Where’s Barry?

I won’t stand in a corner and pretend that I’m not excited about a new Resident Evil title, especially a new Revelations.  Out of all the swings that Capcom has taken in the last few years with the series that have wiffed, with Revelations, they still hit the ball, even if they didn’t knock it out of the park.  It will no doubt be interesting to see where Rev2 takes the series, for better or for worse.

But because it is in my very nature to poke holes and deride anything that might be considered remotely nice. even if I like it, I’ve been thinking an awful lot about Rev2.

So Moira is Barry’s daughter; that’s cute.  He fled to Canada to keep his daughters safe so they wouldn’t have to endure the horrors of the walking dead, and then is just cool with one of them coming back to fight for an anti-bioterrorism group.  Or he’s going to be pissed when he finds out, that’s for sure.  Either way, why are we using another throwaway character, and why is it needlessly tied back to Barry? This could have literally been ‘just another girl,’ but no, she has to be tied to another character in the series already.  Why?

Is it because fans like Barry?  In their press-release, Capcom referred to Mr. Burton as a legend. This is pretty funny, especially when you consider how few games he’s actually been in.  For as liked as the guy is, he’s appeared in a grand total of one Resident Evil title in any meaningful way.  No, I’m not including that Gameboy title that shall not be named, nor the Mercenaries minigame, where he’s really just a generic action hero skin.  For being a legend, he is just as big a throwaway character as Sheva.

I was healing you when you didnt need it before it was cool.

“I was healing you when you didn’t need it before it was cool, by the way.”

Fans cry out loudly for his triumphant return to the series with a gun the size of your forearm that will blast a hole clean through a tank.  Capcom must have hearing difficulties to hear fans cry out for Barry, yet somehow think that we meant his daughter, whom many of us forgot existed at all.  Wait, weren’t there two of them? I bet the other one is evil.

So why not just include Barry instead?  That would definitely make more sense than the following scenario:

Claire: I used to work with your dad back in Raccoon City.
Moira: That’s so cool, so you guys go way back then!
Claire: Not really, it was my brother who worked with your dad, I’ve actually never met him.  You have no training whatsoever when it comes to fighting monsters and terrorists.  Want to come fight monsters and terrorists with me?
Moira: No.
Claire: We’ll throw you an awesome welcome party.
Moira: Yes.

Is it because she’s a girl, and suddenly girls are a big thing in video games?  Better representation of women in video games does not always mean to just include more of them, and aside from a few odd costume choices, Resident Evil has been pretty good about showing empowered women in leading roles.  But if that were the motive here, someone should have suggested that denim underwear is not the latest in anti-terrorism fashion any more than one-legged wet suits and high heels.

Oh, I guess they’re leggings underneath the underwear.  Still good advice!

Someone tweeted to me that it might have been because Barry is reaching that age where his joints creak a little more and he may have some arthritis in his trigger finger and short-term memory problems.  Dude’s getting old, sure, but 50-ish really isn’t that old, especially considering that Wesker was about 50 the last time we saw him, and he still kicked our asses multiple times.  Probably could have without the genetic modification, too.  Besides, survival horror is about feeling under-powered and scared for your life.  What a better way to do that then to include someone who may not be in the best physical shape of their lives?

Don’t get me wrong, even with the episodic release and the undeniable cheesy cliffhangers that this release will be chock full of, I’ll still get it, I’ll probably like it, too.  It’s sad though, because this series has so many throwaway characters that they could fill their own game.  Even if fans like Moira as more than a walking first-aid kit (she’s supposed to heal you when you’re low on health), what are the odds we’ll ever see her again after Rev2?

In Resident Evil 16 maybe?

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  • Megan Schneider

    Wasn’t he in the Helicopter at the end of Resident Evil 3? I know it wasn’t a significant part but still.

    • Dino Zulim

      Yes he was.

      • Carl Johnson

        and not even in every ending.

    • Henrikm

      I love that ending,its canon for atleast me ;P

      Jill: Its you
      Barry : I could not let you die 😀

  • Carl Johnson

    Boy, if there was ever a series in need of a reboot.

    • Dino Zulim


  • Dino Zulim

    I think it was stated that the Redfields and Burtons remained close after all what happened and that Moira and Claire became good friends so Moira joined Terra Save because of Claire.

  • Dino Zulim

    Oh also, News Bot, the guy who was giving hints on who the characters are confrimed that Barry is one of them when the game was revealed.If he will be playable or not is a different story.

  • ParallelTraveler

    “Is it because she’s a girl, and suddenly girls are a big thing in video games?”
    We’re talking about a series that has had female protagonists in nearly every game. Are we really going to pull the band-wagon card on Capcom for introducing an /already established/ character who happens to be female?
    Also this seems a little contradictory, we’re gonna laugh at Capcom for
    calling Barry a legend and implying he’s important and counter it by
    saying he’s only had 1 meaningful role, and at the same time say he
    deserves to return?
    And “I’m not including that Gameboy title that shall not be named”, I see you still refuse to be neutral and take the opportunity to bash every RE game that isn’t 0-1-2-3 or CV.
    Last, do we even have confirmation that Barry isn’t present in the game at all? Jumping the gun much?

    • Janus

      To clear up a few things…

      First point – no, Moira is not an already established character. She’s this year’s throwaway character who just so happens to be tied to the series in an insignificant and needless way. She could have literally been ‘just another girl’. At this point, Capcom could say ‘go on, design your own character’ for the game. Why does it have to be a girl when Barry himself would have made more sense? Also, literally the next sentence “and aside from a few odd costume choices, Resident Evil has been pretty good about showing empowered women in leading roles.”

      Capcom is implying that Barry is legendary, but if he were really that legendary, he would have appeared in more than one game in a meaningful way, don’t you think? And if he were in this game, which he may very well be, it wouldn’t be in a role that is befitting of his “legendary” status.

      Resident Evil: Gaiden is not considered to be canon as it contradicts events that happen in the first game. So no, I won’t mention it.

      Lastly, I liked Resident Evil 5, and I never got the chance to play CV and don’t particularly want to. And it’s an opinion piece – why do I have to be neutral about games I don’t like?

      • ParallelTraveler

        That’s my point, the 2ed line doesn’t justify the claim, it consciously contradicts it. Why pose the question “Is it because she’s a girl” and accuse them of adding more women for the sake of it when its been the norm to add a cast of new characters every game? And when there’s no way to know if she could be replaced by “just another girl” when we haven’t seen the story yet. Claire could potentially be the one who can be replaced and cause no change to the story. And again, do we know for a fact Barry is not in the game and not playable? Yes she’s not important to the series but she could be important to the self-contained story of Revelations 2. One-time characters are introduced every game, and she is probably one of them, this is the norm, why use the term “throw away” and act like Capcom is making such a big writing mistake with this?

        Are you really going to try to define an adjective and say you can only call characters “legendary” if they appear in a meaningful way in multiple games of a series? I’m not saying he is, my point is its just an adjective. Someone could pose the argument basically anyone in that universe is legendary from a lore stand point if they survived any BOW encounters. I’m asking why get so worked up about that word and use it against Capcom?

        And it won’t be named because its non-canon? Why? Do you guys have a policy here to never mention them by name but can reference their existence? Or is anything non-canon just automatically so bad you don’t want to refer to them by name? Are all the non-canon games bad and have no potential to be good?

        • Janus

          Haha! Yeah, that was the whole point. Suggesting that she’s being added because she’s a girl and then explaining, stating rather that better representation of women in video games doesn’t always mean to just throw in more of them. That’s my argument.

          “Legendary” is being used as a buzz word to get people excited about Barry. You can’t (sorry, because I’ll be offending someone here by telling them what they can and can’t do ‘shouldn’t’) call someone legendary if they are a throw-away character. Characters who are introduced to the series but never seen or heard from again after their one game are throw-away characters. RE has a track record of introducing characters with just enough writing behind them to get people interested in the character, and then throwing them into the trash bin. Barry is different, because he’s been alluded to after the first game, but he’s never actually appeared other than (thanks to other comments for clearing this up) the chopper pilot at the end of RE3 and maybe some other bits. He’s just as ‘legendary’ as Sheva or Billy or Carlos. And just because it happens and is the norm, doesn’t mean for a minute that it’s an acceptable technique and it doesn’t mean that I have to particularly like it. If this is the norm, as you allude to, then yes, Moira could really be “just another girl.”

          Come on now. Are you really, REALLY that upset about the fact that I won’t mention Gaiden by name in the article? If so, then I apologize – in an empathetical sense because you are clearly upset over a joke on the internet. No, we don’t have a policy of not mentioning non-canon games (they actually don’t come up that often…) Gaiden is considered non-canon because it contradicts the main storyline, is also terrible. It was also panned by other, bigger reviewers who do this sort of thing for a living. I also don’t like it. I never said that ALL non-canon games are bad, that’s an inference that you are making, much like the one you made that said that I hate all modern RE games. I don’t have an obligation to change my opinion or treatment of a game based on the fact that it exists.

          If you still disagree with me and the op-ed, then that’s fine. Articles that praise Gaiden are probably a dime a dozen.

  • Henrikm

    Yeah I truly hope that Barry is still in it.

    As stated here before some saidt it would be three characters two females and one male…I thought Becca,Claire and Barry.

    But turned out to be Moira and Claire hope Barry is the male one still.

    MAJOR SUPER SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As this is said to take place between RE5 and RE6 Chris has gone off the grid(Edonia?)…I guess Jill migth be “dead”.

    I guess only family in this case would have been Burton family and perhaps Leon at the time?

    Seeing as Chris and Barry goes way back before STARS.
    I guess as Chris is out fighting the good fight Barry might have kept an eye on his sister Claire both as a family and for saftey?

    Seeing as Barry own daughter is kidnaped and his old partner’s sister would feel strange if its not Barry that is the last protaganist….

    can see it play out as CV…Steve Claire first half Chris solo but this time Claire and Moira and Barry solo?
    Or team up for co-op play with ethier Moira and Claire later?

    So yeah I still hope for good ol’Barry,dont crush my dreams Capcom ;D

  • Andy

    Barry was one of my favorite characters from the original and the remake. I think bringing in his daughter is pointless. I hate when they bring in new characters. Billy was really cool though. But I just think they need to have some variety instead of having to girl characters. Claire is awesome but maybe we might get another character to play as.

  • I’m just glad a Revelations game with two female leads avoids them looking like strippers. Rachel…Jessica…horrible designs.

  • Steven Bayne

    Ya gotta love how Capcom kills off their characters. Speaking of that,what the hell ever happened to Billy?!

    • Carl Johnson

      Probably got ripped t pieces by zombie dogs in the forest.

  • Cyberote

    Im confident that Barry will show up in this game. The man’s going to find out about his daughter getting kidnapped, and hes going to find her at whatever the cost. I could see him having his own scenario.

    • Henrikm

      Indeed did Harry Mason wait for someone else to get his daughter back,hell no,he littarly went through hell and back to get her…

      Would Barry do any less?Lets hope not Capcom…

  • carlos

    You forgot that jill sneaks n hears barry talks somebody in the room becuz somebody hostage barrys family in re1. Any bell rings? Do u remember that part? Could be his daughter moira related to this re rev 2. So, that could be the reason or spoiler. Who knows? Only time will tell. 🙂

  • carlos

    Do u remember jill sneak to hear barry was talking to somebody in the room then jill enters in the room asking him who he was talking to and barry said he sets up the plan but wasnt his intention but no choice becuz his family is being hostaged by umbrella. Any bell rings? Maybe thats why his daughter moira is hostage in re rev w? Who knows? Only time will tell. 🙂

  • Henrikm

    One character I could see in a future Revelation game beside all forgotten character that is..

    Manuel Hildago.

    Seeing as Sherry was taken in with goverment and had some combat training.

    I wonder if Manuela had the same?

    The girl Leon rescued reminded me of Sherry in many way.

    Both infected with viruses(by their father aswell!?)

    However Manuela seemed to have been affected more with her V-virus.

    Her clawlike hand and burning blood.

    I like the fact that she is infected by V-virus as said very few where(that is still alive) and thus we not seen its true power…

    I could see her if not Sherry 2.0
    Then a female Jake(jack keep forget his spelling),with claw like punches as Wesker or Wesker jr.

    Or a good Alexia.

    That girl if not forgotten by Capcom have potencial.
    That barefoot girl has some power hidden in her.

    Also I was somewhat disappointed about Sherry’s return in RE6 waited to find about her fate for what is it 10years now?

    Then she has to share it with a bunch of new characters never seen before,she had her spotlight stolen somewhat..

    Would have loved more Leon and Sherry interactions aswell.

    But as Revelation series exist I could see her in a solo game or with Claire or maybe even Manuela.

    Just something that bring out more of both these girls.

  • Koulamatata

    Barry IS a legend.

    Maybe there’s no reason for her being his daughter other than being his daughter. Or maybe Barry will play into it somehow. There’s just no way to know at this point in time.

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    I Agree too long overdue for Barry coming back even as Recurring Role same goes for our Rebecca Chambers come back as Recurring Role but too alot Plot Holes

  • MassDistraction

    Shall not be named? Gaiden was friggin’ bad ass!

  • Smiley

    Barry will be in this game in a significant way. Bank on it.


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