Fan-Made Horror #1- Ravenwood Horror (Game)

This is a new column we’re testing out named, “Fan-Made Horror” where we showcase some community horror-related pieces we think you should check out, including games, fan-made movies, music, stories, and more. This is not a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly column but simply done whenever we feel like there is something worth sharing. If you have something you’d like us to check out, email with a link to your work and if we think it’s worth spot lighting we may feature it. Stuff posted on our forums are always welcome too.

Ravenwood Horror title Screen

The first thing we’re showcasing is a 2008 “fan” game named Ravenwood Horror, created by Ted Latas also known as Min Chan. I don’t mean fan game as in a game based on a pre-existing series, but more a fan of horror who made a game in the popular and accessible RPG Maker Game Creator. The game is 2D as such but does a surprising job at capturing atmosphere inside the title. A big part of this is helped by the usage of Resident Evil and Silent Hill music tracks, but what really helps make this title stick out is some smart design choices. The game is really well crafted in it’s design and accomplishes feeling like a traditional horror game with puzzles, files, and “locked door” exploration except in miniature form. Taking it’s 2D style into mind, the game makes the smart decision not to rely on combat and instead having a much bigger focus on atmosphere and puzzles, surviving rather than combating your foes. In many ways Ted has captured what made Resident Evil enjoyable for lots of folks when it first launched, even capturing the writing styles of the files that can be a joy to read and a sense of uneasiness and excitement as you make accomplishments and get deeper into the mansion (and areas beyond).

Ravenwood Horror corridor

The game should last you about 40 minutes to two hours (longer if you get stuck on a puzzle, but the game’s download comes with a text walkthrough inside in case you get stuck; however we recommend trying to figure out stuff for yourself unless there’s something that truly confounds you *looking at you wine cellar puzzle!*). I would recommend this mostly for fans of the earlier Resident Evil games as this is heavily inspired by those titles but with an edge more of madness. It’s completely free (as all of our Fan-Made Horror works will be, I mean it’s not really fan-made if you’re making profit off of it) and if you have an hour or two to spare I’d recommend downloading it, turning off the lights, speakers up and take some time to play through it.

If this sounds interesting to you, download the game FROM HERE.

Always nice to hear some opinions of our Fan-Made Horror choices, leave your own impressions either in the comments section, on our forums, or on our Facebook page.

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