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CJ over at Hell Descent has posed an interesting question.  With new PS3s shipping without backwards compatibility (legally, that is…) HD collections sell like hotcakes. We’ve already seen the God of War series, Sly Cooper, and potentially a Metal Gear Solid HD collection remake, what about some of Sony’s other great game collections?  Hell Descent specifically speculates about a Silent Hill HD Collection.

The thought of re-living the Silent Hill Historical Society in HD, or possibly even testing out Shattered Memories with the Playstation Move just makes us salivate.  Come on, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was a good game…it was just on the Wii, so perhaps it wasn’t played as much as it probably should have been?  I know my Grandma played it, and she was pretty freaked out.

Aaaanyways, everyone has their personal favourite survival-horror game, and HD’s article got us thinking – what games would we like re-made in HD?  Or just remade in general?  Or are some games better off delegated to the blocky, pixelated corners of our memories?  Take a look at the short-list here and just think of what could be with a little capitalistic drive to squeeze another buck out of loyal fans.  We might want to believe that it’s the game that counts, but pretty visuals are nothing to scoff at, and we sure don’t.

Dino Crisis – Series

With the recent announcement of Telltale Games’ Jurassic Park game, fans of the series have been hoping for a proper return to the series.  After Dinos in Space (a.k.a: Dino Crisis 3) who wouldn’t want to go back to the series’ roots?

The whole “it can’t see you if you don’t move” strategy doesn’t work here.  We tried.

Some folks prefer the upped-pace of Dino Crisis 2, while some prefer the more plodding, agonizing suspense of the first game.  While playing through the game again is arguably fun, it’s hard to get excited about a game that has definitely not aged well.  Looking at the new images from Jurassic Park make us think of that T-Rex that terrorized us throughout the entire game, the Stegosaurus that chased down our Jeep, and the little Compys that stole our goddamned keys.

It’s true that Dino Crisis is Resident Evil with dinosaurs, but what’s so wrong with that?  It’s survival horror on a much larger scale.  And we like that.

Parasite Eve Series

Parasite Eve was one of the more gorgeous games of the Playstation 1 era.  PEII could have easily been mistaken for an early PS2 game.  And while the first is not without its charm, the mix-up of RPG elements with survival-horror base makes for good gaming.  Something that the Parasite Eve games had that many gamers clamour for today, as did many survival-horror games of the past were a strong puzzle element.

While the Third Birthday has is pretty psyched up for a return to the series, news that it can’t exactly be called a sequel leaves us feeling a little hollow inside.  Like Dino Crisis, Parasite Eve II had a strong Jurassic Park feel to it, with the ‘Ark’ area.  A re-visualized New York City under the influence of an NMC infestation, the assault on the Dryfield Motel by that gigantic…elephant like creature.

Oh, and more of this.

Resident Evil – Various

At every time in a gamer’s life they look back at their favourite games and wish they could play them again as if they were new.  But no matter how many years its been since you’ve played through a particular game, you can never go back to it as if it were.  Like many of the games on this list, Resident Evil’s golden games have just not aged all that well.  We know, it’s sad.  We had a few drinks over it when it first came to mind, and are probably going to have a few more in the next few hours (other reasons).

Who can honestly claim that they wouldn’t want a Golden Era Resident Evil remake?  We’ve already seen the kind of work that Capcom and Co can do with Resident Evil 1, imagine the possibilities for RE2 or RE3.  And if you’re having a little difficulty thinking about that, let us direct you to The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles for visuals, and RE5’s Lost in Nightmares for gameplay style.  Except with a few more monsters…y’know, don’t want to make it ‘too’ easy…

A fully controlled one of these, please – not some rail-shooter shit.  Not that we didn’t like The Darkside Chronicles or anything…

Who wouldn’t want that?  We’re actually hoping this is what Revelations will be like.  Please God let Revelations be like this!  Or perhaps the fabled Resident Evil: Raccoon City could re-ignite our love affair with the Outbreak sub-series?  Ahh, the possibilities!

Silent Hill Series

We’re with Hell Descent on this one – we want more Silent Hill.  Perhaps it’s all the news of Silent Hill Downpour that has us begging for more, or perhaps we’re just feeling extremely nostalgic, but we love us some old school Silent Hill, without the old-school visuals.

We’re willing to bet she’d look even more like Mary in HD.

Part of the reason that Silent Hill is great us due to the scaled back combat system.  Whether that’s done on purpose or completely accidental, it’s what makes it great.  The push towards either zero combat or too much combat has us pining for the days when there was a happy medium.  You were never over-powered, you might have had just enough to make it through.  And since Akira’s departure from the team behind the games, we really just want to play it again – for old time’s sake.

Some hold Silent Hill 3 dear to their heart, while others prefer Silent Hill 2 as the cream of the crop.  Why argue?  They’re all great, and we’d love to see them in glorious HD.  Even Shattered Memories fans can get in on the fun with the Playstation Move.  Come on Konami, you can do it for Metal Gear Solid, why not do it for Silent Hill!?  WHY?!

So what games are on your short-list for an HD remake?  Do you fancy a Silent Hill 2 remake or are you secretly hoping for a re-imagined Nemesis?  We never even got into the Trophy/Achievement potential – not as if that’s what really makes a game now, but…it definitely doesn’t hurt, right?  Is there another game that you would like to see remade in glorious HD, or just remade in general?   Discuss in the comments section below!


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