclusive. It was later ported to the Wii (along with Resident Evil Zero as part of the Archives series). Sometime over a decade ago, Capcom came to an agreement with Nintendo for exclusive Resident Evil games on their platform. Arguably one of the best Resident Evil games, REmake not only excelled in every way over the original PSX game, but it also set itself as one of the best survival horror games ever released, with an emphasis on resource management, a taxing difficulty, and amazing art direction. But despite all of this, not many people were able to experience the game. It was limited to the Gamecube, a struggling console in its own right but also one with a large focus on family friendly games. REmake stood out, and while fans of the horror genre flocked to it (and its subsequent title, Resident Evil Zero), the games were fenced away from a lot of gamers.

Do you wish for Capcom to bring the Resident Evil series back to its roots? Then consider this: If REmake sells well, if it’s received well, then that shows that there is consumer interest for this type of game – something that was hard to achieve in the past when the game was limited to just the Gamecube. Capcom may very well be pursuing insight on what consumers want, not through petitions or forum posts, but through cold hard sales figures.

For years, Capcom has declared that they’ve been listening to fans for feedback on the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 6 was supposed to take the series back to its roots after Resident Evil 5 retread the all too familiar ground of Resident Evil 4 (but with less originality), but we saw that it did the opposite of that when each new trailer revealed more and more of an action focus. Once RE6 was in the hands of consumers and critics, Capcom saw that their efforts were not too appreciated by those that wanted survival, not vague promises of such through promotional terms like Fear You Can’t Forget or No Hope.

Depending on who you talk to, Resident Evil: Revelations was the most successful attempt at a horror focused Resident Evil game in years. But Revelations was another Nintendo exclusive horror-focused Resident Evil game (up until last year when it was ported to last-gen consoles and PC). Its initial exclusivity, and exclusivity in general, holds back a game’s sales potential. If Capcom was gauging what to do with the series based on how well a horror Resident Evil sold in comparison to an action Resident Evil, of course the horror games would fall behind.

Is the goal of this port to make a quick buck? Of course it is. HD remasters are cheaper to produce than a full-blown game, but let’s look past Capcom’s knack for porting their successful games to everything but the kitchen sink. Capcom is giving attention to the most survival horror oriented game in the Resident Evil series. They’re doing what we have wanted for so long. They’re looking at the scariest game in the bunch and are making it accessible to nearly every platform owner. Capcom needs to give their survival horror Resident Evil games the light of day to succeed.

This HD remaster of the Resident Evil REmake may stand for something more than a port; it might be a test. A test that Resident Evil fans needs to pass if they want Capcom to recognize their demands.

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  • David Shocker

    The points detailed in this article says it all, yes it’s a ‘quick buck scheme’ but look past that and it’s a form of marketing ploy. If REmake-HD (or personally ‘Rebirth’ from an original trailer back in the day) sell enough, or gets enough attention of the fans it will make Capcom listen.

    Fans wanted a classic return of survival horror and this what we asked for, ok granted it’s a re-release however Capcom wasn’t going to put all they eggs in one basket. The gaming industry/business isn’t what it use to be where companies would take risk (i.e. millions in to Shenmue) they go with what is easier shoddy squeals (like CoD etc.) and in this case HD Re-release made sense. As Rely on Horror stated here it’s a cheap and effective way of doing so.

    I know I might be looking too far just yet like Shenmue500K – The Game For Shenmue 3 (though I’m really REALLY hoping for Shenmue 3!!!) but if Capcom are ready to listen then we may get a RE2/3 Remake or a true return to Survival Horror as fans have been crying out for! The only catch it that we have to talk their language and that is $$$/£££/Etc.

    Some may see this as wasting money (their own or Capcoms) but it will be the only way to get the message across that we’re not ‘too old’ and the future isn’t ‘Call of Duty Style Games’.

  • Vampire-Jekyll

    I see this as more of a way to finally get the game out to those who may have been too – snobbish – to pick it up on the Gamecube or even the Wii. If Capcom is really banking on the rerelease of a rerelease of a remake, I feel like the series may be worse off in the long run. They should continue to move forward with the success of Revelations, not look to the past.

    That being said, REmake is a masterpiece of a game. If this port is successful, I hope they consider giving RE0 the same treatment.

  • Nicola Polito

    if the Remake sells well on both Current and Next Gen, I Believe they will start working on a Resident Evil 2 Remake, forget the one is being made by fans I’m talking about a legit one. That’s what I believe.

    • Nickolaidas

      If the weird rumours are to be believed (Claire’s voice actor tweeting she’s been replaced and a Resident Evil 2 HD pre-order on amazon before the link been taken down AND Claire on a promotional image of video game characters of PS4 exclusives and PS4 multi-platform games), I think you and many other RE2 fans may be for a real treat …

  • recordatron .

    I really have no issues with old games being re-packaged and polished up to look awesome so we can enjoy them again and for the first time at their best. The cash grab argument always seems a bit flawed to me. It’s like saying a blu ray version of a film is a cash grab. Whilst it’s buying the same thing again you’re going to get to re watch something that you love but in a glorious and we’ll presented way. Watching Alien on blu ray for example enhances the experience ten fold because of all the beautiful details and the things you never noticed before you could see things more in depth.

    I’m all for game remasters, I say bring them on! I’d love to play more games from my past in a more convenient and good looking manner.

  • Jill V.

    And PC again of course, Steam exclusivity. You know, not everyone wants
    your shitty Steam with always online DRM and other restrictions. Oh
    well, guess I save money at least, by downloading the game. Whatever
    happened to retail copies?

    Why only Steam should have this wonderful game on PC? It’s all about money.

    Gabe Newell: Piracy is almost always a service problem and not a pricing problem.

    True… That’s why you don’t get any money from me, you dumbass.

    • Steam has an offline mode. What other restrictions are you talking about?

    • Nyar

      Steam’s DRM isn’t always online – nor is it mandatory. Most games use it, but there are more than a few that you can launch independently of Steam as well.

      Either way. I’ve never had a problem playing Steam games while offline.

  • Pablo Iranzo

    If there is no way of experiencing this game without the fixed camera angles, then I am not gonna get this.

    • Marc

      Good for you. If they changed the fixed camera angles I wouldn’t purchase it. Go back to your Call of Duty games.

      • Pablo Iranzo

        No need to be a smartass or rude. I don’t play CoD, I just think that fixed camera angles are absolutely horrible.

        • Marc

          Then you have no business being here. Go play whatever ADD twitch shooter you enjoy and leave us fans to our true survival horror.

          • Pablo Iranzo

            you haven’t pissed on all the corners of this website correctly in order to mark your territory, so I’m still stating my opinion whether you like it or not. Why do I even bother… Troll…

          • Marc

            I’m a troll? You’re the one commenting on a game you aren’t even going to buy. Making a stupid statement about something that isn’t going to change. Go play RE6, it’s more your speed.

          • Pablo Iranzo

            You can’t read, so learn to read or shut the fuck up. My comments are still there for when you decide to give it another go.

          • Marc

            Its like arguing with a retard, I think I’ll leave you to your stupidity. Enjoy your twitch shooter.

          • Pablo Iranzo

            I’M the retard, but you can’t read? And you care to be the one to throw words like stupidity? Bravo!

          • Marc

            I don’t even know what the hell you’re going on about. What am I allegedly having trouble reading? This is why I think you’re retarded. You made your intentions known in your first two comments. Why not try and put your thoughts into words instead of spewing nonsense in the comment section.

          • Pablo Iranzo

            I know you don’t know. Leave it at that.

          • killer89

            Child is healthy then it thinks that it possesses opinions.

          • Pablo Iranzo

            Pfft, North Korea! killer you should come to the camps in MY country 🙂 They’re a little different, but it will do…

    • Andy

      What are you joking? That’s what classic RE was all about. The fixed camera angles made the game even scarier and more tense. Have you ever played a classic RE game?

      • Pablo Iranzo

        I have. 1, 2 and Zero. I think I might have missed out on 3.

      • Pablo Iranzo

        I have played older RE titles and I liked the atmosphere , the enemy design, the cheesy story, the bad dialogue … I liked it! Just not the way the camera angles are different in almost every room, in some cases making it difficult to adjust to it and even see/aim properly. I just can’t imagine wanting to replay the game (for exsample). I would find it pretty cool if Capcom did a Lost in Nightmares option . Let the player pick gameplay style … but it’s not possible in this case, I guess.

  • Carl Johnson

    I still laugh everytime someone calls Revelations “horror”.

    • I hated it, personally.

      • Carl Johnson

        Right? It was super boring. I couldn’t even play through it a second time, try as I might.

        • Boring, terribly written (the worst forced drama I’ve seen in a while”, offensive (Rachel’s outfits and dialogue), and so much more.

          • Xuchilpaba

            And they advertised that game as Return of Survival Horror! Deceiving people without shame, taking advantage of the current generation’s limited knowledge and experience about Survival Horror. They got away with the false advertisement and nobody said nothing.

          • xJoexRipx

            I really don’t see how her boobs are offending anyone, people criticized Tomb Raider for the same reason and when they made her less busty they still complained. Moral of the story is stop siding with women, and being a white knight. Its like trying to hug a wild crocodile, you will get fucked

          • You’re ignoring the part where I said I also hate her as a character. Her dialogue is horrible.

            I’ll avoid being a “white knight” and you can avoid cherry picking for arguments.

      • Luis

        It felt like Gun Survivor but in 3rd person…

  • Smiley

    The only thing that could tarnish this game is if it became a bad HD remastered port. Not even the Silent Hill defenders could justify how crappy the HD Collection of SH2 and 3 were. We need more info on the porting process of this game. While previous Capcom HD re-releases have never been as bad as Silent Hill, they certainly weren’t the greatest either.

  • Andy

    It’s a damn shame that the so called “Resident Evil fans” didn’t want to play it because it was on the Gamecube. Their ignorance made them miss out on one of the greatest games ever made. But now they will play it because it’s on their system of choice which I find funny as hell.

    Even if it does sell well. The Capcom now will not even come close to making a game as great as RE remake or even RE2 and RE0. The series will never be the same since Shinji Mikami left Capcom years ago. As a fan I accept ed that this series is dead Yeah Revelations was decent at best but not as good as the classics.

    • Xuchilpaba

      Then they are more console fans than gamers. didn’t care the game they like.


      I can still show you people (resi/sh fans) didn’t know about this game and would confuse it with a new Resident evil game today. And a lot people around the world weren’t properly introduced gamecube. Was that their fault? I think Nintendo and Capcom failed to reach people in a lot places. Still, I heard REmake sold double than Capcom’s expectations.It could’ve been better.

      • SecretX

        capcom failed to reach anybody, since they aren’t making money anymore.

      • Jason

        Wow I never heard that, but I do know that REmake sold about 1.35 million on a console with 22 million systems sold, while the Ps1 classics 3 sold about 3.5 mil, 2 sold just under 5 mil, 1 sold a little over 5 million (with all versions combined) on a system with over 100 million systems sold. So I think the REmake on gamecube sold pretty well in comparison, and for the so called “fans” who wouldn’t buy it just because they don’t like Nintendo systems, you guys suck, The gamecube one was the one that got me and quite a few friends into Resident Evil, and even though I primarily game on Nintendo systems, I still bought a PS3 just so I could play the couple of Re games that were not on Nintendo Systems!

  • Saul Saavedra

    As a fan since the very first, I’m glad this is happening. I’m happy this is finally getting a big release. It’s bigger than before. Now it’s up to the real fans and supposed real fans of the old games to make this a success. Yes I know this is like the HD versions RE4 and CVX to some people but still, this is the first for the original Resident Evil games. I mean 1, 2,and 3. Everyone who is a fan and a supposed fan who is use to the newer games should give this a chance. I think this is what the series needs right now. A trip down memory lane for some and new experience for others.

  • SecretX

    i am glad that is coming out in HD. but sucks that it wasn’t announce for wiiU. hopefully Capcom changes their minds about that.


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