Resident Evil 2 remake hype is in the air again



Resident Evil has such an intensely divided fanbase doesn’t it? You’ve got the purist old-school fans, you’ve got the RE4 and beyond enthusiasts (but especially RE4), and then you have the fans who like both the old and new games and are a little more open to everything. It’s been a while but I remember there was another hype burst for RE2 a year or so ago, and I remember even Resident Evil voice actors were tweeting in their support for a Resident Evil 2 remake. Now the Resident Evil Facebook page has stirred up interest in an RE2 remake again.

resi cap

So of course the comments section got busy pretty fast as a response. There are multiple different sides you’ll see. A big portion wants Resident Evil 2 to be remade the way the first Resident Evil was remade with the Gamecube REmake. There’s also a percentage of people who want RE2 to be remade to be like Resident Evil 4. Plus the side that is less focused on diving into the past and more interested in the future with Resident Evil 7.  It’s definitely not really possible to please everyone and I think it’s been that way since RE4 was created, which was somewhat drastically different from the past games. Once that game’s fanbase formed, there’s the divide forever. And everyone goes off and tells the other side why they’re wrong (ahaha). So now we have all these factions of different kinds of Resident Evil fans and they all want different things from this one company for this one series. Seemingly though, a lot of games to have come out since 4 have been targeted more towards 4’s side of the fanbase. Some argue that Revelations was the attempt to get back into the series roots. That it’s for the old-school fans. Personally I felt that it resembled RE4 and wasn’t reeeeally for the old-school fans exclusively. Kind of like an attempt to please everyone. Some appreciated it of course but some still desire a bit more.

Personally I do not feel like there has been a game out strictly for the old-school fans in quite a while. When I say strictly I mean a game designed solely with the old-school fans in mind. For them, only them. No worries of “Well what if the more action oriented fans do–” no. I think a Resident Evil 2 remake in the likes of RE1’s REmake would be a well deserved treat for the purist oldie fans. I of course speak as one myself. And when I  say I want a remake of Re2, I’m not even necessarily saying it NEEDS to be remade. Unless you’re very very modern oriented in what you can tolerate visually (“I can’t go back to old games, the graphics look so bad”). Resident Evil 2 is actually still a fantastic looking game.  It’s even a huge improvement from the first Resident Evil which had a more plainly simple look to its environment. It felt a little bit more empty but maybe that was intentional. Resident Evil 2 had a lot of detail put into it. Its soundtrack is still amazing of course. And it still functions fine as a game.

So then why have a Resident Evil 2 remake? Well it’s partially because of how amazing REmake was. REmake was able to take a game and make it even better and even add new content without taking anything away from the original. It was a remake that truly valued the original in almost every way and was able to show it very well. The thought of Resident Evil 2 getting the same treatment is exciting. Of course as said before, Resident Evil 2 may “need” it less than RE1 ever did. But hell, a lot of us still want it anyway. To bring back that old style of games in a fresh way, to bring something that’s been dead for a while back into the spotlight. Revisiting the past that isn’t simply a port of one of the past games. But don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and value those very much as well and I plan to support Resident Evil 0 HD any way I can like I did for REmake HD.

Resident Evil 2 has already gotten a fresh modern spin on it before as most of you probably know with Darkside Chronicles, a rail shooter. Definitely not a true remake by any means. But man how cool it was to hear classic Resident Evil songs being professionally remade with as much effort and love as they did (the Code Veronica ones were amazing, they went ALL OUT). One of my favorite soundtracks of all time for sure. Resident Evil 2 being remade like REmake would be that feeling x100.

second floor
My biggest fear, of course, is Resident Evil 2 being taken and remade for RE4 fans. Taking a game that was originally for a different demographic, and then giving it to someone else. Kinda sounds familiar? Replace “game” with “game series”. I’m bitter. It’s okay we’re all friends here, let’s not kill each other. We’ll never all agree on the same points. I’m hardcore purist old-school fan so you know what to expect of me.

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people argue about the old games and why they don’t like them and would want any sort of remake of them to resemble 4 (camera and gameplay probably) and 6 (free normalish controls) is because they do not like tank controls and the fixed camera… Very commonly referred to as “shitty controls” and “shitty camera”. They’re definitely not for everyone. But I do not believe that they are a mechanic/play style that should be wiped 100% off the face of the Earth. If you don’t like them that’s fine, but they shouldn’t completely disappear for everyone for that reason alone, you know? I think they can still have a place in the industry. Should they be the standard again? Of course not. But for things like some survival horrors? Sure. For something like oldschool Resident Evil? Yes.

Tank controls compliment fixed camera very well. And fixed camera angles are a pretty nice style in survival horror that we just don’t see as much anymore. It gives an entirely different type of atmosphere. A lot of it is just having to get used to the combination of the two which really isn’t that difficult. Once you get it down you’re set and it’s pretty easy. I value both and would want them implemented into a RE2 remake. And hey, they’d probably add the option to give you more free control like REmake’s HD port did. And that’s okay. As long as you just give us the option you know? I don’t think every game/series should conform to the same rules. I don’t think Resident Evil 2 being remade totally faithfully, including fixed camera and tank controls, would be a terrible thing. I don’t think it’d be bad because “it didn’t evolve” because it didn’t adapt RE4 camera and RE6 controls or something like that. Because I don’t view old-school Resident Evil design as flawed. Don’t worry I’m sure I’ll write some poorly explained article here on why fixed camera is the greatest thing in the entire world some day.

leon combat
What made old-school Resident Evil so effective and why are people so determined to go back to it? Resident Evil had atmosphere and wonderful environments. There would be moments where there wouldn’t even be any enemies, but that eeriness would still have you feeling tense. Hallways and corridors were very narrow, giving you a claustrophobic feeling.  You felt a bit trapped and vulnerable. Even the fixed camera angles made you feel uneasy. I kinda liked that I felt like a fly on the wall at times, moving my character as if they were a chess piece. Everything was limited and you would have to rely on your own management skills to survive and to lessen how often you would have to backtrack. Use your herbs wisely. Don’t get hit enough times where you have to use them all up, and then not have any for moments you really need them like a boss fight. Limited ammo where you have to be very selective in when you’re willing to fight or run. You didn’t have autosaves or endless saves. If you die, you will be punished and have to do things over again. It all depends on when you last decided to save that determines how bad the punishment is of course. You can even challenge yourself by attempting to do a no save playthrough. That is perfect for a genre like survival horror. There were no roll dodges or melee moves (RE3 had a dodge though and I’m torn on how I feel about it). You felt a bit more limited in what you could do and I think that’s great for horror.  There’s people more articulate out there who can explain it more clearly probably. But I hope you get the gist of it.

My opinion is pretty set in stone and I think so is everyone else’s. We’ve all chosen our respective sides. We just have to wait and see what happens in the end.

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  • algebraic87

    I’m personally fine with both pre- and post-RE4 gameplay. I think it’d be cool to see RE2 remade, more so with the original controls and camera angles since those suit the atmosphere of the game better. However, I’d even be ok if they made it in the RE4 style. But, I’m really more in the camp of moving on and focusing on future games. I get that it’s cool to go through beloved games with updated visuals, but really, what’s the point? The originals are still entertaining and have held up well with time. I’d much rather experience new entries. But, I’m also one of those freaks who didn’t hate the most recent games, so what do I know?

    But really, I’d just be happy with digital releases of the original games on current gen consoles. My GameCube copies of RE2 and 3 are gonna stop working one day, and it’d be awesome to have them digitally preserved. I know there are emulators, but that’s such a shotty way of playing classic games. These games still hold up, and I’d be pleased as punch to play them on my PS4 or Xbox One.

  • Scott

    I completely agree with this article. I want it all old school. Can you imagine how amazing they can make pre-rendered backgrounds look these days? Old school Resident Evil isn’t for everyone but the sales numbers they’re experiencing lately have proven that we want it back. Do the right thing Capcom. Don’t change Resident Evil 2’s gameplay mechanics.

    Also… Could you bring back Alyson Court as Claire please? Very dumb decision to drop her for Revelations 2. Just throwing that out there.

  • Ahmed Hassan

    Hello Daisy Your article was reaally interesting …I started off as a Resident Evil 4 player n besides i love both styles but Naturally i will like the RE4 style of play but i enjoyed the REmake as well… What i think Capcom must do is give the fans an option to switch camera angels and between old n new controls this is a better solution making everyone happy…and i also played Resident evil 2 using the Nintendo 64 emulator on pc and beat it n really really enjoyed it

    • Carl Johnson

      You can’t make an environment and gameplay that works in fixed angles with tank controls which at the same time works with over the shoulder and free aim controls. It just doesn’t work.

  • Carl Johnson

    I’m with you for the most part. I like both styles of gameplay, but as far as horror goes and recapturing the power of the original, it kind of HAS to be purist-centric.

  • Henrikm

    Yeah I also agree with the article.
    So I think its nesscary to keep it purist-centric as another said here for the horror aspect.

    One has to remember this is the first time we see both Claire and Leon as its their first game.

    If we see Leon a rookie cop go in with his gameplay style he had in RE4 it takes away some of the horror aspect

    Same goes for Claire while strong female she is a this time in the age of Rebecca if she goes in ala quick time event heroine it would also feel awkward.

    Leon in RE2 was not only a rookie he was somewhat naive,he took his duty as cop seriously but on the other hand was a too trusting guy and that one noticed in his personalty in RE2 if he goes in what I felt in RE4 cocky attitude it will loose some of the charm of RE2 aswell.

    There is more too RE2 then just the graphic and nostalgic camera view its the horror aspect and the feel of the characters.

    The old games still win for me that the Character while even the the combat trained S.T.A.R.S and UMBC ala Carlos was they felt human even with some of their more cheesy dialouges.

    With start with RE4 it felt like I played super heroes they acted like what took place around them was a everyday thing, I guess it was because Leon had seen it before same with Chris in RE5.

    I did like the war scarred Chris in RE6 he felt like he had more personalty there but that was one of the few things I liked about RE6 as it soon switched too like playing super hero with full arsenal and quick time event moves.

    This above has taken away alot of the horror aspect of the first ones and that is what I hope is gone in a possible RE2 remake.

  • Hellen

    I’m one of those people who played RE2 only recently, about a year ago, and didn’t have trouble with camera angles.

    RE2 had only one flaw in my opinion: it was easy. I’m not a fan of difficulty for its own sake, but in horror games too easy means no tension and no horror. They should add more difficulty levels to the remake, then I’ll be happy!

    As for free aiming, unless they actually add more difficulty levels, the idea is absurd. It always makes games with shooting at least twice easier.

  • Henrikm

    For me its also the general pacing of the games.

    Like horror movies the three first with CV had a slower tempo one could suck in the atmosphere,read files from deceaced researchers,UMBCs and Civilians and discover there fate.
    Or more time to take in the surroundings
    Like moving through the chaoitic remnants of Raccoon City in RE2/3 and Spencer Mansion and think this is hell.

    In more action it does not leave much room for the the atmosphere,gun down and move on to next area was the feel I got of the titles with 4 and thereafter.
    Though RE4 did have some scary part like the cottage scene etc,the general omnious feel was gone almost after first Village part.

    The villiage was the best in RE4. Then it turned into a gunfeast. But yeah while RE4 retained some horror aspect it was thrown out the window with RE5 and RE6.

  • Keghan Tiernan

    I’m personally fine with either style of gameplay. I’d maybe lean a little more toward the tank/fixed camera side, but I’d be just fine either way. What I really care about is that they stay true to the original game in terms of story and overall feel. The original REmake was probably about as good as it possibly could be, but it was also created by the same person as the original game. The person who made RE2 is no longer with the company, so I’m a little nervous as to how they’ll stay true to form. If they do pull it off though, I’ll definitely get it.

  • Andy

    As once a huge fan of the series I think this series just needs to die off.


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