Entering the next-gen world of survival horror – Resident Evil 2 Remake

A new console generation will begin this holiday season, bringing with it a host of fancy-looking new games- representing already established franchises and brand new IPs altogether. Some current-gen games are even making the jump to next-gen, like Shinji Mikami’s upcoming The Evil Within. But in regards to Capcom, they have Dead Rising 3 coming as a launch title exclusively for the Xbox One (as well as other unannounced titles I’m sure). But what about the publisher’s other (formerly) zombie-flavored franchise?

It’s only a matter of time before we see a new Resident Evil title announced for next-gen platforms (or even Wii U). So for the next few installments of reHorror, I’ll be writing about some options Capcom could take with the franchise going forward, reeling from what was learned with the latest numbered entry, Resident Evil 6. I’ll be focusing on a different option with each installment. So, to begin this feature I decided to write about a game many have been desperately waiting forThe Resident Evil 2 remake.

Celebrating a legacy

2013 marks Resident Evil 2’s 15th anniversary. We didn’t get any announcement pertaining to a remake at this year’s recently-concluded E3. But the year isn’t over yet (we’re halfway there!). Capcom still has other venues coming up where they could announce the much-demanded remake, and what better way to celebrate this survival horror classic’s anniversary than by doing just that.

The remake of the original game in the series continues to be regarded as one of the genre’s shining gems. And it’s a game that truly frightens players even after multiple playthroughs (those damn crimson heads still scare the crap out of me). It will surely continue to be a masterpiece and I (along with countless waves of other fans) believe it’s time to finally to follow that up with a remake of the game that popularized the “zombie outbreak in an urban environment” scenario in video games.

William’s beautiful eyeball 

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: The game will definitely look amazing. One need look no further than Dead Rising 3. Yea, the series may be going on a more gritty route, with all shades of brown, but it looks downright gorgeous. And that’s an open-world sandbox title, littered with countless zombies and an entire city to explore. So imagine how amazing a Resident Evil 2 remake would look, where the environments are more contained with only a slice of Raccoon City explorable. Yeah, my jaw hits the floor just thinking about it.

Evolution of survival horror co-op

Here’s the big one. This is where Capcom could truly bring something new to the table for our beloved series and genre. Co-op has turned into a mainstay feature for the modern Resident Evil games after it was introduced with Resident Evil 5Operation Raccoon City added squad-based mechanics to the mix, and Resident Evil 6 improved the formula, adding the neat cross over segments amongst select scenarios. Personally, I believe Revelations did co-op the best, dedicating a separate, super addicting mode to the feature, leaving the single player campaign untouched as a true solo experience (despite still having an AI partner hanging around most of the time).

Resident Evil 2 lends itself perfectly to cooperative play, with its two main characters and a total of 4 scenarios (not counting the bonus HUNK and Tofu modes). But this shouldn’t be a standard type of expected cooperative mode, like, say, Darkside Chronicles’ Resident Evil 2 levels or any other co-op Resident Evil game for that matter. Capcom should do something different here, while still remaining true to the game’s solitary return to the world of survival horror. And they should use Resident Evil 6’s Agent Hunt mode as the basis for this new cooperative offering. Wait! Just hear me out first…

Agent Hunt allowed players to invade other players games by taking on the role of one of the enemies. This is pretty basic (and ended up being kind of clunky), but it’s a good foundation for what a potential Resident Evil 2 remake’s co-op mode could offer. If you have the co-op mode enabled in the Resident Evil 2 remake, Capcom should follow a similar concept: with you taking on the role of Leon or Claire and the other player joining your game as the other character. This way, the remake will be truly faithful to the source material’s dual scenario nature, instead of Capcom having players always side-by-side for the whole game.

But let me elaborate further. Essentially, both players will technically still be playing the game on their own, with noone tagging along, AI or human-controlled. But they will have a friend, or stranger, playing the other side of the story simultaneously. So, Leon A/ Claire B, and vice versa, depending on the order you decide. Of course, there will be parts where both scenarios will cross over, some of which will be parts where Leon and Claire originally cross paths. Capcom should add more segments that allow for this crossover feature, especially during key boss fights (like William’s final form), and perhaps new puzzles altogether.

Players should also be able to affect their partner’s game by setting up blockades or taking items, expanding upon the original game’s minimal use of this feature with the locker room and the ability to lock specified windows. There could be a lot of assist moments like these, as well as crucial parts where you will have to interact with your partner to see what items should be left or taken. Another cool feature would be to actually be able to freely meet up with each other while you’re exploring the police station (if the story calls for it, of course, can’t have someone coming back for you when they’re already in the lab!). Maybe Capcom will do away with the storage chests when you play co-op, and have item management be even more strategic, with players having to decide what they should share with each other and what items they need for their scenario (for puzzles perhaps or ammo for weapons only you have). Think of your partner as a moving storage chest. This way, the game will still be co-op, but both players will spend almost all of their time on their own.


What do you think? How would you guys like to see Capcom handle the highly-demanded Resident Evil 2 remake? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • meow mix

    I’m writing a fanfic that started out as my vision of a remake of 2…but it evolved into a merger of 2 and 3 with elements of outbreak… I have a series penned down

    Its a bit rusty atm (until i find a beta) but i would love to see what you guys think 🙂

    LINK: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8687839/1/Biohazard-Chronicles-1-Fall-of-Raccoon-city

  • Fernando Silva

    I wouldn’t mind at all if they just make something like the Resident Evil remake for the Gamecube. I don’t care if the game has a fixed camera like the original, the graphics are the one’s that need to be upgraded for the new generation.
    RE3 and RE2 are still my favorites.

  • Jaden A. Rivera-Trujillo

    Although I do agree with everything you say. There’s one thing I would like to throw in there. I would also tie Resident Evil 3:Nemesis into the remake, making the whole incident into one game. There will be 3 campaigns, Leon’s, Claire’s, and Jill’s since it’s all happening at the same time and depending on which order you play, certain paths or events would be available giving the game multiple replay values. I really do think that both RE2+3 should just be one game and updated.

    • katarokinimoto

      They could even give carlos his own story so that they are two pairs, leon and claire, carlos and jill. RE3 also brings a lot of possibility for extras and DLC, it is the first game that had “the mercenaries” after all.

    • Matthew Vella

      agree 100%

  • Thomas

    I agree with “Fernando Silva” that you dont need to improve something that already works ala the REmake for the gamecube. Which is the best resident evil game to date. Its infinently better then any of the next-gen resident evils ever will be, lets face it they are basically call of duty/Battlefield clones set in the resident evil universe.

    Shame on you CAPCOM……. shame on you…….

    • Matthew Vella

      again I agree 100% but be fare would be good if they did make the 2&3 as a whole remake that way at least we wouldnt have to wait another 15 years for a remake catch my drift 😉 ether way just release the dam game!!! lol

    • Paul ‘Wolf’ Ackroyd

      i double double agree, and personally the fixed camera is a bonus adding to the atmosphere, resident evil needs it, there is a reason 1, 2 and 3 are the best (and 0 in my opinion) i loved 4 but apart from the character leon it just wasnt a resident evil game to me and anything after that should not have been released. next gen remakes of resident evil 0,1,2 and 3 just as the gamecube re-release 😀

  • katarokinimoto

    Personally I think have both scenarios played separate but at the same time was the obvious choice for resident evil co-op from the start. Capcom wanted to be call of duty/gears of war in RE5 and made…bad life choices. There definitely is a lot of little metagame mechanics in RE2 that they could expand upon, and example would be gun upgrade parts. Sure they made the original weapons a LOT more powerful, but they were hidden and, in RE3, pretty damn hard to get.

    Another thing is the fortifying of the police station like you mentioned, they could expand upon that and make you have to find items to lock things down. Then they could make you have to cut the power to unlock a door(or something else) later in the game to make things really crazy.

    There’s also the enemies showing damage–and blowing zombies in half with the shotgun, why that has been missing since I will never know(REmake let you blow there legs off, but it’s not the same!).
    For anyone who maybe never noticed or tried it, you could blow zombies in half with a shot at their abdomen and if you shot them from the side at the right angle you could shoot their arms off. They could expand upon this by making nothing but a headshot(in the forehead…where the brain is) actually kill a zombie, but handle damage appearance like left 4 dead where parts of them get blown off. Maybe make it a bit of strategy where disabling the zombies means of attack is more viable than actually shooting it until it dies.

    They NEED to keep the aspect of different characters having different strengths and weaknesses. It would factor into co-op perfectly and it is one of the core gameplay features of the series(the originals anyway) which was borrowed from the game Sweet Home which inspired it. By this I mean how Chris has more health, but Jill can carry more items, Chris has a lighter, but has to find old keys to open simple locks. Jill has the lockpick for simple locks but must find a lighter(Leon and claire were exactly the same, which leaves room for expansion). Things like this could be interesting in multiplayer where maybe players can’t find the item they’re lacking and must rely on the other player.

    Crimson heads. Just the name makes seasoned players of REmake cringe and remember neurotically planning how they would burn all the corpses in the mansion before they reanimated. Since RE2 has you in the same location for a while destroying the bodies lying around is a priority. Maybe they even add a 50/50 chance between it coming back as a licker instead. Maybe if you leave a Crimson head in a room instead of killing it then it mutates further into a licker. With all the near escapes through a door in RE2 even the possibility of monsters breaking through them is bad enough.

    RE3 takes place the day before and after RE2, this makes it pretty easy to include it with an RE2 remake. PLUS it adds more possibilities for co-op, they might need to revamp the canon, or you could help carlos and Jill without ever meeting through certain actions. In general RE3 isn’t much of a stretch from RE2. Hell if I remember correctly Code Veronica was going to be RE3 on the dreamcast and Sony pitched a fit over wanting the whole trilogy on playstation. Then the game that was originally Resident Evil:Last Escape was rushed and dubbed RE3:nemesis. The point is it recycles a lot from RE2 and if they could put the two together in a way that doesn’t bastardize the original concepts it would be amazing.

    The point is RE2 is a great game that is still fun to play even today when is graphics are not so pretty. They could stand to make a lot of money and garner back all of their fanbase as even new fans don’t question RE2. What they shouldn’t do is give it RE6’s gameplay and say “this is what you’ve been asking for so what even.” The game still works as is Capcom, so if you can’t add to it while keeping it in line with its own aesthetic then just upgrade the graphics and touch nothing.

  • tigerspaw

    I wouldn’t want this to be remade. I didn’t like how they changed a lot of the story in the Chronicle games. If this were re-did, the entire game would be Leon/Claire co-op. Which would totally change up the plot as we all know they each have a unique story line.

  • Iceweb38

    what Tigerspaw said. I’m glad Darkside Chronicles came out though because it could give us a good idea of how a remake would look but even with this summarized remake, it was enough for many fans to complain. So I don’t even wanna imagine what will happen with a full remake.

  • Miguel Vilhena

    It won’t happen. Capcom isn’t up for niches. They aim for the mainstream. My guess is their next iteration will tinker with the horror aspects of the game, and give something in the vein of RE4. A Resident Evil 4-2 with a new story.

  • Krauser

    the dudes must realize that co op in survival horror is bullshit , let’s leave survival horror as it should be ! The only “co op” i saw good in some way was in Outbreak and that was so good implemented.

    • katarokinimoto

      The kind of co-op he’s proposing is like outbreaks sooo….derp

      • Krauser

        oh snap!

  • трололо

    Выжрем на фиг!

  • ZenTzen

    no, coop can go to hell in a RE2 remake, no freaking AI partners following you around constantly, i’d leave basic game as is, both characters have an A and B scenario and the actions you take would affect the other character when you got around to play it, emphasis on resource management, a seamless world as well without load times, and completely new areas, zombies and other BOWs could also get into the precinct as well at any time and would be able to continuously follow you through doors depending some conditions or enemy types are met, imagine Mr.X or Birkin following you constantly and you could hear them going through doors and such, where you could decide to either fight/run/hide from him, i would put crimson heads back into the game and other well known BOWs as well, new puzzles. without fogetting the Hunk and tofu parts as well, and leaving coop to mercenary mode or the invade another players game as an enemy.

    If a REmake 2 is eventually made it should be a solo experience wether as a player or in the ingame world and i would hate and assume a great majority of RE2 fans would hate the shoehorning of coop just because its the thing they’re doing now on RE

    • katarokinimoto

      That’s not the kind of co-op he’s talking about in the article, good thing you read the whole thing so you didn’t sound ignorant, right?

      • ZenTzen

        my statement was coop in general in the main game and if online has to be in it, it should be the character controlled enemy thing so shut the hell up

        • Grif

          Relax, dude. You’re not helping your case by flying off the handle at some random stranger on the internet.

          • ZenTzen

            i am pretty calm, making stupid comments however ticks me off

        • katarokinimoto

          you did specify “no freaking AI partners following you around constantly” but ok. If you really think RE2 doesn’t lend itself to having two people play separately and meeting up at key points, what did you rage in the original when you met claire in the stars office? “NO NPC’s GRAAAAH worst game evahhh” cause that’s kind of co-op he’s talking about, not sheva-attached-to-my-hip-fml co-op.

          • ZenTzen

            if you dont understand the difference between an AI partner thats following around you constantly and one that just appears at points and basically is just there for a meetiing and then going your seperate wways again thats your problem, learn to read and understand what the text says

          • katarokinimoto

            I know the difference quite well, hell I’ve been pointing it out to YOU. You seem to be the one with a reading issue seeing as how you’re bringing up that partner system when not the article, other comments, or I have suggested it. I guess your purpose was to randomly say “CURRENT PARTNER SYSTEM IS BAD” and discuss nothing about the article?

  • Peter Anderson

    I commented already, but the post is gone.

    • 蛍火

      There was a POST here, it’s gone now.

  • GothicGuido

    I hate to be a jerk, but really? You think Capcom is going to give fans want they want… no that’s not how they roll.

    • Paul ‘Wolf’ Ackroyd

      you can tell they dont give a shit about their fans after dropping res 5, operation racoon city, res 6, and revelations, just one abortion after another. stick with fixed camera, atmospheric, zombies, tyrants, limited ammo, typewriters, the things that made the series great, if i wanted cod or gears of war…. id play them

  • Aitazaz Bokhari

    I really think outbreak should get a remaster too. Or Re0. Be great for multiplayer.

  • Joshua

    This would be a good opportunity to share with you a page I created in support of an RE2 remake. We have over 8,000 fans and a petition with over 30,000 signatures. We could use the support.


    petition link:


  • Cyberote

    Just give it the same treatment you gave the original REmake. A few added areas here and there, possibly update the canon a bit, and keep the Crimson Heads. Don’t need any form of co-op whatsoever. Restore your original fanbase and tell the hip, young, action-shooter crowd to take a hike and watch the shitty Anderson movies for their never-should-have-been Resident Evil Hollywood action, guns, and explosions fix.

  • DieHardjagged

    You all know VERY well, that Capcom wont give any Shit about a RE2 Remake, so you can all stop dreaming, Capcom also doesnt give a Shit about Petitions.

  • carlos delamora

    Ty beter not be anyco op if ty remake

  • carlos delamora

    Ty need to take re back to its roots

  • carlos delamora

    Frist of all I pray to god ther will be no co op my be a side game if that does happen I will by the game and set on fire

  • carlos delamora

    Iwoud love to ce mor hunks story

  • carlos delamora

    And I gree 3 needs be re made as well as two capcom no mor playen wana be

  • Matthew Vella

    I agree with Jaden A. Rivera-Trujillo they should make the 2 & 3 as a whole as they did take part in the same time and do something like they done in the 6 they all have there own story line but I cant say I support any co-op as Horror is about being alone and trying to take it on alone kind of like (Alone in the dark 4) I only played the 4 and the latest one but the 4 won hands down and take it from the name Alone in the dark! is how its ment to be played thats what made the game what it is be honest it all went down the pan when it started co-op for me the best were 1,2,3,0 and resident evil remake the 4 wasn’t bad but after that I just got the games to follow the story as I am a huge fan!to be fair the only recent game I enjoyed was the revelations the 5 was nhaaa and the only thing I was impressed about the 6 was how you get to play all the players story and how finally they decided that when you surrounded with zombies and monsters you can actually walk and shoot what a break trough finally XD lol but hands down resident evil zero & remake have to be the best horror and best graphics games out there put aside Doom 3 and till today although there is many games out there I always end up playing these games in the end I play all the latest games dont get me wrong but when I fancy playing a descent game it always comes down to the classics 😉

  • Matthew Vella

    ps if they did collide the 2 & the 3 we would get tyrant and nemesis so how could we go wrong plus have a load of players to enjoy game play with and story so it would be a win win situation XD so to finish my post this is well overdue you should have released this game a while ago so to be fare I would pre fare this remake than a 7 100% thanks and regards to all

  • Matthew Vella

    Leon Claire Hunk Tofu Jill Carlos and as a DLC Ada wong be fare she is one of if not the coolest player in RE put aside Wesker and his mood swings 8)

  • Nikos Pavadas

    three points that has been succesful
    1.scenario, enviroments, sounds, music, atmosphere, story and puzzle system from resident evil 2
    2. graphics inventory-control configuration and merc/reunion mini games from resident evil 5
    3. co op like re5 and in combination with co op from distance like resident evil 0 and more sophisticated

  • jrbviwiz

    I agree with your whole idea, but the game would have to have the fixed camera still in the game, perhaps as an adjustable option for those who wouldn’t want that. Without fixed cameras, it isnt RE2 for me. Other than that, sounds perfect.


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