rehorror: Why Capcom should remake Resident Evil 2 for the 3DS

There are many things longtime Resident Evil fans have been yearning for: A return to full-fledged survival horror, the return of certain beloved, long-lost characters, the return of Outbreak and a remake of a certain game in the series. The game I’m referring to is, of course, Resident Evil 2.

Ever since 2002’s REmake of the original game in the series, fans have been desperately anticipating Capcom’s announcement of a full-blown Resident Evil 2 remake. Sure, the game’s story got re-imagined with the release of The Darkside Chronicles originally on the Wii (it’s now available on PlayStation 3 as well), but said rail-shooter didn’t really offer a faithful remake, with changes being made due to both Leon and Claire always being together to reinforce the game’s cooperative focus. Don’t get me started on Operation Raccoon City

2013 marks Resident Evil 2’s 15th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than by releasing the much-demanded remake of the survival horror classic. And I’m here to tell you that it should be released on the 3DS. “More nonsense,” I hear you say! Well, let me explain…

Resident Evil is no stranger to the 3DS. Capcom has already released two entries in the franchise exclusively on the handheld. The Mercenaries 3D was pretty much Capcom getting their feet wet, trying out the new hardware and putting its capabilities to the test, taking the series’ immensely addicting Mercenaries mode and turning it into a stand-alone game. Revelations, on the other hand, was something truly special and now ranks amongst the best games in the series for me (I’m still replaying it!). So what better way for Capcom to continue supporting the platform (and enriching their good relationship with Nintendo) than by releasing a remake of a fan-favorite entry in the series.

I know, I hear your remarks, ” A Resident Evil 2 remake should be full HD and on home consoles!” I agree that it would be amazing to see the game remade with visuals made possible by this generation’s home consoles, with REmake 2 offering a full 3D remake as opposed to the original REmake and its pre-rendered backgrounds (which were still downright beautiful). It would be amazing to see the RPD station faithfully recreated, which has already been done, to an extent, with The Darkside Chronicles, only this time it would be in full HD. We’ll pretend the station doesn’t exist in Operation Raccoon City. And, of course, seeing all the other locales from the game recreated, like the lab and sewers, would also be amazing. But I don’t think this will be the case…

Many people cry foul when entries in their favorite franchises exclusively hit handhelds, especially when they don’t own the system in the first place. That’s perfectly understandable; money doesn’t flow like the lava around Wesker’s burning body. However, I can honestly see REmake 2 landing on the 3DS instead of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Why? Well, for starters, let’s take a look at the series’ current standing on home consoles.

It’s all about co-op. It all started with Resident Evil 5, which, to me, proved to be a superb entry in the series and an incredibly fun co-op experience from beginning to end. Since then, Capcom has really been stressing co-op play for the series when it comes to major home console releases. Even Leon’s scenario in Resident Evil 6, the most traditional and old-school of the three main ones, has a co-op focus. You won’t be alone, you’ll always have a partner tagging along. It’s something fans would’ve never saw coming back during the Raccoon City era. But, hey, evolution, right?

So this begs the question: Would Capcom really decide it would be wise to go backwards? It doesn’t look like Capcom will strip away cooperative play from future Resident Evil projects, especially on home consoles, where the practice has proven to be very successful (despite the cries of fans waiting for a full-time return to horror). Cooperative play is only going to get updated and enhanced as future entries hit on home consoles, especially with Resident Evil.Net launching with Resident Evil 6. That leaves the more traditional single player experiences left for, possibly, the 3DS as Revelations showed us.

Capcom has already expressed interest in developing more Resident Evil games for the 3DS in the future, thanks to the critical reception and success of Revelations. This is a very good thing, especially for fans who prefer a more traditional experience, which was what Revelations mostly offered. What should happen is this: Capcom should continue putting out single-player focused entries on the 3DS in the style of Revelations, leaving the more action-oriented/ co-op focused entries for home consoles. Granted, Revelations also had you being partnered with someone most of the time, but it was all single-player. Let’s face it, it just wouldn’t be financially sound for Capcom to release such a major entry as a Resident Evil 2 remake on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and not have it be co-op, sad to say.

Going back to Revelations, I think its episodic structure would work quite nicely for REmake 2. Resident Evil 2’s dual scenarios, focusing on Leon and Claire, would flow smoothly if told as a singular plot in the same fashion as Revelations’, including smaller, branching storylines for Ada and Sherry to mix things up. I can already see the “Previously on Resident Evil (insert subtitle here)” intro segments in my head, showing classic moments remade. The thing is, Capcom would have to come out and cease the debate surrounding the game’s canon scenarios once and for all, so that both Leon and Claire’s stories could run parallel to each other without the need for any alternate scenarios.

Leon A/ Claire B or Claire A/ Leon B? It’ll be interesting to see which Capcom goes with. I won’t delve too much into that highly debatable topic (I will be in a future rehorror column, though), but, personally, I prefer playing Leon’s A scenario and Claire’s A scenario. Yeah, I know, that’s probably pretty absurd to you, but it’s the way I played the game when I was small and it’s how I replay it to this day. Back on topic, though, the way the story would be handled in REmake 2 is definitely going to be something that leads to a lot of debate between fans; I don’t think there’ll be a way to fully satisfy everyone when it comes to the original game’s scenarios.

One thing’s for sure: the game is going to look stunning for a portable game. Revelations is one of the (if not the most) best-looking games on the platform to this day with perhaps only Super Mario 3D Land coming close. REmake 2 would be no different if it were to land on the handheld, using the same engine. Like I stated towards the beginning of this column, it would be amazing to see Resident Evil 2’s world brought to 3D life, moving away from its original pre-rendered state. And its atmosphere would be nicely complemented by the handheld’s glasses-free 3D features. Heck, Capcom could opt to utilize The Darkside Chronicles’ assets and go from there, but it would be nice if they just make the game from scratch utilizing Revelations’ engine (or an updated one).

Another aspect REmake 2 on 3DS can borrow from Revelations is a strong focus on a heroine. Yeah, Jill wasn’t alone in Revelations, but the entire story was essentially hers. Her segments were the best parts in the game and the most traditional to boot. REmake 2 can follow suit by putting the spotlight heavily on none other than Claire. And come on, it’s been way too long since we’ve had a Claire-centric game, and letting her get the spotlight in a potential REmake 2 could end up making a lot of fans happy. While I love Leon, I think it’s time to show Claire some love, especially since Mr. Kennedy has been all over the place in the series as of late.

Leon’s story will still be complete (whichever scenario Capcom decides to go with), but the whole plot could be told from Claire’s perspective as she tries to look for her brother in Raccoon City. They could then have Leon’s segments be a little more action-oriented (like the ones not starring Jill in Revelations), so perhaps Leon B should be used, where he’s pursued by Mr.X to amp up the tension. If Capcom goes this route, REmake 2 on 3DS would be an awesome way to reintroduce Claire before giving her a potential main numbered sequel to star in. And I know you all remember those rumors about Resident Evil: Downfall for 3DS ,which would star Claire and be bundled with the two CG films, Degeneration and Damnation. For all we know, we’ll still get our Claire-centric 3DS exclusive, in the form of a Resident Evil 2 remake!

REmake 2 would also be good for newer fans, that maybe will get introduced to the series with Resident Evil 6. They’ll probably be left wondering about Ada, Leon and Sherry’s backstories after they beat the game, REmake 2 would answer their questions (as long as they have a 3DS, of course). Hell, we could also get some new plot developments we were never exposed to before, like the inclusion of Lisa Trevor in the original REmake.


What do you guys think? Would you like to see Resident Evil 2 remade for the 3DS? Or would you rather it have co-op possibly tacked on for release on home consoles? Sound off in the comments below! But wait…I have something for you all…

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  • Wesker

    Wonderful Jorge I really like your assumptions !
    I for myself think RE2remake gonna be for wiiu

  • Rebecca

    No. Consoles only.

    • I’m gonna have to ask you to stop using different accounts to comment on the same article, Cameron.

      • name


  • D

    Bad idea. maybe a console version first, THEN a port to 3ds. But not 3ds only.

  • fart

    No just no. 360 only.

  • Jon

    I just got a 3DS a month ago and was playing revelations, and had the same thought. The 3DS would be a perfect platform to make a Resident Evil 2 remake (and maybe 3 later).

  • CarlosOMW

    they should do this indeed!

  • Billy

    really enjoyed the write up and the video! Its funny to see how identical our movements are while playing through RE2, haha. i too have been playing the game since it came out, I’m 24 now. I would love to see a play through with commentary of every game in the main series!

  • jessie

    naaah i still belive the vita is better, more sales and quiality

    • RainingBow03

      LOL the Vita isn’t even selling well. You’re out of touch with reality if you think that’ll transfer to more sales. Stupid Sony fanboy.

      • jessie

        lol dont get me wrong i like nintendo but you have to admit that the vita has better graphics than the 3ds, the 3d on that thing even hurts the eyes, the only good RE game was revelations and it still missed a few things plus mercenaries sucked ass, that shit was bad and very disappointing, moving the franchise to the vita might make the sales get better and overall we could have a bigger game with better online compatability, its all a possibility and not to mention the vita is in process of being unlocked or hacked, you underestimate its abilities stupid nintendo fanboy 🙂

        • SepticTank

          if they were to ever do a remake of 2, it would have to be on a top selling platform. Sure, the 3DS has a good lineup, but it would only make sense to put an old game like that onto a popular platform like the ps3 or 360, or even the wii U. home consoles always sell better then handhelds, and while i love my old psp for being able to carry around metal gear solid, and all the old resident evils onto a trip to six flags or whatever, but a Remake similar to the originals remake that came for gamecube should go on a strong platform.

          Of course, who’s to say they don’t release it on multiple platforms. The old remake everyone here can agree was made so strongly with graphics and additional content, new puzzles, etc that it is NOT the same game as re1. So they would be able to release it on xbox arcade, playstation network, and the nintendo store. With the playstation network they have old games that work both on psp and ps3, and they may just do that. All your missing out on at this point would be the actual 3D effects that won’t be possible in a multiplatform game.

          As per the remake setup, it can be made coop without losing the horror element, and if they put some effort, it will be essentially one player running Claire A and another player running Leon B, utilizing puzzles that takes cooperation. Look at re5 for example, their were parts of the storyline that require shevas assistance to get by (the sharks on the raft ride that one player had to dodge while the other player ferry’d via lever). Essentially, their would be changes made to make this possible, but as with re1’s remake, lisa trevor was a major change that capcom willingly did.

          I’ve been begging capcom to do a coop RE game since resident evil 2, but when outbreak came i sadly had no internet connection hooked up to the ps2, and re5 removed the horror aspect 100% until you finally unlocked mercenaries mode, which was a survival test (at first, until you took advantage of melee invincibility). But fear of dying is not the same as fear for the unknown (i hear a hunter, but the camera angles are so awful that i can’t see him while standing here). Small joke, the camera angles made a big impact for the horror tho.

          I’m personally more ready for re3 remake, but that would obviously come later. Not to argue which one is better, but you have to admit, Nemesis is one scary SOB.

  • Benjamin May

    Capcom have a history of seemingly doing right by the fans, but somehow still managing to piss them off. Announcing a remake of Resident Evil 2 as a 3DS exclusive would certainly be a great, new way of doing that.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no problems whatsoever with the idea of a 3DS version, but I’d also want it to come out for the other main consoles. It was bad enough having to miss out on Resident Evil Revelations. If a remake of Resident Evil 2 must be Nintendo-exclusive, then perhaps a version for the upcoming Wii U would be good?

    I do agree, however, that using full 3-D environments for such a remake would be good. Perhaps a good way of keeping old fans happy while attracting new fans would be to give the player the choice between ‘classic’ camera views or the ‘over-the-shoulder’ perspective seen in the more recent titles. The more choice players are given, the better.

  • Silent Evil

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the main reason for REmake and R0’s existence was because Nintendo had some sort of exclusivity deal with Capcom to create some games for the Gamecube?

    I can see REmake 2 or even REmake 3 for the 3DS but only if Nintendo is involved because I don’t think Capcom would be savvy enough to do it on their own.

  • Josh

    Too bad,no Shinji Mikami around,he still have his rights,believe me,i really want see REmake 2,but without original concept inside,i doubt it

  • Why always 2? 2 its great I admit, but there are far better options for a remake, like 3 or CV, it will be great to see Nemesis chasing you or fighting the bosses of CV

    • Jason

      Because once you remake 2 then you can move onto 3 and CV

  • scottsands

    [REc] Horror.

  • Cool

    i want a Package of both Re1 and Re2 in the same 3ds Cartridge that would rock =DDDD

  • Ali

    That’d be wise, considering the 3DS is the better of the two handhelds, i’m just itching for Downfall! Better be announced at TGS!

  • Neutron15

    why not put RE 2 and RE 3 together as one, since RE 2 takes place in the middle of RE 3

    • 4thSurvivor

      I really like this idea 🙂

  • Fabian

    I wouldn’t mind if an RE2 remake was co-op or even partial co-op with them meeting up during certain parts. Or even of they did chapters. Chapter 1 you’re Claire as she enters the RPD chapter 2 you’re Leon doing the same thing from a different spot

    • Falcon

      No chapters, please. Part of the appeal of the older games was it’s rationing of saves properly. If they do make a remake of 2, it would be wise to keep it true to the original also.

  • Xander

    And to everyone who has a PSVita, you already have RE2 and 3 on your handheld.
    I can see them still doing the “Choose your path” A/B scenario in a remake, so why would they have to choose? Also, I can’t help but wonder if they would still use the same controls and camera view from REvelations, for better or worse.

    • Neutron15

      ps 1 support 🙂 I am currently playing RE 3 and Silent Hill on PsVita along with Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS Xl

  • Vinny

    I dont agree at all….they should remake this game as a PS3 exclusive and do the Claire A/Leon B scenarios…no co-op….it is entirely possible for this to happen.

    • SteveREfan1

      no exclusivity that is such a bad idea for such a franchise as this, I believe this is what i got grilled for a couple months bach since there was exclusive dlc for xbox on orc(which didnt matter) now if it was exclusive for a handheld that makes more sense instead of a household console exclusive

  • manos17

    Haven’t played RE2 in a year and a half. I want to play it again now!!

  • Brianson

    I’m in favor of the weekly video, love the commentary. Lolz at “Will Smith” and running circles around the zombie m/

  • Casselman

    No disrespect. But I (for one of the first times) firmly disagree. If there is one defining attribute that Capcom knows they would have to hit if they ever remade this game, it is the atmosphere. They would get ripped apart by the fans that begged for this game, if they failed to deliver.

    This is absolutely going to go down the toilet if it is left exclusively to a handheld console. The only way I have ever truly felt immersed into a handheld game(which is something i would demand and desire of this), is to be sitting secluded alone in a room which allows me to focus my attention on my game. At that point, it really makes no sense not to be something to be playable on a tv, in your room.

    A PSN/XBL release, would be the best option. The vita has yet to really have its own blockbuster title with anything of a dark nature. Well at least nothing that has impressed me. Capcom would be doing right by taking this to the vita. Something capable of incredible graphics, a starving consumer market, and the ability for oldschool playstation fans to go cross-platform onto their tv on the ps3? 100% win.

    This targets both home and mobile gamers. I want to sit in my lay-z-boy and crank this title up on my surround sound. I want to relive the memories with no worries but picking my jaw up off of the floor in amazement. Not struggle with holding my screen, hand-crippling finger position for hours on end, and minimal sound and battery. No, thank you very much. I don’t want to have to hold onto my 3DS for the rest of my life to experience something I waited for 14+ years for, to have to deal with all those down sides. Keep it on a platform that most people who enjoyed RE2, are likely to own.

    Another option is RE6. As much as I would hate it. I could honestly see Capcom taking a big leap to keep the oldschool fans by paying homage to RE2 through RE6 DLC. A massive downloadable mission that ends up being a RE2 remake? It would likely be one of the best selling DLCs in history. This would also solve Capcoms debate of “there isn’t any market for it”, simply because it is tied to RE6 and will sell like crazy. They would eventually follow it up with its own digital download release and make a tun more money.

    For something I have dreamed about for all this time. No. I have been teased and force-fed the Darkside Chronicles to quench my thirst. But I refuse to roll over, yet again. As a fan who truly respects the biggest part of the oldschool games (atmosphere and immersion) and wants to keep that alive. I still have my feet planted firmly on the side of the fence that begs for a major console release.

    Come on, Capcom. You know you want to.

    • STFU

      STFU, Gay….

  • ariessiren

    revelations was a masterpiece on the 3ds. 12 hours of survival horror in 3d was just heaven. i would love to see another on 3ds. i know alot of people dont like the idea of portable gaming, neither did I until i got a 3ds. the 3d is superb and the graphics were near RE5 quality. i hope more remakes come to 3ds its really something. the 3ds really immerses you into the world much more and makes a huge difference.

  • It would be lovely to put the remake on PS3 too ~ Personally i prefer RE3 over RE2 .

  • I would love a remake of any kind. One thing I would also like to see is an added 2 scenarios. Ada & Sherry. They are in the game te whole time so it wouldn’t be far fetched to have a unique scenario for each of them. Sherrys could be more of a stay alive gameplay avoid zombies. Like oh what’s that game Silent something. One thing that I’ve always wondered is how Ada got around.

  • Phil Kraken

    You guys really just need to give up and accept that they’re not gonna remake RE2. I’m sorry but it just isn’t gonna happen.

  • 4thSurvivor

    I both love this idea and hate it. The idea of another Resi game on 3ds makes me really happy but then there’s the fact that there will always be a person who hates the fact it’s not on a home console. I’d prefer a game that has already been made in SD or HD, either REmake, Zero or 4 on 3DS would be great. Or even another MGS would make me happy

  • HorrerGirl941

    i would love to see REbith 2 on 3ds Revelations was fantastic and would give me yet another reason to play my 3ds almost 24/7 again 😀

  • bronze_saint

    I don’t mean to sound like a killjoy here, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. The “Chronicles” series is kind of a remake, right?. Plus, Capcom is not really interested in a game to celebrate any anniversary of it’s own franchises. Be it Street Fighter, Resident Evil or whatever, all we have seen when an anniversary comes around is a “new bundle”. To cite one, there’s the “Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Pack”.

    And to crown it all, those packs are always Japan-only releases. Have a look:

  • Resident Evil 2 should be multiplatform with a flexible camera where it’s 3D like Code Veronica but goes to over the shoulder when you take aim.
    I also think it should feature surprises like once you return from the sewers after Sherry/Ada the power should cut out in the station and crimson heads move in.

  • rtrytr

    great idea

  • Micah howze

    I would love it if they did it for 3ds an home consle and resident evil 3 later on. Do you think Capcom will actually go through with it?


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