reHorror: The Resident Evil 6 controversy

September 24th was a great day. Amazing in fact. It was my 22nd birthday. I spent time with my family, enjoyed some games on my new TV, and even got a nice surprise by Sony in the form of Resident Evil: Damnation on Blu-ray, a day before its official release. I was hoping my Resident Evil 6 review copy would come in, making it the best birthday of all time, but nope. It would arrive a couple of days later.

Wednesday came around and I finally got my hands on a retail copy of Resident Evil 6. I was in heaven. I immediately unboxed the press review copy package and admired everything included (unboxing video will be posted soon!). Then it was time to pop it into my Xbox 360 and play the game! I almost played Leon’s scenario straight through, with little breaks in between. It was amazing. A few days later and I had conquered the entire game, so it was time for my review.

It was Monday, October 1st, and I was starting to type up what would be quite a lengthy review for Resident Evil 6. I was generally amazed by the entire package, with Leon’s scenario proving to be quite special. So I knew I would definitely be giving the game a high score. Which I did end up doing, giving it a 9 out of 10. But then, as I was writing my review, I took a break and saw all the reviews from various publications being posted. 4.5 out of 10? 3 out of 10? Ouch.

As you can imagine, I was quite upset to see Resident Evil 6 getting such low scores and mixed reviews. Yeah, yeah, I know: Not every game one’s eagerly looking forward to is going to end up being a masterpiece. But I couldn’t help but feel bad after seeing all these low numbers, and reading all the words behind them. Let me make this clear: I won’t be firing shots at any outlet or specific reviewer in this column, not whatsoever. I’m going to keep it professional and just offer my own opinion on this whole controversy.

I’ll admit, the entirety of the game wasn’t the masterpiece I was expecting it to be. We have four full blown scenarios to play through, and in the end, only one of them ended up being downright amazing and near perfect, of course I’m referring to Leon’s campaign. It wasn’t a full return to horror, but it was still a beautiful mix of classic and modern Resident Evil nonetheless. I still think Resident Evil Revelations did a much better job at actual survivor horror though, which is why I think overall, said 3DS exclusive is better than Resident Evil 6. But that’s another story. Despite Leon’s scenario being quite a gem, that still wasn’t enough to warrant the game generally positive reviews. Which makes sense, of course.

We’re dealing with a game that has four campaigns. Each offers its own style of gameplay. Leon’s is the most traditional, Chris’s is even more action-packed than Resident Evil 5, Jake’s is a nice experimental mix between Resident Evil 3 and 4/5’s gameplay styles, and Ada’s is more of Resident Evil 4’s style but with a small dose of traditional RE. Logically, if all four campaigns (with Ada’s being unlockable) aren’t superb, then the whole game can’t really be called an amazing entry in the series. That’s unfortunately what ended up happening here. Fans wanted a return to survival horror, and with Resident Evil 6, they only had Leon’s scenario which catered to them (to a certain extent). That wasn’t enough, despite Leon’s game being the lengthiest out of the four.

Personally, I loved each of the other three scenarios immensely. Yeah, I was disappointed with certain aspects from each, but in the end, they were all memorable and highly satisfying experiences. None of them reached the level of quality found in Leon’s though. Would Resident Evil 6 have been met with such mixed reviews if the whole game was like Leon’s scenario? Or what if Capcom decided to just make the game be all Leon, making his campaign a little lengthier? That might have resulted in a completely different response to the game, in my opinion. And it would have shot down Capcom’s attempt at “dramatic horror” which I think they succeeded with, with a game that definitely pushes the series forward in terms of storytelling. But that would still leave the issues people are having with the camera and controls…

Ever since players got their hands on the demo included with Dragon’s Dogma, complaints started sprouting in relation to the way the camera was positioned, and the overall controls. Many claimed that the camera was way too close to their character, and that hindered the experience for them, since that took away from your view of what’s in front of you. It was easier to get hit by incoming zombies or J’avo, thanks to not being able to see as much when aiming your gun in the now-traditional over-the-shoulder perspective. Yes, the camera was much closer than it was in Resident Evils 4 and 5, but like I stated in my review, this never proved to be an issue with me. What I disliked from this build of the game, though, was the screen-tearing, but thankfully there’s none of that in the final version.

The controls were also met with complaints. And aiming was pinpointed as not feeling accurate, making headshots harder to pull off, especially with the default Operation Raccoon City– type aiming reticule. I found the aiming in this game to be more realistic, which made encounters with enemies even more intense, with the addition of being able to move and shoot. Which brings us to the next topic: moving and shooting. This was something that has been demanded by fans for quite a while, but in bringing this new feature to the series, we will also see a boost in action, naturally. In the old games a lot of the tension was brought about thanks to not being able to move and shoot, you would have to pay close attention to where you would stop to pull off your shots against incoming zombies. Now, in Resident Evil 6, the enemies are smarter and more agile, with zombies wielding melee weapons and the J’avo packing guns, because you have to complement being able to move and shoot with such enemy behavior. You can’t have slow enemies and a small enemy count with such a feature, it just wouldn’t feel right. So, great, we can now move and shoot! But that comes with more action, which is a word fans love to hate.

Capcom tried to make everyone happy here, both the longtime fans and the more recent ones, and ultimately that’s what led to the game getting mixed reviews, with a whole lot of negative review scores. You just can’t please everyone, and in the case of Resident Evil, with so many, myself included, wanting the series to go back to its roots full-time, there was bound to be many upset players thanks to the changes the game brings. But then again, evolution is a good thing, right? Resident Evil couldn’t stay the same forever. But then again, let’s look at Silent Hill. That series isn’t afraid to embrace its roots, and that’s why Downpour was a true survival horror experience, which ironically enough was met with similar scores as Resident Evil 6 is. But for Konami’s series, it makes sense to not go the action-route, due to its psychological horror nature, but I’ll delve into that argument in a separate article in the future. It’s different with Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 6 brought about a plot dealing with the threat of a global outbreak. All four scenarios’s settings span various parts of the world, with every character’s individual story intertwining with one another at the end in China. We aren’t dealing with a contained outbreak in a mansion or another enclosed facility anymore. The stakes are now higher, and the threat is at a much grander scale. A boost in action is definitely something that’s a byproduct of that. Hence why even Leon’s scenario, the most traditional in the game, has action elements in it, especially towards the end. It’s epic, and I absolutely loved it. It made sense with the huge story the game was telling. If the game was set in one giant enclosed area, for example, and had as much action as this game ended up having, I definitely would be disappointed, seeing as how enclosed areas (to me at least) warrant a slower pace and less action like Jill’s sections from Revelations. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see the series go back to being true survival horror. I’m also waiting for that! However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to look down on an entry just because it’s trying something different.

A lot of the game’s mixed and downright negative reviews all pinpoint how the series has lost its way, and how the game isn’t like Resident Evil *insert any number from 1-3*. And that’s no way to treat this game, in my honest opinion. Yes, it’s a Resident Evil game and being as such, there are certain expectations from fans, with horror being chief amongst them. But we should take this entry for what it is, as a solid video game itself. There really are some amazing moments here, some that rank as the series’ most memorable. We’re still dealing with B.O.W.s, we’ve just come to a point in the series’ life where it has evolved to a different beast entirely. Yes, Capcom should not be afraid to embrace the series’ roots (I love you, Plant 42 <3). but it also shouldn’t lose sight of what works in the series’ modern standing. Like I said in my review, if Capcom can take what they did with Leon’s scenario and take it even further in the survival horror route, then I think we would have the masterpiece we’ve been clamoring for. Keep the action at a minimum, like Revelations did it, and I think fans will be happy. I do applaud Capcom for giving us so much for our $60 though, Resident Evil 6 is definitely a game I’m going to be playing for a very long time, despite what other critics may be saying about it.


How do you feel about the game? Feel free to provide your own mini-review of the game in the comments below, but please keep it spoiler-free! I really want to know if there are others who really love the game for what it is.

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  • DarthAwesome

    The game was shit.
    Being butthurt about it doesn’t change that.

    • WyrmKing

      You’re full of shit. I bet you don’t even have the game nor have you played it in full. You bandwagoning bitches need to kill yourselves.

      • Lemme translate your comment, Wyrm.
        “Your opinion is different than mine. I hate you. You should die.”

  • Bio

    That’s an intelligent comment. (INSERT sarcasm here). Anyhow i must agree Jorge and this is why i no longer bother with reviews.

  • RE6 has left a bad taste in my mouth so far. I get that there’s no real emphasis on survival horror anymore and that at this point it’s purely an action title. My main gripes with the game are the terrible cover system, the flawed inventory system, padded difficulty, and the fact that the game keeps taking away my control of the camera. I often find myself getting killed by the broken controls and mechanics than I do the actual monsters. Why did this game even need a cover system? Why did they think the inventory system in this game was an improvement over 5? I know Revelations is almost identical but in Revelations I’m not fumbling through 5-6 different guns squinting to see which little icon represents the gun I want to use. And the whole accuracy reduction thing is nothing more than artificial difficulty designed to make the game feel harder than it should be. Also, a minor complaint, but I feel like the chapters are a bit too long. I’m always sick of playing about 2/3 of the way through each one. I’m not saying the game is ‘really bad’ but it is stunningly flawed and reminds me of Operation Raccoon City every time I pop it in. I’m having trouble getting through it because of a general lack of enthusiasm, something I’ve never had playing through a Resident Evil title before. A 9/10 is being extremely generous, but anything less than a 6 is probably too critical.

    • Koulamatata

      Great example of someone who isn’t being bias either way, and is being fair, even when negative. Reviewers should take note. This is how it’s done.
      People can hate the game all they want. Just be fair an explain it as well as this fine gentleman has done.

      • i agree. bashing the game is not cool, but constructive criticism should be welcome.

        • Benjamin May

          I disagree with a lot of what he said, but yes, it was still good to see somebody being constructive in their criticism. I think the inventory system is a, mostly, an improvement over Resident Evil 5’s. As for squinting to see what gun is equipped, I do agree that the icons within the inventory aren’t great, but what I found easier was to look at the ammo icon in my HUD. You quickly learn what colour ammo box goes with each gun.

    • very nicely done

  • William

    I’ve just finished the first three scenarios, and I loved them. Leon’s is one of the best gaming experiences ever. Chris’ wasn’t that good but had a hell of an ending. And Jake’s was fun, I had no idea what was going to happen next or what new environment I would be in. Chapter 3 was awesome. Jake and Piers are my new favourite characters.

    Reviewers who have given this game a bad score should be embarrassed. ‘Its not this’, ‘it’s not that’ is such nonsense, reviews should be based on what something is, not what it isn’t. And RE6 is one hell of a ride, a brilliantly told story that’s fun, scary and exciting.

    And I’m getting really miffed with the whole ‘it’s not RE1,2,3,0’ thing. The fans forced the games to be action! When RE4 came out, so many people were all ‘its got nothing to do with the story’. Well, the story is about bio-organic weapons created for war. The only place left to go is bio-organic warfare.

    • handsomejack47

      The so-called “fans” wanted to move and shoot. Capcom gives them that, and the response? “ZOMG its action now it sux lolololol”. The “fans” wanted zombies, Capcom gives them that, and the response “lololol it needs 2 go bak to true survival horror for us the true fans to play your shitty game again TROLOLOLOLOL”.
      You simply can’t please the fanbitches that are stuck in 1998.

      • i don’t think anyone brought up or complained specifically about the ‘walk and shoot’ feature to be a problem in RE6. this was already established in revelations and that game had great feedback/reviews.

        • actually I read SEVERAL reviews that commented on the ‘walk and shoot’ feature most of them saying that it is broken and was more of a hassle than standing still

          • but it wasn’t THAT prominent or rampant enough to make capcom respond or make it into the news, specifically about it. the move and shoot feature was still well appreciated by majority of reviews and players. i did read reviews that ranted about it, but it was due to the change of camera view when aiming.

    • A True Resident Evil Fan

      you are awesome! I agree with every word. I truly believe the fans just want capcoms game to suck so capcom will go “action bad survival good” but guess what you pansies 4.5 MILLION COPIES SOLD!!!! YOU LOSE!!!!!! A survival horror game would be fun, but now its impossible, even dead space went action. ITS INEVITABLE get over it. Plus an RE game is more than just Survival Horror. Its a memorable experience with lovable characters. A game that has enemies that make you think, that make you go “holy hell, hoe do i kill it, ahhhh its eating face oh god oh god why!!!! ‘you are ded LOLZZZ'” well guyz i did that like 20 times. this game even has 3 final bosses, beautiful!

  • Kuroneko666

    The only problem the game suffered was Lack Of Story & Background. Leon’s Campaign was really Awesome & Super Enjoyable, I just felt that Capcom Didn’t Deliver on the other Campaigns Including ADA WONGS! >:(

  • I just want a freaking coherent story and some closure on forgotten characters.

    • REfan

      I agree, the plot was so insanely bad and a lot of things didn’t made sense at all. True, RE storylines are perhaps not the best out there but they are usually coherent and intruging with memorable villains. With RE6 it’s like the didn’t bother at all. RE5 didn’t have a great story but atleast it had a story. RE4 didn’t have the best plot either but the completely innovative (and lenghty but still awesome and never dull) gameplay as well as the introduction to the plagas, and the sub-story between Leon and Krauser more than made up for it.

      • I personally thought the plot was quite good and all the ways the story connected with other campaigns was rather excellent. Especially when you play though the scenarios a second time and discover all the little hints and nods to other events. On the plane with Leon and Helena you can see Chris pushing the newscaster’s camera out of his face in the background. The TV that talks of a missing Naval Submarine in a home at Tall Oaks. Jake and Sherry’s boat ride through the ruined boat docks thanks to Chris and Piers and unexpected consequence of that.

        • REfan

          That is not my complaint. You must have mistunderstood my post. I did like how the campaign intertwined and I wish there had been more of it. The only thing that dissapointed me there was how there was no shared fight between Chris and Leon. I am talking about the plot itself, the story behind the actual events. Why was Leon and Chris in this game in the first place? The story wasn’t about them at all and they have not evolved at all. it was about helena, Jake and Sherry. Leon and Chris were there just because… Leon and Ada’s relationship hasn’t evolved or gone forward at all for the last 15 years! Ada still runs away and Leon still has feelings for her even though he deep down know better. Why? Just because. Carla did what she did just because. Simmons did what he did just because. Blue smoke that turns people into zombies just like that with no incubation time what so ever, WTF??? the missile strike with the same blue smoke turning a whole sity into zombies was just so bad I don’t even have words for it. Ada doppleganger, UGH! I wanted Ada to join Chris and Piers and fight a mutated Carla, not some random dude shooting her from a helicopter. I felt so cheated. The missile at the end of Chris’s chapter 4 will launch no matter what you do making the entire chapter seem totally pointless. Leon protecting Carla because he thinks she’s Ada, insisting that it was Simmons and Simmons alone that was the culprit when he in fact have no idea what’s going on really bugged me as well.

          I could go on but there’s no point really. Basically even though I am a huge fan of all the previous RE main titles and the RE6 gameplay is a lot of fun (for the most part) the plot/storyline just isn’t my cup of tea. I guess I could have known better but I chose to avoid RE trailers and news aftet that reveal trailer around Easter to avoid spoilers:/

  • Koulamatata

    Sherry’s campaign was easily the best for me.

    Rate it low. I have no problem with that. But a lot of the reviews, when you read them… it sounds like they rated it a 6 or 7. Then you see the score, and think wow, that came right out of left field.
    IGN did it with Downpour as well.
    I read the review and it sounded like a 7, but was met with a four.
    Does not compute.

    Anyhoo, I don’t really care. I’m not upset. But I can’t help but make the observation that some of these reviews seem to be very clearly out of spite.
    Or maybe they are just giving it low scores to scare Capcom into catering exactly to what they want. I really don’t know. Either way though, It’s provided me with some solid laughs, so I can’t complain.

    But yeah, more Sherry please. Don’t forget about her again. Give her a game all to herself.

  • Redgrave45

    I’m the only one at my store who actually loves the game, granted there are some things I do have issues with but they aren’t even main things. I thought every character had a great scenario and they are all worthy of the resident evil franchise it is nice to see the characters we all know and love return especially a grown up Birkin. I was also very happy with jake (originally thinking I wouldn’t like him) my only problem is 1. No versus mode on ps3 (which is my fault for getting it for ps3) and 2. Too few guns after playing re 4 & 5 I expected a better gun selection or at least being able to use the guns I found in other campaigns the last thing I would say could have been improved is the upgrade system. Other then that I would give the game either 8.5 or a 9. And like I tell customers everyday when I sell them the game most people reviewing the game are stuck on Re 1,2,3. And don’t give this entry the credit it deserves its packed with great moments and is a great game in general

  • Mi review, for spanish speakers

  • I personally LOVE the game, all four campaigns, and I think Jake’s is the absolute best. I don’t see the need for Resident Evil to return to it’s roots. I know that’s blasphemy to some, but the series is evolving and things change.

    We had all that slow-paced, puzzle-solving goodness back in the day, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a return to that at some future point, but for now just let it be what it is. It’s fast-paced, explosive, but lots of fun. It’s still horror, and it still has the crazy conspiracies and intriguing characters, not to mention some truly F-ed up monsters and startling visuals.

    Let the elitists moan, but most people are digging this game and it’s still getting good scores. ,

  • Isawthatfirst

    Thank God for Amnesia

  • Scott Sands

    Is it me or are gamers scared of change, who cares that it’s not Survival Horror. Everything has to eventually evolve and if it really bother you just play the Resident Evil remake and trade in Resident Evil 6. I’m a fan of both the old and new Resident Evil (even Operation Raccoon City has a very small place in my heart. The DLC saved that game). In fact the only thing I don’t like is the “Live action” Movies. Capcom wanted to do something different with Resident Evil 6 and on the biggest part I think they succeeded. Personally I felt every story had some degree of survival horror and there were time when I was worried if I’d have a enough ammo to complete a chapter. I think giving you the ability to Dive out the way,kick, punch, swim and Walk/shoot at the same time where nice little features even if some weren’t really needed. You can tell where Capcom got some of it inspiration from. Leon story felt it was inspired by Dead Space letting fans have that “Survival horror” feel to it. Chris is very much for the COD fan and Jake at some points felt like I was playing Uncharted at time. None of these are bad thing but Capcom usually is at the forefront of been “Game changers”. I mean Resident Evil 4 change the way games are played in term of camera views. This one felt more Inspired by things around it. I’ll admit I do have some problems with the game but i wouldn’t say that they ruined the gaming experience. The camera are a little messy at time especially when running. This effected me more in Mercenaries then in the main game. The HUD constantly changing when you accidentally press R3 which then switches you to been left hand. Personally i think that option should of been left on the selected menu but I’ve heard there is a way to lock it so it doesn’t, so minor detail. Is Resident Evil 6 the greatest Resident Evil of all time, no far from it.The action does get a little silly at times. Is it in my Top 5 favorite Resident evil…….. Yes because even the silly bit I enjoyed to some degree.

    My rating 8.5/10.

  • ariessiren

    you really have to step back from most reviewers. they are human and make mistakes. one thing I learned is capcoms history in the RE games 1-6 have always been AAA games . the spin offs arent great but the main series they are not gonna ruin. they have changed with the times and thats how things are supposed to be. RE6 is a AAA title with the biggest budget and biggest team. its a beautiful intense game that i think is amazing and in no way deserved the low scores. some might not like the new direction, but those low scores are meant for broken unplayable games like AMY or the SH HD collection. if your a fan, play the game and enjoy it, dont base your decisions on fanboy reviewers who score it low based on what THEY THINK resident evil should be, vs what it has evolved into. a great action horror shooter game.

    • I want you to watch Jim Sterling’s Jimquisition on RE6. You may not agree with what he rated RE6, but that episode makes many valid points

      • Swcloud99

        Very much agreed on that. The problems he mentions ARE there, it just becomes a matter of opinion how much they affect your enjoyment of the game.
        That’s why reviews are good, review scores are evil BS.

  • Henrikm

    In a previous topic I had given it a 6-7,which is not all that bad.
    RE6 had many things I liked but also things I disliked.
    Taking above Sherry picture in consideration that was somewhat what I felt.
    Its always been somewhat mystery about Sherry.
    At one time she was in Wesker’s hands him stating its something about that girl.
    Later it was retold and she was in goverment hands.
    Now in RE6 we find out she too have been trained as a agent.
    I would have loved to learn a little more about her years in custody.
    Was she ever experimiented on was she trained willingly as agent.
    Taking RE3 epilouges in consideration one of the reason Leon become a agent was to secure the saftey of Sherry as he was somewhat threatened into it.
    Then 10y + Sherry returns all happy and dandy as a Goverment agent.(well not that it was like that but felt like it),I would simply wanted more of Sherry.
    Why not instead of yet another ADA scenario included a Sherry Scenario instead or both.
    If one shall believe the costume video released here yesterday,one showed Sherry in a patient costume,would have been cool if she instead tried to escape custody at one part.
    Well do I think RE6 deserves a 9 no my personal opinion say its not THAT good but well enough a 6-7 that is not that bad.

    • yea sherry was mentioned on the wesker report. was it stated how she escaped and joined a similar organization as leon?

      • Koulamatata

        She was being held by the government. Wesker had spies in the government watching over her until Resident Evil 5 (I believe it was RE5)
        Once Wesker was out of the pictures, his inside guys were too. She was then released on the condition that she joined them as an agent.
        I think it says that in the notes when you collect the emblems in RE6.

        But I do have a terrible memory. It’s more than possible I’ve jumbled the facts.
        If any of this is wrong, please, by all means correct me.

        • i guess these stories had to happen off screen but they were still interesting. thanks!

    • Sherry herself explains what happened to her right after RE2 as far as experiments or anything during the story but Wesker never took her that was Adam Benford in Leon’s & Sherry’s epilogues of RE3 before he had a name.

  • miloeraser

    Its a good game, but not perfect, Leon’s was good and Chris, as expected nothing to complain about, Jake, though he is albert’s son but maybe making his moves less ‘gay’ will help. Just making Leon’s gameplay a bit longer and a bit more survival horror would satisfy me already, making the camera system better and being able to off walk and shoot if we wanted to would make it better

    • WyrmKing

      Less “Gay”? I wasn’t aware Jake was sucking the Ustanaka’s dick during his campaign.

      • Miloeraser

        I know ustanak was a pain in the ass , but wouldnt it be more tense without them?

    • Less gay?

      Did you get a tingle when he was shirtless?

    • kaz409

      Really? Did you really just say make him less “gay”?


      Peace out, relyonhorror. I don’t appreciate comments like this being allowed on boards.

  • liam

    It is a great game but it’s not perfect the only thing I don’t like is
    the story is weak for a main game, and this game would of been the best time to tell us who ada wong works for and why she doe’s what she doe’s, capcom should just do what MGS4 did and have all characters in the game even if they have a small roll.

    • That is true… The story is so weak, they focus just in the action and other details, They should’ve focus in the story trying to fills the gaps. Maybe they have no more ideas for a RE game or just trying to extend the life of the saga.

  • lalilulelo

    the game is definitely not bad,not a piece of shit like some reviewers said but not mastepiece either,its a ok game for me….for once i agree with IGN.
    i have a lot of conflictive feelings with this game, sometimes i like it and sometimes i want to burn my copy, like the part with jake collecting those medals and the tank chase or chris/jake crossover in edonia those parts were awful, also there´re good moments like the fight with ustanak,the snake and the shark,those parts were fun i give you that.
    the controls and the camera still need to be polished but i think they´re going the right way with these controls(the dodge stuff is cool) but i hope they change the inventory, i want the briefcase again, that thing was perfect.
    what really threw me off was the story, such a letdown…seriously all this mess because of romantic troubles!? what the hell is this? twilight? the story was vague, full of plot holes and the idea that you have to unlock the files to grasp the story a little more,was a stupid move. why not include them in the main story!? that could´ve given a lot more immersion with the game.

  • Li

    Haven’t played the game, but just want to chime in here that I think fans need to either ignore reviews OR listen to them with an extreme attitude of relativism. At the very least, I don’t think ANYONE should pass on a game in a series they like without at least renting it on the basis of a negative review.

    I played Downpour, loooved it, think it’s the best SH experience I’ve had in years; but I read most reviews knowing that they were going to be extremely negative, because it’s a Silent Hill game and its fans are — as a whole — unpleasable. (Too many people with too many divergent requirements, many of which are “the game should be made by a Japanese ‘team’ that, if it ever existed in any capacity, doesn’t anymore”.) The bugs didn’t help.

    I don’t know if I’ll love or hate Resident Evil 6, but I do know that your review won’t necessarily be useful to me because you, personally, think the series (and survival horror in general, and possibly all games?) peaked with Resident Evil 2. Because that was not my favorite entry in the series, I know our tastes are different. And this is the kind of critical thinking we, as fans, have to exercise every time we read a review. (Frankly, it would be nice if all reviewers began their review with a few similar games they liked and didn’t like; that would help give their reviews context for players who had played those games and already had their own opinion. For example, my opinion of Downpour would be largely disregarded if I couched it with, “I also quite liked Homecoming.” Because a lot of people reading it would have hated Homecoming passionately, so they’d know our tastes don’t converge.)

    In short: Play it for yourselves, folks; there’s only so much a review can tell you.

  • First off on the Monday before release i got new 50″ plasma i had to play the game with the setting quite dark while breaking the tv in.

    Im going to say one thing, I disliked RE4 the item buying and upgrading and the lack of zombies was my issue, i wanted to murder crapcom for RE5 (there isn’t enough time in the world for me to complain about it).
    RE6 on the other hand had me breaking down all the prejudices id built up, I did feel the story is kinda awkward in term of keeping track of whats going on. but me and my co-op buddy actually played the campaigns in the cut scene crono order and we agreed starting with Jake then Chris and finally Leon was the better order to play the game in. and then i went on with Ada alone only to find it was solo. Dishonored has just hit the states so my co-op buddy went to review that for me before it hits the UK on Friday.

    I really enjoyed the game, OK yeah some of the scenes could be called over the top, but still enjoyable. But for umbrella to still be making normal zombies and nothing else and not expand on there experiments is plain stupid ( they had to progress)and any fan-boy like myself is just being selfish not wanting them too. S.D Perry wrote book around the series and she always pushed new monsters into the fray. Non the less the game holds up better playing it in the order we did. Mercenaries mode is pretty cool as is agent hunter. But no survivors mode!!! WTF. Anyway my point is for a traditionalist when it comes the the series capcom have done something right for me… Finally. But i do wonder how the game could of gone if they mixed all the campaigns together and formed a giant story arc would of been better?

    • Brandon Rinebold

      Interesting idea. Switch people between Jake, Chris, and Jack’s campaigns to keep them replaying roughly the same point in time. It’d feel a lot more cinematic that way, following the normal pattern for moviemaking with multiple characters’ plots. You run the risk of it feeling repetitive when you play for several hours in one location though and some people have a ‘spin-up’ time when switching between diferent tactics. It took me a while when switching between leon and chris to get used to playing much more aggressively. Chris’ campaign needs more ammo though because I felt like I was always a long fight or two away from running dry on 2-3 guns.

  • Swcloud99

    I tend to agree with both the reviews who gave the game around 3 and the reviews who gave 7.5 equally.
    Jim Sterling’s review criticized the game for being a mediocre co-op shooter that’s has generic has it comes. It’s undeniable that that is what the game is. The game is a giant cliche that’s overdone and tired. It takes many of it’s scenarios from Call of Duty (The entire second chapter of Chris’s campaign is a COD ripoff), the enemies in Leon’s campaign are mostly all equivalent’s of the enemies in Left for Dead. The co-op is lazy and filled with doors you can’t open unless you’re with you’re partner. The game feels the need to constantly throw 2-3 second cutscenes into the game completely taking you out of the moment and that’s not taking into account the amount of QTEs. Add to that the fact all J’avo’s have guns, which say what you want, doesn’t have anything to do in a Resident Evil game and I think it’s fair to give the game a 3.
    Then again, the game is chock full of content, the story is certainly the better of all Resident Evil games and in the end, the game is quite fun.
    I could see the argument for a 7.5 too. I would never say this is a 9 game, far from there, too many crappy design decisions bring the game down.

  • I am playing the game, I finished Jake and Chris scenarios and actually playing Leon’s. Chris story was good, the story caught me, Chris trying to rise and the final ship level with the regenerators feel like RE Revelations and the final boss was like fight against Birkin Dog Form in RE2, the let down was the Car Chasing part. Jake’s story… was ok, the story didn’t caught me at all, to many “Press Buttons” secuences and driving events the cool part was the final levels with the “regenerators” too and the final Ustanak battle but i think they tried to make a poorly uncharted rip off. Leon is taking a great pace the story is about a conspiration and suspense and i like that, i feel like i am in raccoon city but with less scary and suspense parts. I give the game a 7 or 8 so far. I dont know is this is normal, but so far i find more xp points than ammo, i barely got ammo and that gave me the RE feeling of saving ammo and going melee or just dodge and run. But for real in chris scenario against the final boss i just had 8 grenades, 10 Shotgun shells and 40 Machine Gun Bullets And 10 Handgun Bullets. And with Leon i Just have 20 Handgun bullets and 8 Shotgun Shells after the Fattie and Skinned Zombies fight in the last parts of the first chapter.

  • I am playing the game, I finished Jake and Chris scenarios and actually
    playing Leon’s. Chris story was good, the story caught me, Chris trying
    to rise and the final ship level with the regenerators feel like RE
    Revelations and the final boss was like fight against Birkin Dog Form in
    RE2, the let down was the Car Chasing part. Jake’s story… was ok, the
    story didn’t caught me at all, to many “Press Buttons” secuences and
    driving events the cool part was the final levels with the
    “regenerators” too and the final Ustanak battle but i think they tried
    to make a poorly uncharted rip off. Leon is taking a great pace the
    story is about a conspiration and suspense and i like that, i feel like i
    am in raccoon city but with less scary and suspense parts. I give the
    game a 7 or 8 so far. I dont know is this is normal, but so far i find
    more xp points than ammo, i barely got ammo and that gave me the RE
    feeling of saving ammo and going melee or just dodge and run. But for
    real in chris scenario against the final boss i just had 8 grenades, 10
    Shotgun shells and 40 Machine Gun Bullets And 10 Handgun Bullets. And
    with Leon i Just have 20 Handgun bullets and 8 Shotgun Shells after the
    Fattie and Skinned Zombies fight in the last parts of the first chapter.

  • SteveREfan1

    How many times did I see the words Leon’s senario in this article Jorge? Seriously the other campaigns had very memberable parts in them as well, and though you say this I’m not believing it from you I think you soley like the game for Leon’s senario. Not one good thing was mentioned about the other senarios in any of your talk about this game just Leon -_-

    • Would you like me to spoil the game for people who haven’t yet experienced all the scenarios? Like I said, every scenario has memorable parts in it, some coming in as high points in the series. I won’t talk about them because it would spoil their plots big time. Leon’s scenario was just the one that stood out the most.

  • williambirkin1

    The game was amazing. I have completed all 4 campaigns and I know I will be the odd one out here but Chris’ was my favourite in terms of story. And this is coming from an original fan.

    PS: To me this game felt like Wesker’s legacy

    • tigerspaw

      Chris’ campaign was surprisingly my favorite as well. Considering I was expecting to favorite Leon’s.

      • i agree with you guys. not because of the gameplay, but because of the story. Chris was the best and Jake too.

  • Grim Santo

    If you think Resident Evil 6 is a 9/10 game. I am cool with that, A review is a opinion after all. Personal, I think the game has to many flaw to rate that high. The game isn’t out right crap but has some deep rooted problems. I would go with a 7 myself.

    • Benjamin May

      I think possibly I’d go with a seven as well. Maybe an eight, not sure…

  • Benjamin May

    On the whole, I really enjoyed the game. Leon’s campaign was definitely the best, but I really enjoyed the other campaigns as well. There were two things I didn’t like about the game.

    Firstly, I don’t think all of the staged set-pieces worked too well. Some of them were superb, but one or two of them were just dire. QTEs were overused, but I do like the way players can now see if they are pressing the buttons or wiggling the stick fast enough.

    I was also disappointed at the lack of files. I know there are files stored as collectibles, but I much prefer stumbling on them within the game and being able to read them on the spot.

    But overall, it was a great experience marred by a few mishandled set-pieces. Would I like them to return to the more dark and gothic horror of older games? Yes, I would, but I do enjoy the more shooty bits as well, and I think the action lends itself well to where the story is going. As the bio-terrorism goes global, keeping the action constantly slow-paced in confined areas really wouldn’t have made sense.

    • Benjamin May

      (continued) It’s very frustrating for Resident Evil Revelations to be a 3DS-exclusive.

      As to the negative reviews. I’m not going to name names. I have seen some negative reviews with some perfectly valid points to make, but some of them out there seem to be slamming the game because it simply wasn’t the game the viewer wanted. As I say, some of the negative reviews have been very professional and well-written, with some insightful thoughts on the game, but other reviews, some from placed which I thought would know better, read more like childish rants, which quite often blow some of the shortcomings all out of proportion or exaggerating minor annoyances in an attempt to drive potential newcomers to the series away. Now, I fully accept these people are entitled to their opinions, but I can’t help but feel that they can be put across in much better or more dignified ways than some of those I have seen or read. Perhaps that’s the Englishman in me talking. I’m fairly sure there are also those out there who are disgruntled fans who no longer want to play any of the aresident Evil games, but who still like to sling mud at it whenever they get the chance – and a bandwagon like this is too good a chance to pass up.

  • luigiix

    At the very least, RE6 it’s better than the latest Silent Hill… but that’s not saying much, huh?

  • I loved 6. It felt the closest to it’s roots. But the series has never felt the same since the downfall of Umbrella. With each new entry comes a new villain that lacks the mystery that Umbrella held.

  • DarkDream

    From what Ive heard, most people that reviewed it negatively did so because to them it was a sub-par shooting game, which are out there in the thousands nowadays.

    The story was contrived, there was no sense of pacing, and the whole game was just run here, kill guys, run there.

    From what I’ve heard. I haven’t played it yet so I’m not judging it, but that seems to be the general consensus.

  • DarkDream

    There is one thing that I would like to point out about this game, and that it isn’t the best in the series.

    Capcom brags a lot. They couldn’t help themselves but mention their massive workforce of 400 (something like that) people working on this game. That it’d speed up dev time and all that. All sorts.

    Now, what I take issue with is the fact that with all this it still falls short for what I feel it should have been. If you have this large work force all working on one game, one would think this would blow all precedents. But even so, it’s not being heralded as the best of the series.

    If Capcom would spend less effort on hype campaigns and more effort and TIME on their games I think that they’d truly be amazing again like in the days of old. Just look at RE2 and RE4. Look how close to completion RE1.5 was before it was SCRAPPED to make what is RE2 today. Look at how many different RE4’s existed, hell, Devil May Cry might as well be called RE3.5 alpha build.

    It’s not just RE either. MvC3 could have been what Ultimate is and SO MUCH MORE had they not have started that hype campaign that they did and just took their time working out all the kinks and getting in all the characters that they had planned on.

    Even though I haven’t played through the game itself, I’ve been through a lot of what capcom does and I just have to frown upon it. I can’t say that they don’t care as a whole. A lot of Capcom loves their fanbase. But the higherups at Capcom are really moneygrubbing and it’s starting to be at the cost of quality. It’s really upsetting.

  • manos17

    I loved the game! Leon’s scenario was very goood, Chris’ was my favorite from the drama perspective and Jake’s because it was like RE3. Also Ada’s campaign was amazing because it was very creepy at times!

  • tigerspaw

    A lot of the chapters felt like chores to play through. Plus, the lack of direction in the majority of the boss fights was pretty frustrating.

  • Ali

    The game did one thing well, Leon and Jake’s crossover. That was fan-bloody-tastic, apart from that, Leon’s scenario suffered with its pacing.

    You fight a certain boss 7 consecutive times! Holy shit

  • SepticTANK

    Campaign REview:

    I do have some complaints about the game, while i also feel that this is one of the best games ever made (as a whole). The campaigns did have way too many QTE’s, but the storyline is well driven especially to a RE fan like myself. I loved chris’ campaign in short due to the effect that the bio-terrorism has put on him. To see a hero of the series in shambles and troubling to cope with whats going on helped stress to the gamer the seriousness of the situation. Sadly, non-RE fans would not feel the impact as much and would rate that particular act as good, while i can see the greatness of the character development in those moments. Leons campaign was amazing right down to the very end, but the final boss was a bit overdrawn. Jakes campaign attempted the RE3 fear, but missed it by a long shot. Nemesis was so much better with crashing through windows in real-time and coming out of nowhere, again, in real time. The cutscene interruptions kill the impact of the ustanoks recurring visits to the player. As for the QTE events, way too much especially in Jakes. Me and my brother in coop achieved an astounding 15 deaths due to the abundance of them in one chapter, and all i can say is, the dying screen is no longer a simple “bummer”, but more of an annoyance at this point. As for Adas campaign, i so far have only completed the first two chapters, but the puzzle element that was brought in was very, VERY welcomed, and for a moment i felt the old RE vibe again. Lo and behold however, still no enough exploration and puzzle elements to hold what is most to old RE fans, which i hate to say too many people have forgotten. So to lay it out their, if you say you are a true RE-fan and want to make a comparison to the old style, these are the two elements your missing that make the gameplay what it was. Leons campaign did well with the horror, but still without the puzzles and exploration, doesn’t feel like the old days.

    I rate campaigns a 9/10

    General Gameplay REview:

    My gripes to this extent are nothing that can’t be fixed with some updates, but my gripes are also substantial. As a religiously devoted mercenaries player, i can pinpoint a lot of issues that mostly go unnoticed or are considered infrequent. Have you ever been trampled by a boss losing half your health, then grabbed by a dog, losing another bar (down to 2), and a bloodshot pounces hitting the dog off you and grabbing you for your last two bars of health? I have, and it happens way too often. RE 5 mercenaries had the real deal going, and when your running for top scores (ranked 6 in duo urban chaos xbl, took a LOT of time building), you have to do many melees for time building. Outside of throw type melees, you are NOT invincible during the animation anymore, which is a bit hard for me to get used to. That isn’t a large gripe 4 me, since it takes only some adjustment to. But when an enemy grabs you, you simply shouldn’t be chained for ALL your life by all the other enemies who decided to attack. Another issue is re6 has introduced down but not out state, where you can fend for yourself while awaiting your partners rescue or your own time based recovery. If your chained after the first killing blow, it’s game over. A bloodshot hits 4 two bars on his pounce – so if you only had 1 bar left, the pounce kills you, and the bite takes you to game over. This REALLY needs to be fixed. I say bring back re5’s dying system, where that recovery bar is a dying bar, have it drain a bit more quickly, but you can fire to support your partner coming to save you. Makes a bit more sense to me personally.

    All the extra moves you have available are nice, and through a combination of these i had almost survived an unbelievable situation during chapter 2 of Adas campaign. It even involved me intentionally not killing a shrieker so that the shrieker would block an acid spit that would have finished me off. Upon recovery from down but not out state, i spotted two green herbs on the ground. I rushed mashing X picking up all the goodies in that spot, proceeded to put them in my tablet case, and all of a sudden (short spoiler) the zombie with the gleaming eye key item, i picked up the item in the fray, causing the 2 second cutscene of a door opening (end spoiler). I died by a random zombie hit during that 2 second cutscene, making my epic comeback on the zombie horde a truly epic failure.

    Their are some small melee prioritizing issues i have, but nothing significant. The invincible frames coup de grace melee directly next to a head stomp melee forces you to spend much time positioning your character so you can save the mercs combo while staying safe. ammo pickup vs reload – reload should win, as when you find that small moment of space to be safe to reload, you don’t want to mash X seven times picking up ammo that, at that very moment, isn’t as important as having ammo in your gun ready to shoot.

    I didn’t find controls or camera to have any issues, i tested the eye level centering for dashing and the hud switches and you can fix any issues you have with those in options. the new style aiming reticule i haven’t messed with, as i immediately put up a yellow laser sight for that RE4-5 feel with improved confirmation (yellow seems easier for me to see then red since it’s so bright and certain areas are so dark).

    All-in-all the gameplay is 8/10, and if some of these issues were resolved (primarily the enemy being able to chain you from full health to death in an instant), i would give it a 10/10.

    I wouldn’t call myself a good reviewer when it comes to game sounds, but I can say that no game sounds got particularly annoying. Graphicly the game looks great as well and i can’t complain to that aspect either, but again another thing i don’t know how to review as i am a minecraft player as well ;).

  • A lot of ideas and stuff were the unused RE4 ideas that were scrapped and reworked into other games so I don’t get why people hate it. I mean I remember reading a post here about Resident Evil 4 the early version dubbed RE3.5 and I see things that weren’t used there that were reworked for RE6.

  • I feel bad because im a die hard RE fan but I wasnt sucked into the story like I have been for every other game. But besides that I do agreee with most reviews. It was not a good game. Even Leons amazing scenario wasnt enough to make this game enjoyable. I thought they wouldve learned from re5 but I guess not. Im hoping re7 is a real global out break. All characters killed. And we can put this legedary series to rest before Capcom ruins it even more. That way we can get the closure we deserve. & I know im gonna get a lot of downvotes but thats how I truly feel.

  • REfan

    I loved the demo and wanted to love RE6 but after clearing Leon’s campaign I was seriously dissapointed mostly as I have said elsewhere that Chris and Leon never teamed up to fight side-by-side, in fact they barely met or talked at all. The Leon and Ada moments at the end of his campaign just turned out to be plain awkward, Leon is a 36-year old man now not a naive, rookie kid who just wants to protect a girl he likes. Acting like a lovesick idiot over a woman he doesn’t really know at all and who just runs away every time… it’s embarrasing to watch. He ses a woman he believes to be Ada and goes out of his way to protect her being convinced that it’s all Simmons fault even thugh he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. The plot was terrible even after RE standards (yes, I do read the files) and the villains unoriginal and forgettable.
    The gameplay is a lot of fun and I love Jake and Sherry’s campaign (both story and gameplay wise), even Chris’s campaign is good for the most part and I found myself to enjoy it for what it is -a 3rd person shooter with not much of a plot besides Chri’s peronal traumas (although the effords to make it scary felt plain awkward). Leon’s campaign was just an atmospheric shooter, not the return to good ole horror as I was hoping for.

  • bill

    I really love this game. Leon’s is definitely the best, I also really enjoyed adas, except for her last chapter which to me was the worst in the entire game. I don’t understand all the vehicle sequences. Yeah, they look cool, but thats it. they are a pain in the ass to play. no fun at all. It really baffles me why capcom put so many of them in this game because they really disrupt the flow of otherwise very enjoyable gameplay.Thats really my only complaint though. everything else is stellar to me. Some seriously awesome locations in this game as well. Some of the best.
    Also, I’m a huge RE music fan and I was somewhat disappointed in the score. Its much more movie-like, but there are barely any memorable songs or melodies that get stuck in your head like the old games(police station, suspended doll, City without hope, etc etc etc.) AND WHERES THE SAVE THEME?!?! I was bummed to not hear a signature bitter sweet yet eerie save theme thats been a staple in the series music. oh well haha, only a minor complaint.

  • Cutcopy85

    There’s really nothing wrong with the plot, it’s clever, the way it intertwines and the answers aren’t truly answered until Ada’s scenario is unlocked, like I said, very clever. Unlike previous titles in which the storyline is quite linear. Also the files you unlock through finding the serpent emblems are very informative and I applaud capcom for taking this route, because realistically you wouldn’t find files and bits of paper left around for all to read, not of the nature they are.

    I honestly can’t get my head around some of the reviews, even at face value the game is amazingly made, the graphics are beautiful! I’m very suspicious about anyone who says 4 was the best entry in the series, it makes me think that they’ve picked the series up at that point and haven’t played previous titles, thus saying its lost its horror it was known for…4 wasn’t particularly scary, and personally I think 4 is one of the ugliest and far fetched and ridiculous entries in the series to date. The colours are dull, the ancient las plagas thing was unbelievable, and the characters walking around dressed like they lived in the 1800’s was a joke.

    The series has grown up, the viral outbreak is no longer contained so the military presence is inevitable. I haven’t been scared by a resident evil title since the first…it was new, I didn’t know what to expect, now I do, so anything sold has horror really does struggle to put the willies up me…that’s not a bad thing.

    Personally I haven’t enjoyed a game like I did with 6 in a long time. I have 50/50 achievements, 60% completed the game (in the records), and I’m still playing it daily…can’t be that bad. 8.5/10.

  • murray

    I’m sorry but it was a bag of shit, all campaigns were over the top, all out action styled pieces of crap. As if Capcom was giving us a huge middle finger to go sit on. Capcom has turned its back on us the survival horror fans.

  • I have played the Resident Evil 6 game. So far I am on Jake’s levels and completed Leon’s as well. I really do enjoy the game. I understand alot of people wanted it to be like Old RE but that is not the world we live in today. Not everyone likes it. Capcom is a business that needs to make money and they tried really hard to cater to alot of fans in this one. This is SO much better than the 5th one. I don’t get all the negative reviews. the way i see it is games are supposed to be fun… if it is fun to you than that’s all that matters.

  • Just a note for the camera issues. In the settings change the last ones from zero to 15 it makes it alot easier to see. I do have a minor issue with the tablet stuff it is a pain in the but to use but alas its okay. I am not saying the game is a masterpiece but it is a great game I would rate it 8.5/10. The multiplayer is the best way to go. I love playing online with people it is a better experience as a whole.


    not really related, but heres a petition for the resident evil 2 remake, this guy knows what hes doing. the petition is already more than 20,000 signatures strong and everytime it gains a thousand signatures, he forwards it to capcom every way he can, to show that there is support for the remake, which apparently will get them making it for us… so everyone who wants a remake as much as i do, or even if you just want to be helpful, please sign it and share it with whoever you can, t get this thing going

  • Giba

    I think the whole sequence of all games are quiet amazing and one lead to another. Historically the virus was just a baby and now have great effects and can be “controlled” I don’t know why those “fans” wants to have a game thats same forever. I like the evolution of game (virus) and ofc as anything in human history leads to war. I found the ‘Bio Tech Terrorism’ such a great concept and yes I loved to play Chris campaign I think it have more passion and survival than others. Leon’s campaign most gonna call it out as best just because brings back resident evil 1 and 2 scenarios but i found it quiet boring. There are not enough puzzles to make this campaign back to survival horror from RE 1 and 2. I hope they make another 1 since Chris Campaign leads to it and so does Ada’s. I love resident evil it is the best game ever. I even watch gameplays of other people in youtube just to see how everyone plays diferent or react. Since RE1 i played all of them, if the fans can’t see the evolution of game/virus and know that sequences will be different than 1 and 2 they should look for another game.


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