reHorror: Why I think Chris will die in Resident Evil 6

This week’s reHorror has a more somber tone to it. OK, it’s actually quite sad, even for me to write.

Yes, I think Chris Redfield will die in Resident Evil 6.

Chris is one of the (if not the) most recognized protagonists in the franchise. And, yes, I think he’s going to be resting in sweet BOW-less, boulder-less peace by the end of his scenario. It’s going to be sad to see one of gaming’s most beloved male video game protagonists go, but it’ll also make Resident Evil 6’s overall story all the more effective, and the backlash all the more dire.

So here’s why I think Mr. Redfield will die in the game. There really is no hope left…

Whether it’s in books, TV, film or video games, death is quite common. And while not frequent, major characters are also killed off as time goes on. Some recent triple A games have seen the deaths of major characters, like Gears of War 3 and Mass Effect 3. Those two series are still relatively young and they’ve already given fans a big reason to mourn, with significant protagonists being offed, after just three main games. Now let’s look at Resident Evil.

After 16 years, Resident Evil has yet to kill off a major protagonist. We saw the death of longtime baddie Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5, but thus far, all the heroes and heroines have been in the safe zone. I think it’s time for that to change. Resident Evil 5 originally had us believe that Jill was dead, only to reveal her as being the “Bird Lady” under Wesker’s command. With Capcom already using that “Jill is dead” story angle, I’m confident she’ll still be around for quite a while, thankfully. Chris on the other hand…

I’m not going to ignite the whole Chris vs. Leon argument just yet (that’ll be in a future reHorror column!), arguing who the better protagonist is, but I will say that Chris is one of gaming’s most beloved icons and his role in the series is quite significant. A true hero, especially after saving the world from global saturation in Resident Evil 5, Chris has been through quite a lot since he first stepped foot in that mansion in the Arklay Mountains all those years ago. And in Resident Evil 6, it all seems to be coming to a head for Mr. Redfield.

He survived the Mansion Incident, was reunited with his sister and put an end to Alexia along with her, went to Russia to finish off Umbrella with Jill, saved the Earth’s waters from being contaminated by the T-Abyss virus, and, as aforementioned, he prevented Wesker’s global saturation. Yeah, Chris has done quite a lot. And in Resident Evil 6, shit has hit the fan on a global scale.

The C-Virus is spreading its wrath throughout various parts of the globe and it’s up to Chris and his men to help fight it, along with Leon and Jake and their partners. Unfortunately, Chris’s biggest fear has been realized, that of global bio-terror. And before he can get out there and start fighting the J’avo, he’s going to have to fight his own inner demons…

When Chris’s scenario starts, we’re faced with a very different man who appears as a mere shell of the former hero he used to be. Chris has become good friends with the bottle, and he’s seen drinking away his problems in a bar as Piers looks on (eating his meat…ha). Why is Chris like this now? Well, blame Ada, or rather, Ada’s “clone.” After all, she is responsible for the demise of Chris’s team.

In what’s going to be a playable section of his scenario, Chris and his men go to Edonia six months before the global events of Resident Evil 6, and this is where they first encounter the C-Virus and the J’avo. After his introduction to this new viral threat, Chris will never be the same…

Ada’s “clone” goes on to trap Chris’s men in a cell, then she throws a needle bomb at them that’s filled with the C-Virus. Chris and Piers are watching the entire thing go down, and Chris witnesses his men horrifically transform into BOWs. He then gets knocked down pretty hard by one of them, landing on his head, which may be the reason why he’s suffered memory loss. This totally changes Chris and his outlook on things. The game’s main tagline applies itself to his mindset best: there seems to be “no hope left.”

Piers is able to get him back in the game so to speak, making him remember the men he lost and where he truly belongs. The BSAA gets their captain back, then it’s time to take the fight to Neo-Umbrella and save the world from the C-Virus. But another thing worth noting is the necklace Chris is seen wearing in his intro cinematic.

It looks like Chris is wearing a woman’s locket and it may have belonged to someone very dear to him. My theory is that it was Claire’s, and that she’s become a victim of bio-terror, leaving Chris even more depressed. I would say that it could be Jill’s, but as previously noted, Capcom already did the whole “Jill is dead” thing, so I’m quite sure they won’t pull that again. Jill has already been in the last two main games in the series (5 and Revelations) so, as much as I love her, I think it’s time for Capcom to put her to rest for a bit, but not resting in peace.

Despite him calling out Wesker for his comic book, super villian antics in Resident Evil 5 during their final battle, Chris is pretty much a super hero. He’s saved the world already and he’s looking to do it again in Resident Evil 6. But at what cost? Maybe this time, he’ll actually have to give his life in order to put an end to the C-Virus , bringing back a sense of hope to the world, hope for a better future without the threat of bio-terror…until Resident Evil 7 comes out!

I know what you may be asking: Why not Leon? Well, putting aside Capcom’s tendency to use him a lot, to me, Leon doesn’t fit the role of a global savior with nothing to lose and who would give his own life (that’s just my opinion, though!). He isn’t really a soldier like Chris is (which isn’t to say he doesn’t have any combat skills at all, of course). As we all know, Leon only spent a day as a cop and then went on to work directly for the President (to ensure Sherry’s safety). Chris, on the other hand, spent years training to become the boulder-crushing soldier he is today, with his sole mission being to put an end to bio-terror once and for all. That’s what sets them apart and that’s why I think if anyone major will die, it’ll be Chris, who’ll be the world’s savior in the face of global bio-terror.

Now let’s take a look at a scene from the game’s E3 trailer, which adds more fuel to my theory. Towards the end of the trailer we see a crossover segment with Leon, Helena,  Jake and Sherry in China, with Chris and Piers flying overhead in a chopper. We see a missile making its way to the city, Chris asks Leon where he is, and then he tells everyone to “get the hell out of there!”  as the missile is about to make contact. We then see quick cuts showing the city covered in the blue mist that’s associated with the C-Virus. Here’s what I think: Chris’s death is going to involve a huge explosion, possibly caused by him jumping out of an aircraft and punching a missile before it can hit the ground. OK, maybe he won’t be punching a missile…

Explosions are usually a good way to off a character, especially a major one. Sometimes their fate is left up to the player to decide, but come on, sometimes it’s pretty damn obvious they’re dead! That’s how I think Chris will go: a giant explosion that will save everyone but cost him his own life. It’s the only way for him to truly put an end to bio-terorrism, by sacrificing his own life and elevating himself from a brave soldier to a legend, one that future BSAA soldiers can look up to and aspire to. Before his final act, he may have quite an emotional heart-to-heart with Piers, telling him that the BSAA is under his command now. Ah…I can already see myself being depressed for quite a while…But wouldn’t it be funny if he really does punch a missile?


What do you guys think? Will Chris die in Resident Evil 6? Or would you rather see Leon die, or no one at all? Remember this is just my opinion and personal theories, and yours are just as important, so please leave your own in the comments below. And feel free to follow me and all my craziness on Twitter!

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  • petrol

    I want Chris to live so badly :/ I don’t think he’s gonna die though, but I have a feeling Ada might.

  • Destroy

    I think Wesker inseminated Chris and they have sex and thus Wesker Jr. is born, How? Wesker created a virus that can make a male pregnant and Chris in 6 is very sad because he never got to say I love you to Wesker

    • petrol

      omg. Now it all makes sense…

  • I hope the end of the game, and I’ve been saying this for a long while, is a pan out of Leon and Chris, both dead. Not only because it would make this insanely stale series that used to be my favorite MOVE ON, but also because I am sick and tired of Leon and Chris.

    • you should be tired of Chris cause hes been in to many of the but Leon has not

      • rigat0NY

        Leon has not? Because he hasn’t starred in 2, 4, Darkside Chronicles, Degeneration, Damnation, and 6
        Not saying Chris hasn’t been in a lot either; he has lately, but really, I’d say they’ve had about the same amount of coverage.

  • You can cut the negtativety from the comments with a knife. lol.

  • Casselman

    One thing. If they were to kill off Chris, it wouldn’t be in the same swoop as having Claire become a victim of Bio-Terror. Claire had Chris’ lighter in CVX. Everything we have seen is to signify that they were extremely close. With Chris being the catalyst for most of Claire’s adventures, I think we have seen an end of that. I would think it means something less than death of a loved one.

    I would love Chris to die in RE6. Fits his story arc, completely. Every character has an end. To truly care for the best path of the character you are a fan of. Is to understand when that path should end, and how.

  • Swcloud99

    It’s the perfect end for the character but I don’t think the series’ storyline and it’s level of maturity will allow it to really ever do something so dramatic and poignant.
    If it happens though, it’s brings the bar up a notch or two for RE.
    But I think that’s just wishful thinking.

  • tigerspaw

    Well if Chris does die it won’t be a loss IMO. He’s a very shallow character with no real distinct personality, and can easily be interchangeable with the many other ‘commando’ type characters Capcom has introduced in the last few years.

  • That1Guy

    Just throwing it out there but what if Chris himself is infected with the C-virus in the end?

    • AtilaLopez

      That would be very interesting to see him get infected and then you have to take him down in the most EPIC boss battles ever. Well thought out sir.

      • That1Guy

        Thanks. I think it would be more dramatic if he got infected in the end. Hence the phrase “No Hope Left”.

        • 5mokie

          Obscure 2 😀

  • liam

    yeah I dont mind if chris dies I dont like the new chris anyway id much prefer chris the way he looked in CV and the remake cant stand american soldier chris we have now. cant stand chris voice actor as well Wish they stuck with the remake voice actor or cv. BUT CLAIRE NEEDS TO COME BACK !! RE7 !

  • Vincent

    Nobody will die!!! And in the future if a character must die it should be a more personal story instead of 5 friggin campaigns.

  • SteveREfan1

    While an interesting theory I don’t think Chris will die and capon has already said Claire is alive and well so that isn’t her locket on his neck probably someone else like Sheba or some woman he’s met recently Chris is a great character but just because ppl dislike him now or just because you don’t like his voice actor (liam) doesn’t mean he should die. I hate Leon’s new voice actor does that mean Leon should die? And he’ll why not Leon is it because he’s popular in recent games? I don’t think Chris should or will die u think this theory is already done especially the Claire part which has already been debunked

  • If they kill Chris RE7 might have Jill and Claire getting revenge cause who does not want Jill and Claire in RE7.
    RE6 – The Guys – Leon and Chris
    RE7 – The Girls – Jill and Claire

    • rigat0NY

      and break gender stereotypes for a game series that capcom wants to attract Call of Duty audiences with? if capcom becomes that bold, I’ll my shorts and post a youtube link right here

    • Jeremy Saylor

      I don’t think it should be Jill in the next one. Rebecca & Billy, Barry & Claire would make a perfect Resident Evil 2 style campaign.

      • It will most likely have Jill cause RE, RE3 and RE5 have her and that every second game and its the same with Leon cause hes in RE2, RE4 and RE6.

  • OverCasanova

    Wtf is with all the claire hate.. Everytime someone wishes for claire to come back people give the thumbs down -.-

    She hasn’t been in a canon timeline since 2006.. The series is now 2013.. She is a favourite by many, what’s wrong with wishing her her return.. I understand some of you want Becca and Barry back but it’s not like the Claire fans put you down for that..

    LOL Completely irrelevant rant.. But anyway, I don’t think Chris will die.. <3

  • RigaT0NY

    the RE characters are getting old (JILF anyone?), so a main character death isn’t too difficult to imagine. However, I personally don’t think Chris should die yet because he originally wasn’t even supposed to be IN re6. He’s only in it because one of the employees was like, “look at my drawing of chris and leon pointing guns at each other.” So if Chris dies, I blame him.
    And really, I’d hate for Chris to die in a game that Jill isn’t in.

  • Okay. I actually gasped when I saw the title of this article. LMAO. I am a huge RE-nut, but I didn’t know I was THAT involved with the characters and their stories. Anyway, I think it would be excellent if they killed off a main protagonist. Chris killed is arch-nemesis in RE 5. Leon’s arch-nemesis and love interest is Ada who plays a major part in RE 6. Given that Chris has defeated his major antagonist, I feel that perhaps his story is coming to a close. RE 6 seems to be heading towards a deeper and darker emotional setting than previous games. I like it. And it only seems fitting that someone will die (Especially since Capcom set us up for despair with Jill’s tombstone in RE 5). I read a previous post saying that Chris’ end would bring about Jill and Claire looking for revenge. I say “Excellent Idea”. Regardless of what happens, I am sure I will love RE 6. Cheers Mate.

  • 3.5

    It wouldn’t be too far off if Chris died…after all, he seemed out of it in the demo. Also, they did toy around with a main character dying (Leon dying at the end of Resident Evil 3.5 due to the Progenitor virus infection turning him into a Tyrant like Steve).

  • This entire article I find very hard to believe. Chris punching a missile? Come on really??? It’s just my opinion but if anyone would die it would be Jake or Sherry. They are the ones who are superhuman anyway. They are the ones who I think would or should sacrifice themselves.

  • Jack Krauser

    Nah i don`t think he’s gonna die man .

  • Quarters

    I don’t think it will happen. I get the feeling that Capcom is setting up Chris and Jill to finally get together, after Revelations kind of pointed towards it.

    • 5mokie

      Another valid factor, which lead to my first theory.

  • Why is everyone want to kill Chris or Leon?

    • prodigy25

      Exactly! Damn you don’t really need to kill him off if you ask me…

  • Chris_Redfield

    Chris Redfield is the most important caracter in Resident Evil. No Chris’s goal was to kill Wesker. Now that Wesker is dead Chris will meet his (Wesker) son Jake and in the trailer shows that Chris and Piers cover Jake and Sherry. Later we see that Chris partners up with Sherry (Like the Ustanak fight with Jake and Leon). Here is why you are wrong…
    That’s how it’s been and allways will be.!!!

    • liam


  • No Name

    At the end of the E3 trailer we see a coversation that goes like this:
    C: Leon Whare are you? (It means that he is in a chopper waiting)
    L: Chris? Now Move!!
    C: Get the hell out of there!!!
    *Leon covers Helena, Jake and Sherry as they get to the chris’s chopper and get out of the town that is infected*

  • bezerk

    Chris is in a Harriet not a chopper.

  • Thomas

    I think its a little far fedge to asume they would kill of one of the caracters who has been around ever since the very beginning. Still if they chose to do that whats to stop them from resurrecting them again (Jill is dead RE 5 how many really truely believed that). Dont be suprised if the likes of Wesker and even Steve make a surprise return again……. These days nothing really truely surprises me anymore…….Just to clarify it´s NOT a bad thing…….

  • theinternat

    i was toying around with the idea of chris dying, and you do raise some good points, but now i don’t think he will. i do think he will retire, though – after a happy ending. we’ve seen him in so much misery, to me i see his story leading to him finding his footing and returning to his old self. i could be wrong though!

    that could be a woman’s locket, but i don’t think it’s claire’s, and i think she’s alive. i just can’t see capcom killing her offscreen and wasting one of their precious resident evil resources. Claire will be back.

    i think if anyone, i see ada dying. the whole leon/ada thing has to end eventually… i don’t foresee them getting married and having adorable half-asian babies together lol. plus, being on such iffy moral ground the whole series, 6 would be a good time to prove she’s a hero.

    i guess we’ll see! so excited XD

  • ljbad

    I’d love to see Chris die… I just wish it could be Wesker who does him in.

    Also, I don’t see why his team’s demise affects him so much. I mean, he’s no stranger to having his whole team killed and turned into monsters. Seems like if anyone could handle that, it’d be Chris.

    “Your whole team is dead and the majority are BOWs.”

    • SteveREfan1

      But Chris wasn’t captain therefore he wasnt directly responsible for there deaths

  • SecretX

    don’t worry they will bring him back just like they did with wesker and Jill they were brought back to life.

  • Tvirusgetz

    I’d prefer it if more than just one long-time character were to die.
    Not a single protagonist since Steve has died. And I mean one that went a bit further than just being there (Luis). It’s a global outbreak in RE6, people are going to die. Hopefully a lot of people.

  • sohaib

    it is really hard to tell if he will die, but the missile part. I am sure chris will do something, but it is hard to tell what he will do

  • John

    No way they’ll kill him off… lol. No major character will die in RE6, trust me.

  • I don’t know if they would really kill Chris, I am not against it at all, I just don’t believe they would do it. They might just retire him or something, but if they do kill him I really hope is in a memorable way.

    I do have to say that Chris and Leon need to take a back seat from leading RE stories. Yes they are both great characters, but they become less believable the more crazy ass odysseys they somehow manage to survive. They went from regular cops, to James-Bond like characters that jump of from a helicopter to a building and don’t get a single scratch. They are almost crossing the line to silly at this point, so they might as well stop using them. RE franchise is so rich of characters that I don’t really see why we need the same two always, I want to see what happens to Barry, Billy, Rebecca, and even Jill (who aside from Revelations is getting no real love).

    Last thing, I am SUPER excited for RE6, but the only thing I am a little worried about is this whole Ada clone thing. Is not like I think that plot point is going to suck, but most plot points that involve human cloning suck and therefore I am hoping that Ada’s clone does not become the “jump the shark” twist of the series. I could be wrong…hopefully.

  • aj98

    Maybe chris gets infected with the c-virus and clare comes in at the very end with both jill and sheva and they are forced to kill him

  • saltyirishdog

    Chris will leap from the choppa punch the missile. He’ll land so perfectly on the ground he gets an offer to be in the 2016 olympics. I hope for a happy ending for chris. The guy needs to get laid. Seriously. I really hope its Ada. I’m getting annoyed with her convenience…. just like how Wesker was all too convenient to Chris.

  • Well I’m hoping it’s not Claire who is dead. She is such a sweet character. But I could see them doing it for the emotional reaction. I mean out of all characters Claire & Rebecca are the “purest” killing them would really add an emotional twist to the series.

  • rebirth367

    Shouldn’t you have labeled “Spoilers” in the title??? 😛

  • capcom u betta not

    if they kill chris id be extremly pissed with capcom im twenty six and i remember playin re1 wit my father when i was a kid since then chris has been my favorite video game character from any franchise, id rather it be leon metrosexual ass

  • Badgerface

    hmmm… not sure. I do think Wesker’s death kinda ended an era for Chris and wondered where his story would take him after that. I am a little sick of Leon and Ada but still interested in their part in re6 (I am not a fan of how Leon was portrayed in degeneration and Ada has always been pleasantly irritating). I am ready for the ladies to take up a stronger role in the next game so i hope Claire is still alive.

    I do find it hard to see how that would be possible with the new direction the games have gone in. I couldn’t see Claire or Rebecca in a game anything like re6. Jill I suppose but it is so far removed from the original games now. The characters are so militarized and zombies and monsters aren’t a surprise to them anymore. There isn’t a feeling of survival anymore that made characters like Claire or Rebecca so appropriate.

  • chibievil

    i dont think anyone is going to die, i think Chris and Jill will finalyl get back together, as the revelation ending and during, i kind of got the feeling he has feelings for her, throughout the whole series. Capcom has not killed any major heros yet.

  • Laharl

    I think Chris is the better choice in storytelling regards because generally Chris fans take the story a lot more seriously than Leon fans do.

    But I don’t think anyone is dying.

  • Henry

    Yeah me too I agreed for Chris to die. I love Chris out of all the the characters in RE’s franchise and I hates the fact the some people likes Leon and thinks Leon could beat Chris just because Leon is slimmer and kick a lots, to me Leon is important but not as much as Chris because there will be no Leon if Chris doesn’t appears. I won’t blame Capcom for making Chris to die at the end because Chris is already a super hero and the world would have ben destroyed without him. And did Leon ever save the world before? NO, and all he did was escaped Raccoon, Defeat Kraser and Killed Saddler to saved Ashlee and at last he just an US President’s agent. He never save the world.

  • Lex

    Sadly, I, too, think that Chris will die, which sucks, because he’s one of my favourite male characters in gaming. But, yeah — from the looks of it, I’m thinking that he’ll sacrifice himself by flying into the missile in order to save everyone. Noble bastard.

  • thatguy91

    Chris is gonna save the world again than have himself a Jill sandwich 😉 … if u catch my drift

  • thatguy91

    the only character i wanna see die is ada.. that girl is annoying as all hell. atleast wesker was an awesome villain. leon needs to kill her for being such a tease. and sherry’s back so that’s cool, it’d be pretty crazy if they somehow brought back her father william birkin but i know that’d be kind of what fans would expect to be a “shocker” and who knows, maybe they will bring back barry, rebecca, etc. they may just have to in order to make another sequel if there is one.. and they SHOULD be in RE6 being that they all were a part of RE1 and know the terror that keeps happening, where would fans think those characters are during a global outbreak? obviously fighting the bad guys.. so they definitely have to bring them into it.. i honestly don’t know what else they can do for RE7 now that they went to the max with the virus being global now.. that’s all we ever tried to prevent.. what could be worse?

  • Yes! Chris did not die!!!!!

  • Lawrence

    Piers dies.. but wouldve been nice if it was chris instead..

  • william1234567890

    piers dies , stupid older justin bieber look-alike



  • ネズ

    well…he is alive^^ illuminati not confirmed 😛


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