reHorror: Imagining Resident Evil 6

Back in late July we received one very telling image from a user on our forum that was taken at a behind-closed-doors Capcom press conference at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, presumably. Said image gave us a look at not only Resident Evil 6’s logo, but also an actual date. This date wasn’t for the game’s release, of course, but rather its official reveal. With September 15th being right around the corner, right in time for TGS 2011, it looks like Capcom is set to make quite an El Gigante-sized announcement for Resident Evil fans at the venue.

With that being said, I figured I should pitch in with my personal expectations for what Resident Evil 6 should be. Firstly, I want to point out something rather interesting about the series and its main, numbered entries. Resident Evil 1 introduced us to the now-classic, Chris and Jill, Resident Evil 2 brought us Leon and Cliare, Resident Evil 3 brought back Jill, Resident Evil 4 saw the return of Leon and Resident Evil 5 saw a pumped-up Chris come back. Notice the pattern? Sure, it may not be intentional on Capcom’s part, but it sure is interesting. So, having said that, let’s start off with what character from the series’ memorable cast should be the one to headline Resident Evil 6.

It’s been far too long and Resident Evil 6 presents the perfect opportunity for Capcom to put the spotlight back on the series’ other classic female lead, Claire Redfield. Yes, Chris needs to move over and pass the torch down to his sister (and seriously, I think Chris and Jill need to be given some rest post-Revelations). The last time we were graced with a Claire-led Resident Evil title was with the release of Code:Veronica X. Technically speaking, though, the last time we saw Claire in the series’ lore was with the release of the CGI film, Degeneration. So she hasn’t exactly been entirely absent from the series, she just hasn’t been given the attention she deserves. Resident Evil 6 should definitely be the game to change all that.

When it comes to Claire’s stories within the series’ lore, she’s always been on the search for her brother. That won’t be the case anymore if she’s to star in Resident Evil 6. Here she should be given an enitrely new motivation in her personal tale, perhaps aiming to pick up where her brother left off in his fight against bio-weapons. Despite being on the side of good, Claire isn’t exactly on any “official” side when it comes to the series’ recent protagonistic factions (the government which Leon serves or the BSAA) as far as we know. I mean, she declined Leon’s offer to join him on his endeavors to continue the fight against bio-terrorism and we don’t know of any ties she has with the BSAA, aside from the obvious one being that she’s related by blood to one of its founding members. So where does that put Claire in Resident Evil 6? Personally, I would love for her to remain under a strong, independent light– which is something I really love seeing done with female protagonists, regardless of genre.

But what horrors shall Claire confront in Resident Evil 6? We already know Revelations will have ties with the upcoming sixth main entry in the franchise, so that’s a solid foundation, going from what we know about said 3DS exclusive thus far.

There’s two significant things, that’s known thus far, about Revelations that could easily tie into 6’s potential plot.The first thing is Veltro and their new viral threat: the T-Abyss virus. We still don’t know the indentity of this new terrorist organization’s head honcho (it’s a topic of major discussion, though), but we know that he’s definitely backing his claim of him and his group being sent from the depths of the inferno. He does so by aiming to infect 1/5th of the world’s waters with the new water-based virus. Yes, T-Abyss, as opposed to the series’ past viruses, is water-based, which is greatly complemented by the luxury cruise ship serving as a major setting, with it being completely surrounded by water and whatnot. But how can Resident Evil 6 possibly once again feature the T-Abyss virus, or rather, some variation of it?

Let’s get a little scientific here: Our body is composed of many things, with water being one of the major components, unless you’re already dead…We inhale it and drink it, we’re always consuming it on a daily basis, normally. So, when going back to the T-Abyss virus and its water-based roots, it’s not hard to imagine how said virus can be expanded upon and taken to another level. By ‘another level’ I mean greatly increasing its threat level. How to go on about this? Well, imagine how much more deadly the T-Abyss virus can be if Veltro (if they survive post-Revelations), or maybe another company (I’ll be getting to this in a bit), comes back to spread the virus in a city where many, many people are situated in. Hell, let’s all be honest (especially if you’re living in the currently flood-prone areas) some of us are already in fear of H20 and the destructive effects it could have by flooding, both on property and human life. Oh yeah, and the T-Abyss virus should also have some redeeming side-effects on the deceased. You know, so we can have our classic zombies.

Now let’s go to the second main connection Resident Evil 6 could and should share with Revelations: the inclusion of the Organization. With it, of course, comes the potential for another classic character to make a return to the series and another one to finally be revealed.

While we don’t really know much about him, we do know that one of Revelations’ new faces, Raymond Vester is, in fact, a member of the Organization on some level and he’ll probably end up taking a T-Abyss sample by game’s end and sending it to his higher-up(s). Does the Organization ring any bells, though? It should, but you won’t be ridiculed if it doesn’t since this, um, organization hasn’t really been given a proper in-your-face treatment as opposed to Umbrella, Tricell and now, Veltro. Basically, the Organization served as a major, underground, rival to Umbrella, with their goal being to take possession of the giant pharmaceutical corporation’s viruses for their own, personal use. Most importantly, Albert Wesker and Ada Wong served as two of the main heads of the group. Well, Albert’s gone now, presumably leaving Ada as something close to the main brain of the operation.

While Ada is mostly associated with Leon, it would be quite nice and truly refreshing to see a female lead going up against a female antagonist, with Claire and Ada going, pedicured, toe-to-toe with each other. It’s also very possible that Ada does indeed hold a sample of every major virus the Organization sought to take from Umbrella. So we could also see a combination of all these viral threats in Resident Evil 6, with the T-Abyss aiding to help it spread easily via a city’s water supply perhaps. Just imagine the collateral damage that would cause. And, as aforementioned, with Ada having a prominent role in the game, Leon may not be that far behind. But I must stress that I really want Capcom to make Claire the main face of RE6. Especially since Leon has already had a role in two of the greatest games in the series, if not the greatest. It’s time to share some accolades with Claire, Leon. So if Capcom really wants to put Leon in the game, then a supporting role should suffice. Unless Resident Evil 6 will once again adopt its predecessor’s co-op style, but I’ll dive into that a bit later.

There’s one other potential villain we could see in this game, though. Thus far he’s been kept entirely in the shadows, with only a small, but revealing, reference to him in one of the files you find in Resident Evil 5’s ‘Lost in Nightmares’ DLC. Yes, I’m talking about Alex Wesker.

Talk about being abusive to a woman: Yeah, Wesker wasn’t exactly…nice to Chris’ little sister in their first meeting in Code: Veronica (as pictured above and then continued with Wesker throwing and kicking Claire around). But that’s Albert, let’s talk about Alex. Dead or alive (it’s speculated that he may have been killed by Spencer somehow), Alex Wesker could potentially be a very strong fill-in for Albert after he was apparently offed in Resident Evil 5. In said game’s ‘Lost in Nightmares’ DLC we learned a bit about Alex. Basically, he’s the 12th of 13 test subjects of Project W which, in Spencer’s own words, aims to create a “superior race of humans.” Albert was, of course, one of those 13 subjects and the one who actually got all the recognition, though Spencer does acknowledge Alex’s superior intelligence and loyalty. He didn’t stay loyal for long, though…

Alex was tasked by Spencer to create a virus that would grant the user immortality. In this case, it was for Spencer, seeing as how he was quite sick and fragile– ultimately being killed by Albert. This quest for immortality succeeded, and Alex did, in fact, find the answer to prolonged life, but after doing so he vanished, betraying Spencer. His whereabouts are unknown, but he may end up having ties with the Organization, a group that would obviously have a substantial amount of interest in the virus Alex was able to create. So, with the Organization playing a role in Revelations, we may end up learning some more about Alex and hell, he may end up getting a full-blown reveal in Resident Evil 6 as the main villain, possibly alongside Ada as one of the top officials of the Organization.

With all this talk about Resident Evil 6 you know damn well I can’t go on and publish this without giving my personal opinion on the whole “survival horror vs. survival action” debate which sprouted post-Resident Evil 5. Well, I’ve been a Resident Evil fan since I was a small kid, and back then, the series’ early entries scared me shitless. So, yeah, I want that feeling to come back with Resident Evil 6.

It’s been a while since we felt truly afraid while going through a Resident Evil title, what with the latest numbered entry, Resident Evil 5, going full-blown action-movie mode (it was still awesome, though). We ended up getting post-launch DLC support for said sequel with the most notable content, especially to hardcore fans longing for the series’ horror glory days, definitely being ‘Lost in Nightmares’. This DLC ‘episode’ brought back a sense of horror to the series, and it was also quite nostalgic what with you going through the Spencer Estate which happened to share many aesthetic similarities with the Trevor Mansion from the first game. That wasn’t all there was to it, though. While going through the estate’s tight corridors and prison area, players (taking on the role of either Chris or Jill) were faced with huge, axe-wielding monstrosities. Yeah, this was a much more “authentic” Resident Evil experience than the main game it was expanding upon.

Going back to co-op, which was a heavy focus in the main campaign and its DLC offerings, ‘Lost in Nightmares’ presented the perfect way to do a cooperative mode while still instilling a sense of fear in the player. You had several moments interspered throughout the, sadly brief, experience that split you and your partner apart, leaving you to find a way to reach them or get them out of harm’s way. This is what I would love to see done in Resident Evil 6 if Capcom decides to once again make co-op a strong focus. Solving puzzles and desperately trying to get your partner out of traps would be good ways of exercising the game’s potential co-op focus. This would mean that Claire would have to be teamed up with another character. Leon immediately comes to mind, but as I have been suggesting before, he’s already been heavily exposed when compared to Claire. So having him always by your side would kind of kill the point of having Claire take on the main role in the player’s eyes. So, perhaps a new character shall be introduced? Hell, I wouldn’t mind.

But I would rather have a solo experience with Resident Evil 6. And I have hope that it could be done brilliantly with what Capcom has learned post-Resident Evil 5. Bring back limited supplies of ammunition and health items. Bring back terrifying BOWs that will make you want to run at times instead of sticking around to shoot them down. Bring all of that back with Resident Evil 6, Capcom. No more Merchants mysteriously always appearing in every area you reach and no more being able to purchase weapons, ammo, health items and other supplies in between chapters. I want to see Resident Evil 4/5’s proven over-the-shoulder view greatly complemented by limited resources to make for one hell of a survival horror experience, just like Lost in Nightmares succeeded in providing, albeit its brevity.

But, as any Resident Evil veteran can tell you, the actual setting is also another thing Capcom has to get right in order to make Resident Evil 6 a true survival horror experience. This is where Capcom would have to look back at the series’ memorable locales to help shape where Claire will be pit in to “enter the world of survival horror” once more.

Think back to the original three games and each of their settings: the Trevor mansion, the RPD and its immediate surroundings and the streets and many locales of Raccoon City, respectively. With Resident Evil 6 I don’t want to see an abundance of expansive, open areas (especially not in broad daylight!) . Instead, I want to see the return of confining, dread-inducing complex-like areas, which we’re already seeing returning to the series with Revelations. I’m not saying that I want to see yet another mansion, but a huge complex with many confining corridors would be more than suitable. And, of course, litter it with BOWs that would stop at nothing to see Claire dead.

Or maybe we could get another city to run through, bringing back memories of Raccoon City. Yeah, this would sort of fall under the “expansive areas” I’d like to see avoided, but it could be done right, just like in Resident Evil 3’s case. You’ll be able to run through the city’s streets and confined alleyways as you get from locale to locale, giving players the best of both worlds when it comes to settings in the franchise. Going through open areas could bring about hordes of enemies to fight or run from, most likely the latter. Picture having to go through an entire horde of BOWs in order to get to perhaps an apartment building on another part of town. These moments in between the confined areas could prove to offer some intense sequences in which your heart will always be pounding as you’re trying to reach the next locale. Then you find out it isn’t so safe in the enclosed locale anyway…But that’s the beauty of what Resident Evil 6 could be if they decide to take a city-approach again and mix it with the classic games’ enclosed settings.

Now, I saved the best for last. Like most of you, I too am quite eager to learn more about a particular character’s fate and current standing. Yeah, you know who I’m alluding to.

Ah, Sherry, where have you gone to? From what we know, Sherry is currently under the watchful eye of the government and used to also be under surveillence by Wesker, until he died, of course. After the ending of Resident Evil 2, Leon and Claire were rescued by US officials and Sherry was taken into custody by the government. Sherry was then used to make Leon work for said government with Sherry being kept safe in return. Then Wesker comes in, having his carefully placed spies keeping a watchful eye on Sherry. The rest is unknown. Sherry is one of the plot threads in the series that has been, unfortunately kept dangling up until this point. It’s time to see her story arc picked up again in Resident Evil 6.

To add to that, Claire and Sherry shared a very significant bond in Resident Evil 2, so having Sherry make a return would be quite welcome and very, very satisfying to finally witness. Hell, if Capcom does opt to once again focus strongly on co-op, Sherry would be quite an interesting partner to have (think AMY). We could see many enhancements to the game’s overall horror experience with Sherry being at your side. Of course, she’s older now, so she could most likely defend herself to some capacity, but she’s not really as experienced as Claire is, so protecting her would still be a priority. Or she may end up being a villain, which is something we can’t completely rule out since, you know, she’s the daughter of one of the series’ most memorable baddies and creator of the G-Virus, William Birkin.

Having Sherry as the main antagonist (or one of them) in Resident Evil 6 would make for one very interesting dynamic: Claire is picking up where her brother left off in his fight against bio-weapons and Sherry is continuing what her father started when he created the G-Virus, honoring his memory. Daddy’s little girl is all grown up now and she may be out for blood, possibly even serving the Organization (hey, it could happen). One thing’s for sure, if this does in fact end up happening, we’re going to be in for one very emotional tale as we see Claire going up against someone she once cared deeply for, in an almost maternal way (because Annette wasn’t really much of a mom to Sherry anyway).

 So those are my personal expectations for Resident Evil 6. Sure, we may not see all of them be realized, but you must admit some of what I covered does seem quite likely, like Claire serving as the main character and aspects from Revelations playing a huge role. Some of these things may be wishful thinking, like finally seeing the return of Sherry. But regardless of what does end up being Resident Evil 6, I strongly believe that Capcom has learned a good deal from the overall reaction Resident Evil 5 was met with by the series’ loyal fanbase and they’re definitely not aiming to once again upset those who made the series reach this level of importance in the industry.

This week is quite an important one for Resident Evil fans, especially if Resident Evil 6 does, in fact, get announced as has been heavily rumored. By this same time next week we could all be watching Resident Evil 6’s reveal trailer for the 600th time, dissecting every single frame of it. I’m ready to enter the world of survival horror once more, are you?

*A very, El Gigante-sized special thanks to my good friend, Hamid, for the Claire fan art!*

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    You have a lot of tougths and expectations about the game and i wish i could feel that way xD

    I am going to be very happy if they really show something about RE 6 but i am kinda afraid to be disapointed just with the trailer xD

    I am kinda lost with the organisations, really… Capcom goign to do an entire new evil organistacion with each game now? I really hope they stop doing this terrorist stuff and focus on a more tragic scenario (like Raccon)

    And yes, Claire is deffinetly the best option here…i would love to see Rebeca as well

  • FightTheGoodFight

    Great read! I personally think RE needs to be rebooted like they’ve spoken about before. I personally enjoyed RE4/RE5 a lot, regardless of 5 straddling a very fine line between the feel of resident evil and the feel of any other third person action game; I enjoyed it.

    I would love to see re6 take the route 3.5 was going. That looked to be massively intense, horrifying and still had the feel of resident evil but refreshed. it was freaky, but it brought new elements to the games formula.

  • Smiley

    I think it’s a mistake to predict something based on a ‘pattern’. Technically speaking the outline of the game is what matters, and returning (sometimes plyable) characters vary. Code Veronica started off with Claire, but ended with Chris. Jill and Ada were player characters that ended up behind the scenes for recent sequels and given re-released games to add specifically to that canon.

    Not counting any bonus or minigames here’s what follows for the main campaign.

    RE Zero: Rebecca and Billy.
    RE1: Chris, Jill and Rebecca.
    RE2: Leon, Claire, Ada and Sherry.
    RE3: Jill and Carlos.
    RE:CVX (a main entry that might as well be the true sequel to RE2): Claire, Steve and Chris.
    RE4: Leon and Ashley.
    RE5: Chris and Sheva.

    Now if we counted minigames with influence we’d have HUNK in RE2, Ada in RE4 and Jill and Josh in RE5.

    If we counted the chronicles games we’d have nearly all of the characters as playable.

    Spin off games vary. We have the Outbreak cast, the Gun Survivor cast (which includes the Code Veronica characters), and recently we’ve got Operation: Raccoon City to look forward to.

    With genuine sequels that lack a number we’ve got Code Veronica and recently we’ll be having Revelations starring Chris and Jill along with other player characters to choose from.

    The point being we can’t expect Claire off the bat. I’d like a female lead as much as the next person. I’m actually hoping Jill has more time in Revelations than she’s gotten in RE5. But I’m a realist and I’m sure it’ll balance out with gameplay from Chris and the new characters.

    As for RE6 there’s two ways I’d go about it.

    1. A reboot with a new cast of characters. Forget DMCs reboot. Resident Evil actually needs a restart. It would benefit the focus on horror to introduce characters that we don’t know. All the characters in RE so far we are familiar with. We know what Jill and Chris are capable of, and how toning them back on the action wouldn’t be effective after a game like RE5. This is where Revelations is sure to meet a conflict. How can you make a game scary again when your characters are now more than capable of handling themselves in these situations?

    Or perhaps they won’t shy away from the action that’s built up over the years. In that case you need to end it yet leave room for more. So why not have all the characters involved? Give us a game with Chris, Jill, Leon and Claire all tied in. Perhaps focus on how Wesker planned and made preparations in case he died for a new outbreak. Include returning characters like Ada, Steve, Sherry or possibly Nicholai. Give us the “MGS4” of sequels minus the forced retcons.

  • zach mattingly

    they could bring back resident evil 3.5 i mean it could make sense as a plot and bring back characters like ark thompson and maybe sherry and explain arks friendship with leon

  • KoRnCreep

    That`s what I was talking about, to ressurect Resident Evil 3.5
    Anyway I wonna see Leon and Claire in RE6. I had enough of Chris (PS3,360,PC version >_<)
    Leon must be the main character he is my fave. Even if I dont like co-op it`s obvious that RE6 will have it.
    The only problem is that we are gonna have to wait till 2013 for the RE6.
    Oh and BTW I hope Capcom release the game at the same time for PC and consoles.
    RE5 was total framerate mess on a PS3, with 360 beeing better with textures and resolution and PC a way to go.
    On my rig RE5 runs @1080p over 200fps so for next RE I really dont wonna buy a console version, do you hear me Crapcom??!!

  • killer89

    What the hell you are talking about, jorge?

    Wesker and Claire met twice on veronica: once in the rockfort island, and once in the Antarctica near the end of the game, when wesker captured her during the escape from the facility.

  • Lelouch

    I would like to have Leon back for RE6 but it does seem more fair if Claire returns as the leading character cause in this game there will be new features and it only seems fair if Claire is in it. Or Rebecca or Billy!!

  • trylobyte

    I thought Code Veronica was kinda ‘Claire’s game’? Anyway, I wanted Barry to star in Resident evil 6 but after your article…I can see how Claire would be a good idea especially since, like you pointed out, she hasn’t done anything significant since CVX (except degeneration). I am almost 80% sure that the Organization will be the villain in Resi 6. Veltro will probably be destroyed in Revelations with the Organization taking the T-Abyss virus. And I still think the ‘Organization’ is the ‘Global Pharmaceutical Consortium’ because Revelations is supposedly about the beginning of the BSAA (which was funded by GPC).

    And yeah, Claire as the star would be a good way to re-introduce Sherry. I also like the idea of Claire and Ada being forced to work together. Have an all ladies game! And what I really like about Claire’s character (also why she gets sidelined in recent action heavy games) is because she ain’t some special ops person. She’s an ordinary girl, good with guns, badass but more importantly, caring. RE needs that strong female role model character. Think Ripley from ‘Aliens’ – the motherly badass.

  • zach mattingly

    yeah you could defiantly bring in ark thompson have it set in 1999 just like 3.5 but just make leon a goverment agent on his first mission because sherrys gone missing and they want someone who has been with sherry before so they choose leon at somepoint in the game he calls ark because he cant yet trust the government he works for because the basicaly forced him to join 3.5 was very scary looking and is probably a good way for resident evil to go it doesnt have to be coop i mean revelations isnt going to be coop so yeah probably a crappy idea but i guess its worth a shot

  • francisco

    Barry…where´s barry? 🙂

  • Henrik

    Yeah about time for a Barry game as Gaiden is considered noncanon.

    Chris maybe still in Africa with Jill at the time.

    Claire joins his old partner Barry in search for kidnapped Sherry or try to free her from the hands of the goverment if they began experiments of their own on her.

    Claire having a past with Sherry and Barry a father himself too 2 daughters could be a perfect team to bond with a brooding older Sherry Birkin angry of being forgotten by Claire and Leon and as said been experimented on?

    Hopefully any other cast then Jill,Chris and Leon again anyway.

    But agree with a poster above.

    RE needs a real reboot,focus on horror again ethier new cast entirly or give old cast new forms like maybe Chris and Jill normal younger/teen civillians trying to survive Raccon outbreak or end up in the mansion with their schoolmates?

    And keep the character gallery to a minimum to avoid plot holes so Capcom dont “forget” alive characters never to be seen again like in this current plotline.

  • zach mattingly

    and alo i wonder if valtro is the reason the whole war thing is happening in damnation or if damnation has any effect on resident evil 6

  • Silent Evil

    Since T-Abyss is a water-based virus the main characters will be Bruce McGivern and Fong Ling! Ha, just kidding!

    I’m pulling for Claire as well, and a cameo from a resurrected Steve Burnside, or perhaps an infected clone of him. I’d also like to see a mixture of over-the-shoulder gameplay and cinematic angles like what Konami is doing with Silent Hill: Downpour alongside the requisite limited ammo and health items. Oh, and seriously where’s Rebecca Chambers? She’s too darned cute to kick to the curb, Capcom!

    Well, whatever happens I’m sure half the fans will be disappointed with the big reveal.

  • Henrik

    Yeah like Silent evil said none knows how Capcom think these days.
    They make many things sound so awsome in the beginnig only to ethier restart from the beginning when almost done or cut out half its content.

    Seems Capcom is going for cleavage and boobies and try to sell that rather then making what RE used to be.

    But whatever this revelation about RE6 is gonna be half of RE is gonna be in uproar ethier of joy or yet another disappointment.

  • Harry Mason

    Awesome prediction! I think Claire would make a great lead character with Leon as a supporting character. But I’m pretty sure Ada isn’t really on the organization’s side. She seems to just go after her own goals as evidenced by her sending a “different sample” to the organization at the end of RE4 (if I remember right). Her intentions have always struck me as mostly good, if somewhat shady and self-centered. So if her goals happened to coincide with Claire’s in RE6, she could come in as another supporting character. Hell, if they decide not to use Claire as the main character, I wouldn’t mind playing as Ada.
    Though I think another good character that deserves a return would be Rebecca. She hasn’t been involved in any of the games past the original mansion incident. I think her coming back as a main character, or at least a supporting role would be great if she had a new voice actress (To be honest, her voice was great in REmake and RE:0, but it annoyed the hell out of me in RE5).
    I would suggest Barry as well, but I don’t think it’d be very likely that he’d be involved in any conflict like that one except by pure coincidence.
    Maybe if the T-Abyss virus outbreaks in a major city and he just happens to be there, he could play a supporting role or have a side-scenario similar to H.U.N.K.’s in RE2, but other than that I can’t say.
    Speaking of the location, I think it would be nice to have a change in the series (I.E. keeping the mansions and lab facilities to a minimum.) Chris and Jessica are in a European mountain range in Revelations, why not another European location? Since the T-Abyss virus is water-based, the members of Veltro could try unleashing it in a city known for its water: Venice (or the off-brand, video-game version of it).
    I think, if done well, it could be a very interesting new take on the genre which sort of compares to RE2: Roaming the expansive city streets and canals of Venice trying to avoid new water-based BOW’s. Then that “complex-like area” could be something like a large Church, Hotel, or Museum of some kind. You could be scrambling to survive like the rest of the city’s residents while trying to take down Veltro and stop the virus from spreading any further.

  • Henrik

    One location I woulf love too see in a future RE title would be haiti then capcom weave in the haitin zombie mythos with the t-virus/t-abyss.

    Say local warlord using t-virus to make zombies and use them as a tool to controll the population who belevies him to have power.

    Liked the south american location in darkside chronicles.

    So Haiti would be cool too.

    But also RE need a new full scale city outbreak again in Raccon style or worse.

    Imagine running through small back alleys only to run into a dead end full of zombies with latest game tech,guess operation raccoon might give that but looks somewhat too action for my taste but who know might change opinion later zombies,hunters and lickers are back.

    Oh about RE6 cast could see a chick game Claire,Becca,Sherry and Ada.

    But if Ada appears one will most likley see Leon too or vice versa.
    Tired of him and Chris and Jill too even if the later two is my favourites.

    Let other have spotlight. Like the women mentioned above or like in previous post.
    Claire,Barry and Sherry.

    Dont know about Barry ever returning but if Claire stars Re6 Sherry better be in it Capcom has some stuff to explaine about her which I waited on since RE2,RE3 epilouges and first Weskers report.

  • Elyssa

    Great article. I too would love this game to be co-op, especially because my boyfriend & I loved the co-op in RE5. Yes, I can agree the story & action went a little “off” of what we usually see in a Resident Evil game, but like you stated, if done similar to what they did with Lost In Nightmares, RE6 could turn out to be a GREAT co-op experience. Also, I would LOVE if they made Alex Wesker &/or Sherry Birkin a part of this game. Whether a huge or small part, doesn’t matter. I just am really interested in hearing SOMETHING about these two again. As far as Claire being the protagonist, that would corroborate great with Sherry’s reappearance, thus i’m all for it. But I’d still like to see a game with Ada as the protagonist cause we still don’t know very much about her at all. Either way, I hope this games release & (hopefully) soon reveal will not disappoint.

  • Mark


    Leon will be the main character

    The Odd number RE games focus on the STARS story….Barry, Chris, Jill

    While the Evene number RE games focus on Leon, Claire, Ada’s story

    Claire might be in it but only as Leon’s partner, I would like Rebbeca Chambers more though since we havent seen her in forver.

    Oh by the way your wrong about the Organization….Ada just works for them, so did Wesker. Ada is only a spy, nothing more.

  • Dan

    As much as I would like to see Claire as the main and only playable character in RE6, I don’t think that is gonna happen.

    I don’t think there will be a female only lead in an RE game without the choice of a male player ever again. Mainly because of the demographic RE is aimed at.
    Teen boys don’t want to play as girls. It’s that simple and that stupid.

    I loved everything you wrote, Claire & Sherry on the same team or even opposing teams in a new city engulfed by a new water-based virus would be EPIC!

    Lets hope Capcom don’t let us down.

  • matt

    I got it let’s have a city that just recently been flooded by a huricane and have the t-abyss virus leak into the water in the city and have leon or claire fight off the t-abyss creatures to some how unflood the city but after doing that the t-abyss virus has also infected the citizens of the city and turned them into zombies/las plagas and they try to find out who is causing this and when they do the person who did turns him self into a creature who becomes stronger when in or near water and they have… I’m just gonna kinda stop to explain this next part I’m placing my scenario in a place similar to louisiana so there would be swamps and the creature is in a swamp and leon or claire have to drain the swamp to kill it… well that’s all I have to say I doubt this going make sense to anyone so I’m done.

  • KoRnCreep

    so… couple of more days until Capcom shows us RE6?!
    Leon and Claire FTW! Sex in games FTW!

  • A good plot will be if Claire finds out about sherry she try’s to look for her and gameplay should be like “lost in nightmare” able to use both old and new.

  • Faceman Peck

    Jorge this was a great article. If Capcom affiliated people read this ENTIRE page and work the majority of it into RE6 then it would be a HUGE Success.
    While I liked everything I read in the article, I glimpsed over some of the comments sections and have a few things to say in regards to the setting (location) for RE6. @Henrik I don’t think anyone wants Haiti to be the backdrop for an upcoming game in the series. We are all tired of fighting/shooting enemies with dark skin. The fans want a new ethnic enemy. @matt I understand what you were saying..but your idea was just crap! Don’t take that personally though because I’m sure you are a loyal fan like I am.
    Finally @Harry Mason Venice would be a totally awesome setting that would tie in well to Resident Evil Revelations ending. You described it in a very cool way.

  • i like your idea man and i hope for RE6 they bring back more survival horror less ammo less health items less action come on capcom make it really really scary zombies please zombies that look like the chick from the exorcist horror please

  • Is Steve alive?

    I agree that a reboot may be necessary if Capcom is out of ideas, but no new characters should replace Chris, Jill, and etc, And the series will play out like lost in nightmares, with all the action bottled up in The Mercenaries. But as for RE6, It would be sweet if Chris told Claire about The Tricell Facility, and she finds Steve but after she wakes him up(regenerated thanks to The Veronica Virus like Wesker said) Alex has them kidnapped, tells Chris and to make a long story short Chris, Leon, partners…

  • Is Steve alive?

    I would also like to add that it would be awesome if for RE6 they have Chris, and Leon assisted by just about everyone from past RE games (Rebecca, Billy, Barry, Carlos, Jill and etc) kind of like a RE SSBB type of thing.


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