reHorror: Resident Evil 6: One month later…

“Taken by itself, Resident Evil 6‘s Leon scenario is now my new favorite Resident Evil experience. My new favorite video game experience of all time. I can’t say the same for Resident Evil 6 as a whole, but Leon’s scenario is truly special. Those 8 hours provided the most memorable gaming experience i’ve had all year, and it resulted in a scenario that has dethroned Resident Evil 2 for me.”

I wrote those words in my review for Resident Evil 6 a month ago, where I gave the title a 9 out of 10. Here we are, one month later, and things have certainly changed…

Don’t get me wrong, I still stick by my final score for the game, it truly is an overall package worthy of a 9 for me. But after replaying each campaign a few times, I’ve come to a conclusion I never thought I would reach: Resident Evil 6 just isn’t that fun anymore. So, instead of erasing parts of my review altogether, I’m just going to give you guys my updated take on the game in this column. But to answer it straight up: Resident Evil 2 is still my favorite Resident Evil experience. And in case you’re wondering, I do think Revelations is better than Resident Evil 6. Ultimately, this isn’t just an issue with Resident Evil 6, it’s an issue with modern games in general…

When it comes to this series, each main entry always had me extremely motivated to replay them again and again. It’s been like that since the first time I completed all of Resident Evil 2’s scenarios (a game I play basically everyday…), and continued to be the case with the main games that followed. Of course, some I replay more than others.

Resident Evil 2 is basically like a religion to me. Resident Evil 4 is another game I’ve replayed to hell and back on every platform it’s been released on, minus the PC. And a trip back to Raccoon City, being pursued by Nemmy, is always welcome. And surprisingly, I replay the original Resident Evil (Director’s Cut on PSN) more than I replay the Remake. Yeah, go figure. But when it comes to the latest entries (Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Revelations and 6), only one game succeeded in truly being as replayable an experience as the classic games. That game is not Resident evil 6, it’s Revelations.

Resident Evil 6 failed to keep me interested in replaying it over and over, even Leon’s amazing scenario which I still love, but it in no way dethrones Resident Evil 2 for me. When I first played it, I did truly believe this, though It was just the thrill of that intiial playthrough and how memorable it was, making me actually believe I loved it more than Resident Evil 2. But that’s not the case a month later.

Like I stated before, this has been the case with most modern games I’ve played. Once I beat them initially, I don’t have much incentive to go back for more playthroughs. Though with Resident Evil 6, you do have quite a lot of content to keep the disc spinning in your console for a good while, and plus you have the always fun Mercenaries mode. But after going through each scenario a few times, it’s just not the same as replaying the classic PS1 games. Sure, those games are old and look dated now, but there’s just this special sense of excitement I get revisiting them, even though I’ve beaten them countless times.

Today’s games focus a lot on big set-piece moments. That’s not a bad thing entirely, but modern blockbuster titles seem to rely on that a little too much. They try to replicate the thrill of watching action films. This leads to games feeling quite scripted, so once you beat it, you pretty much know what to expect next time you play through it. And also, there’s a lot of hand-holding in a lot of today’s games, making them quite easy after you know exactly what to do and where to go. This applies to Resident Evil 6 somewhat. I was amazed the first two times I went through Leon’s scenario, truly. But going back to it now, I find myself quitting the game after like, 15 minutes with it. I’d much rather replay Resident Evil 2 and fully immerse myself in its eerie, albeit pre-rendered, atmosphere. Even if I know when all the scares are and when they’ll hit…

Yes, I still think Resident Evil 6 deserves a 9. But, of course, that’s my own personal opinion. It’s a game that is definitely one of the year’s best for me, despite Revelations still being the better Resident Evil game this year. I definitely do suggest buying it if you haven’t already. Yeah, it’s getting loads of mixed reviews, but it’s definitely worth your time. And plus, we have a big title update coming mid-December which will allow players to change the game’s camera settings. And as we all know, the game’s camera proved to be quite troublesome for many…

Are you still playing Resident Evil 6, one month after its launch? Or are you like me and find yourself not really excited to replay the scenarios again? I can’t be alone, right?! It’s like I always argued back even before Resident Evil 6 came out: If the game fails to live up to expectations, we still have the classic games, those aren’t going anywhere.

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  • blawlz

    I agree, it really doesn’t have much replay value. I ran through Leon’s by my lonesome, once with a friend, and didn’t feel like doing it all over once I got to chapter 5 on the third run. After playing all the scenarios I’ll say it was definitely worth picking up, but I really only see myself replaying half the campaigns now and then. Oh well, maybe there will be story DLC(Like LiN..)

  • i only hope mikami returns to series someday cause im still waiting a truly next gen survival expirience that only the old classic gived to us .

  • I’ve been mostly focused on collector’s items like the Serpent Emblems and getting all of the skills to complete the game. Though I still play the Campaign, it of course won’t be as exciting anymore. I’ve been playing the heck out of Mercs though as well as some Agent Hunt (A mode I love and hate at the same time really). I have to say 6 is my favorite RE game despite all of its changes, and I agree it should have at least a 9 on the scoring. Unfortunately, like you stated, the game’s focus on the scripted action sequences become too easy to predict and aren’t as fun as the first few times (but this is pretty much the same as all games nowadays like you said previously). After playing RE4 a few times, the same happened. But I still play RE6 almost everyday and generally just stick to Mercenaries for the most part. Once No Hope Left mode becomes available I’m going to try that out and hopefully it will last me awhile until the rest of the DLC modes release.

  • Xander

    I get the feeling that too many new games are trying to be like action movies (like you said) so much that they almost forget about the whole “game” part. It’s one of many things I don’t like about the Uncharted series. Take away the cutscenes, and the experience is vastly diminished.

  • petrol

    I agree!!! I thought this would be my game of the year, but I only played through it once and got bored 😮

  • As with all modern games, you are being spoon fed…It’s the company’s attempt to get new players to buy a console and/or the game. They want something they can be introduced to…LONG-winded scripted scenes help with that. I think one of the things that was amazing about RE2 was all of the things that were hidden. To find something, it wasn’t always this sparkling object in the room. To figure out where you were going or how to solve a puzzle, you found yourself back tracking A LOT and it was the sense of “What the hell did I miss?” that made you want to go back and play again. The current titles are very linear. They let you know where to go by a push of a button. You don’t have a maze of rooms you have to search through to figure out what you missed in order to solve a puzzle and advance. RE titles, now, let you advance just because you lived to a certain check point. I miss the typewriter and saving (too much…as I did) and trying to save ink ribbons. I think it added a certain anxiety to the games that kept it interesting. Now, it’s just RUN AND GUN your way through and if you survive to the check point…HUZZAH…you keep going. Also, I think the detail has become to realistic. I remember older games and a lot of it was up to your imagination. Certainly, the zombies had their pixel-ated gore and what have you, but I think that’s what added to the fun. The undead were as terrifying as your imagination could run with the idea. Now, capcom spoon feeds you what your imagination used to be able to run with and scare the shit out of you when you laid down in bed in the dark. Now, you know that the undead need to look a certain way, or that the dark eerie corner is intended to be a dark and eerie corner…before, in the pixel days, that corner may have just been a corner, but due to technology, it was something you dreaded walking around because of the “shadowing” caused by the graphics. Even horror films are getting too crisp. But I think we all need to take this as par for the course. We keep demanding more, and when the companies give us more, we bitch that it’s not the same or it’s not good enough, or BOTH…I think we need to stop expecting and start, simply, enjoying. It’s our fault the companies felt they needed to go this far, because we pushed them to this…and now we whine about it because it’s not how we imagined it…or our imaginations took a vacation because we don’t need it anymore. At this point, I doubt there is any turning back…it will never be how it was.

  • SteveREfan1

    OMG…why did you write another article about how wonderful Leons campaign was!? I think we’ve gathered that in your other 2 articles about Leons campaign and the game in general…

  • Sherman Hakim

    capcom was right about the “no hope left” tagline, the only horror that i felt about re6 is that the scary part of resident evil games now are completely gone and that freaked the shit out of me, being replaced by the cinematic bullshit and online mode that plagued most of the games nowadays, and the thing that really piss me off is capcom put ada in the game for leon’s love interest (orwhatsofuckineverreason, don’t forget they added helena too, leon got two pussies) and sherry for wesker’s bastard child but they didn’t put jill or any female character for chris’s story instead of piers..i mean…SAY WHAT!..what am i supposed to fantasized?…piers cleans chris’s “rifle”?!!!…
    i mean what title is this? brokeback evil or resident mountain..fuck ..okay this comment make me look like a sick person, i admit that..but i think that’s still unfair for chris, poor chris…i want my jill’s sandwich crapcom! let’s pray resident evil 7 will be better than this, capcom can learn from dead space to make the game tense and still full of action and cinematic feels, well…at least i still can play resident evil 4, 5 and revelations,for me to this date those games still fun and have high replay values

    • katarokinimoto

      okay, to set one thing straight, 6 may not be all that great, but it is still better than RE5, I will not even argue that. That game was pure bullshit with an ad campaign that promised everything the game wouldn’t deliver. “fear you can’t forget” don’t think so! RE4 was actually scarier than RE6 when I think about it, definitely not a compliment for 6 lol. Definitely didn’t top RE2, though aside from navigation the game holds your hand a lot less than other games which was refreshing. Now if they could just make a game that doesn’t hold your hand at all that’d be great. It is rated M for 17+ right? Seems like they make these games for 5 year olds nowadays.

    • daielen

      u do know helena has no love interest in leon what so ever. thats like saying chris was interested in sheva or jessica which is what your implying with piers. ada was the most important character in the game. she was the true star in the game. if anything leon was added as the love intrest.

    • Janus

      Capcom keeps hinting at a relationship between Chris and Jill, yet never divulges any information about it other than they’re partners. So far as I am concerned, there is no relationship other than friends and professional colleagues. Same for Leon and Ada – there’s always a hint at but nothing is explicitly stated. The fact that you’re looking for romantic/sexual relationships between the characters says a little bit more about you than you may have intended. And I mean come on – if something were going to happen between Chris and Jill, it would have happened already. It’s been what, 16 years now?


    id say if tracked all the resi games being played they’d be shocked to find that people prefer and play the original, ps1 games to any of the newer games, and maybe they’d realise that we’d rather a game like them instead of these big action pieces. but of course selling 80,000 copies of re6 is gonna make them think action pays. they dont realise that with re6 the thing that got everybody hyped was that they thought it was the return of survival horror…

  • Prav

    Game was shit no thought pit into it and for you to keep making more posts on it is more annoying than the game itself just leave it alone it failed and you can’t accept that for some reason

  • underthescope

    sorry jorge but giving the game a 9/10 is absolutely absurd! deserves no more than 6/10 or 7/10 (if ur generous)

    the game is nothing but repetitive garbage where you do nothing but go from one room to the next and fire away. do i also need to talk about the crappy inventory system, the clunky fighting system, the irritating camera, the qte infestation, the incredibly cheap/pathetic *dying* aspect where ur partner crappily thumps u on the chest to *revive* you, the lack of any suspense/horror/tension elements etc etc etc?

    the problem is resident evil fans, who are so stubborn and blinded by brand loyalty that the series future is gonna be nothing but action garbage because socalled *fans*, who dont criticise where criticism is due, will support it.

    the game is a massive letdown – its just another game that has plagiarised its gameplay mechanics from already existing third person shooters that have flooded this generation of consoles.

    • daielen

      i dont see how the game is that bad. how is it worse than 5. the inventory is actually way better than 5 and is good if u actually take the fricken time to learn a game. i swear i think most people just suck at games now days. the melle and combat also works perfectly fine. i never had trouble with camera. the only problem i ever had was with the stupid health tablets and the fricken moving. seriously people there are way worser games that got better scores. stop being butt hurt about resident evil changing. there is alot in the game and alot was put into it. dang.

  • SirBretty

    Ive enjoyed 6. Ive been quite busy since getting it on release day so Ive not played it as much as planned but Ive enjoyed the initial experience and actually have the urge to go back to it and play again, something 5 failed to entice me with.

    6 isnt the best in the series but it has successfully introduced new characters i give a crap about and provided moments that made me think “yeah… this is awesome.” i find the way of telling the full story to be brilliant personally and Im glad that multiple scenarios are finally back.

    A problem many of the fans overlook is that their evolving through life has shaped their interpretation of whether the game is scary or not. I was raised on horror movies and survival horror games so I knew most of the tricks that the game was going to throw at me but friends playing the game were not had a different reaction for parts where i just accepted it was going to happen.
    The problem was the game offered quite a few nostalgic throwbacks in terms of scares (falling bodies and corpses on floor) but it didnt have the effect the developers hoped for, because fans knew what was occuring.

    I think 6 is a great game and hopefully 7 builds on it and they realise that fans loved Leons campaign the most. If they do then the “experiment” of 6 will have paid off. I like the way each campaign requires different tactics but I know many dont.

  • manos17

    I loved RE6, I ‘ve played all the campaigns some times and I still like it, but I ‘m not so excited to replay it again & again as I did with RE5 & 4. Before even finishing RE5 in the first playthrough I wanted to start it over.(XD) I think I feel this way about RE6 because it’s too linear.. Even RE5 had a level of exploration.. (kind of).. Still love RE6 though and especially Leon’s & Ada’s scenarios.!

  • daielen

    i swear the best option for resident evil to take is to go back and do a game like revelations and give a option for tank controls and fixed camerae angels like they did for lost in nightmare but even then people will still complain about something like they do now days. what happened to the zombies i want zombies not ooze. well we got zombies in 6 and u still hate it. if they dont add new things then people will complain its getting repetitive. there is honestly just no one to please the resident evil fans cus u guys just cry over whatever. u complain to complain. its sad.

  • Jake_Indiman

    I have to agree with DC Evans. Resident Evil 6. IMHO has wonderful set pieces and production values. I do truly love the game. However, in the past few years game companies have been pushed by their audience to release better graphics and better scripts. Core gameplay may have been relaxed to gain a larger audience. In retaliation, older game players with their rose colored nostalgia glasses, complain that the game design is flawed, not challenging enough, not like the older titles, etc. So yeah, I do believe, it’s the audience’s fault, that modern games are designed this way. I also think nostalgia is a dangerous thing, it brings out the mindset of being closed minded. Which brings out the question. If RE 6 had a completely different name not part of the RE frachise, and that it featured all new characters, would it have scored better?

  • I’ve stopped playing it after 1 week. Litterally.
    And I’m surely more happy to play with re2 again than this.

  • You are truly delusional. The game was horrid.

  • You nailed it right on the head. I found myself do the same thing. I played the entire game and after finishing it all I wanted to do was play Leon’s scenario. But half way into it I lost interest with RE6 all together. It’s still a great game but it lacked replay-ability.

  • i just recently got this game.
    All low score reviews about RE6 are all trash and lies!

    this game is amazing, it has so much epic moments!
    Just finished Leon’s chapter, great experience and the best so far.

    the game is damn good!
    definitely better than the demo that was released.

    worth every penny!
    a lot put into the production. the game is very deep and rich with contents.

  • i really don’t think resivil6 deserves a 4.5. but i can say a rating of 9 surely belongs to spec ops: the line for this year. it had more horror vibe than resivil 6 and that game didn’t have monsters…….or did it?


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