E3 2016: Resident Evil 7 trailer analysis


Resident Evil 7 has been confirmed and shown for the first time at Sony’s excellent E3 press conference. Let’s start with the official information we have straight from Capcom. Resident Evil 7 will take place in modern time, in a mansion in rural America, set after the events of Resident Evil 6. The first-person survival horror game will be fully compatible with PlayStation VR. It will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Now let’s get to my analysis of the game’s first trailer.


The trailer starts with a mysterious phone call that refers to a woman with the spoken dialogue: “She’s back.” Who could “she” be? Something tells me “she” could be the creepy girl we see in quick cuts throughout the trailer.


Here we have a really quick cut that shows off one of the game’s enemy types. We have a mark branded on said enemy’s arm which could indicate a cult-like group being involved, the likes of Saddler’s followers from Resident Evil 4. We later see this enemy attacking one of the characters.


The next part of the quick cut shows off this lovely face. Infected? Or one of the ghosts that we’ll be dealing with? If we’re dealing with ghosts, as this trailer indicates, maybe the “she” being referred to could be this entity.


Here we see our partner character getting attacked by what looks like parasitic snakes, further deepening the mystery behind what’s going on in this mansion. Just what type of outbreak are we dealing with?


This newspaper’s headline confirms something we were originally teased with in Resident Evil 4’s early 3.5 prototype version. Yes, we’re going to be dealing with ghosts in Resident Evil 7, to some capacity. And it also looks like we might be somewhere in Louisiana.


Who’s watching?


Well, would you look at that! Looks like our zombie friends are back.


Here we’re being dragged by what could be one of the “infected.” Or it could also be the person that was watching through the window earlier in the trailer. This could also indicate that we won’t just be confined to the confirmed mansion, unless this particular scene takes place early in the game where our character first arrives in the area surrounding it, being taken to the mansion.


This could be the same person we see in the quick cuts from early. You know, the creepy face. She definitely seems linked to this mansion and the events that have led to the “outbreak” within it. Also keep in mind how in the game’s official key art (pictured at the top of this article), we have a little girl standing in front of the mansion, who this could very well be.


This shot makes me think of Alex Wesker, what with all the creepy dolls she loved decorating her evil lair with in Revelations 2. Could Alex Wesker/Natalia be somehow involved? Hell, could she be the girl we keep seeing?


Another mysterious character, which brings me to another theory. Resident Evil 7 could actually deal with multiple characters all caught in this new outbreak of fear.


I might be overthinking things here, but I think this could be Rebecca Chambers. She is already confirmed to be playing a central role in the upcoming animated film, Resident Evil: Vendetta. So, seeing as how that could serve as a precursor to this game, we might be seeing Rebecca play some sort of role in this game’s plot.


The first person I thought of when I saw this was Spencer. But… he’s dead. So, who could this be? So many questions!


This is quite the homecoming, so to speak, as we see our character arrive at the mansion, with someone watching them.

And after watching this trailer, this is definitely a homecoming for fans of the series, right in time for its 20th anniversary. It looks like we’re finally getting a return to the series’ roots, as has been heavily rumored.

I left some things out, leaving it to you all to discuss and share your own theories and observations in the comments below!

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  • Yudha

    Makes me sad knowing this game already getting so much hate because of it’s First Person camera.

    It looks promising actually. It’s like a “new slate”. And remember, RE4 was different from the original trilogy and look where it is now.

    • Brodequin

      i like it too

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      it looks good and it might be a good game, is just not RE, just like RE4

    • Maquiavel

      But was exactly from RE4 forward that the fans started to “hate” on Resident.

  • Andrew Viarruel

    No one asked for a first person RE. How is this a return to form…

    • Mr.Csquared

      It was a surprise but def a good one imo. I’m hyped and can’t wait for more info. Well to be truthful, RE1 was originally going to be a first person survival horror game. So they did indeed return to RE’s roots but the roots of the original design for RE1.

      • Jeremy Kaminski

        Since RE1 was not released in first person it in no way went back to the roots of anything about the series.

        • Kyle Burd

          Just because this game is in first person doesn’t mean that it’s not going back to its roots. Bringing back survival horror is.

          • Xuchilpaba

            You’re right. First person survival horror can happen, and we’ve seen it happen before, successfully and I’m kinda positive about this. But on the other hand this is a VR game and that’s raises the question if the ‘first person’ is a design choice of the developer’s or the company’s. Because if it’s not the developers’, that’s how you get games of missed opportunities. Marketing VR is one thing, actually having a vision and desire to make a first person survival horror game is another. That’s why we have a lot of uninspired games look and feel like each other. I’m not saying RE7 is one of them, though, they’re doing a good job so far.

      • Andrew Viarruel

        I respectfully disagree. The original design may have been first person.. But they ultimately chose to go with 3rd person. Now that I’m past the initial shock of the reveal I’m going to try the demo. However, I feel like this should not be a main numbered entry into the series. This move tells me they really didn’t know where to go with Resident Evil so they’re now aping P.T. Design due to its popularity and using the RE title to sell it. It looks like a new IP. I’m not against a new IP, but don’t use Resident Evil to sell it. It might seem silly to some to gripe over the camera perspective but this changes the type of game and it’s sad for me to see Resident Evil change in this way. The original is the game that got me into gaming and has been my all time favourite series.

      • Kyle Burd

        RE1 was never going to be in first person you are confusing it with gun survivor that game however did come out and had the same kind of graphics

    • TwinspectreGaming101

      Resident Evil 1 was supposed to be in first person, but they changed with Camera Angles and Pre Rendered Background because of the Hardware Limitations.

  • Tvirus Getz

    watched a stream
    the Demo mentioned The Family
    I’m guessing the RE6 Family
    i suddenly don’t give a fuck about this game

    • Mr.Csquared

      You are never happy are you? We legit know nothing of this new game and now you wanna say you don’t care?

      How bout do the smart thing and wait for more information and more footage before signing off? Who knows…this could and def looks like the Redeemer of the modern RE games and you may miss out on something great due to your “opinion” (or really your ignorance.)

      • Tvirus Getz

        WALL OF TEXT INCOMING Bear with me here.
        I’d say it’s safe to say we know SOMETHING
        I mean, it’d have to be a pretty damn big coincidence for the antagonists Group in RE7 to be named the same damn thing as the stupid fuckin’ Illuminati type shit they introduced in 6.
        They made it a point to say it takes place after 6 anyway. And it’s the next numbered entry in the series so it makes sense that this game would further explore The Family from RE6.
        Look I don’t want to stop you from liking the game. Please. Love it.
        But me? I’m just tired man. I’m tired of the Plagas-type enemies. They might as well just be people. They run, climb, speak, use weapons……Just gimme zombies n shit again. and not the canon fodder shit from 6 either
        I’m tired of the shit story. I mean come on, the Illuminati? (basically what the family sounds like). Why? Why did we need that? We didn’t!
        And then 5, 6, and Revelations 2 with their handling of Wesker and oh man now there’s Wesker Children and Wesker has a kid? What the fuck?

        I WANT to be wrong here. But i don’t think i will be. This is gonna sound weird but the fact that it’s a Resident Evil game is why i’m gonna hate it. It could be a fun fuckin game, but the story is most likely gonna suck fat dick, just like the last few RE games. I used to really enjoy the RE series story but now…since 5? yeesh
        Now see, if this were a standalone game, like Outlast, that’d be fine. Outlast didn’t have the best story but that was fine cuz it was fun as fuck. And it was a standalone story so it could get away with a “eh” story and skate by one fun ass gameplay.
        Resident Evil at this point, for me, cannot. The series’ story has been careening downhill for several games. It’s a mess. 7 would have to have a damn good story to course correct this Shit Train. OR

        Pull a Resident Evil 4. The story was only ‘ok’ and for the most part felt self contained. Nothing really fucked with the big picture too much.
        So lets say it does that. Lets say it really is just a coincidence that the Family is mentioned. Sign me the fuck up. I will still have my quips about certain things like the first person perspective and the focus on what seems to be Plagas….again….but as long as it’s fun, I wont trash it too hard.

        however, if it goes the route of 5, 6 and Revelations 2 and takes a fucking wrench to everything (i.e. Wesker Project shit, Wesker suddenly having a kid even though it didn’t make a damn bit of sense for his character, the whole Illuminati thing) then it can fuck right off

        Like I sad, I hope like hell that i’m wrong. I just don’t think I am.

        (apologies for any typos or incoherent rambling parts, it’s late lol)

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      sorry, but everything has some illuminati bullshit, all the media is run by the illuminati, so obviously they are gonna put not so subliminal crap on this stuff, still, i agree with you, i want RE to be RE and not a rip off

      • Alex

        Because RE has never had mysterious, overarching conspiratorial organizations. Never.

    • Kyle Burd

      There is a secret axe that you can pick up in the game and they are zombies I have already disproved the ghost theory

  • bill

    I gotta say… Nothing about this feels “RE” to me. None of it felt original either. Your typical horror scenario set in a house in the woods. It just seems like recycled horror bullshit honestly. I also hope its not just a brand new cast of characters and they continue the stories of the characters who make resident evil what it is. otherwise, why not just call it something else entirely.

  • Andy

    You could slap any name to this game and call it anything. The next Outlast or another P.T ripoff.
    and the first person view just appeals to the modern gamers.

  • BrownlikeBeyonce

    You know what? I don’t mind The Family being the main antagonists in this game because they have to find out some way to upgrade the enemy. What are they gonna do keep on having random people try and infect the world {a la 4,5,6} I do agree that there is a bigger picture with The Family involved, but we can’t explore that bigger picture without any iconic heroes. How are the {apparently} new protagonists in this game going to get any answers for us? Especially with it being in a podunk town in Louisiana. What a crap location. We as Resident Evil fans need answers, what happened to Jill? Who does Ada work for {STILL}; we had updates on Claire and Sherry, so maybe they won’t be included, but Leon probably will if Ada is there. If this is the last RE game, Capcom better be putting out answers left and right, and with a small locale like this, I’m not sure they can do it.
    Also, about the gameplay. The graphics look great, honestly. Better than 6, but I don’t think first person was a good idea for the game.

  • Jeremy Kaminski

    This is complete garbage, in no way is this Resident Evil at all. Certainly not worthy of a numbered main installment. It merely looks like Capcom saw all the hype PT gave Silent Hill and decided without thinking that they would rip it off completely down to the shitty unnecessary first person bullshit.

    If this were it’s own IP I’d be interested but this is not going back to RE’s roots nor is it original in any way.

    RE is 3rd person, RE has a cast that is pretty much already set in stone. To completely go off the beaten path without having anything at all mentioned or shown that relates to the previous 6 entries is idiotic.

    I am so sick of this insistance now days that all horror titles have to be in first person in order to be scary.

    I’d remotely accept this if it were a side game and not a full fledged main installment, it makes zero sense. You don’t just go from everyone in the series being in the last game to having nothing about anything in a new game with a completely different gameplay perspective and ghosts. NO THANKS.

    • EvilResident

      This is one of the dumbest, most over reactive things I’ve ever read on the Internet. That’s saying a lot. Capcom’s not going to completely blow their spoiler load in one teaser trailer. Jesus.

      • Jeremy Kaminski

        Hmm, so I guess that all the other trailers since RE existed were completely different than the coinciding game? Oh yea, they weren’t. Each trailer since the first was a preview of the game to come, this may not be part of the story but it was confirmed as how the game will look and feel so nothing I said is overreactive. I’ve been playing RE since the original released, I bought the first on the day it was released, don’t tell me what Capcom is or isn’t going to do. This game will be shit as far as a RE title. RE is not and should never be first person, they are simply cashing in on all the kids nowdays loving the indie horror titles.

  • EvilResident

    I feel like this 100% proves that you CAN’T please everyone. The bitching based on ONE TEASER is out of control.

    • Yudha

      Best Comment Ever.

  • Nicolás Riveros

    is really ironic how all the people are bitching about this game when they are only seen one teaser, and when P.T. was out eeeeveeryone was freaking out about how “revolutionary” was that TEASER. EVEN WHEN THE TEASER SAID IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FINAL PRODUCT

    • Jeremy Kaminski

      Maybe because this is literally just ripping off the hype PT got with zero originality. When PT released it was innovative because nobody had done it prior.

      • Nicolás Riveros

        it wasn’t very much of “inovation” as everyone likes to said about P.T. , i mean Kojima himself said that he wanted to be make it “like indie horror type”, that means it was trying to emulate something who already exist, just maybe the fact that you can play the teaser was a new thing, but not much else. It was good to see some nods to the original games tho

      • CharlieTooHuman (Capt Obvious)

        And RE1 ripped off Alone In the dark, whats your point?

  • Space Blizzard

    Very excited to see a franchise that lost its way so heavily go back to the drawing board and turn into something brand new. I’ve never actually been a Resident Evil fan, but I’m very excited by this.

  • Henrikm

    I guess the scratch out face could also be Moira Burton,especially if that girl might be Alex Wesker/Natalia???

    Spencer scene could be a flashback or “ghost” of the past also hint maybe towards Alex as she was closest to Alex before she betrayed him?

    I never judge a game based on trailer alone so for now it peeked my interest but need to play it myself to judge the final product.

    • Dan Shiveley

      I would love to see them explore the Alex Wesker storyline more. It’s a plausible theory.

  • Dan Shiveley

    There’s really just no please people anymore, is there? It’s kind of sad watching the world devolve into a bunch of persnickety assholes. First, everyone was pissed about the direction that RE4-6 took. Those games were just THE WORST and the series needed to go back to its survival horror roots. In the interim, there was the PT demo that everyone went apeshit crazy over. Finally, we have our *first look* at RE7, it appears as though Capcom is listening and they’ve made a true horror game, and now people are bitching about that and wanting it to be more like the older games. Can’t win.

    I, for one, am excited about it. I want to learn more, see more gameplay, see some additional trailers, find out what else they have to say about it. This is obviously a teaser demo, meant to be like PT. I think it’s only rational to take it for what it is. It’s an early demo meant to function as a, wait for it… playable teaser. We don’t know for sure that the entire game will be first-person. Maybe parts of it aren’t. Maybe you can switch between modes if you’re not using VR. We don’t know.

    We also don’t know if these characters are the main playable characters or if any of the established RE characters will be involved. What we do know is that the graphics are pretty good and the atmosphere is indeed unsettling. That’s a start. We can already see that there are going to be puzzles and items you have to find, as well as secret doors and what-not. The inventory screen definitely has an RE feel to it, as well. There are certainly a lot of secrets left to be uncovered.

    So, maybe we should wait until we know more about the game before we bitch about it incessantly and draw ridiculous conclusions. If it turns out the game is dramatically different from the RE we’ve come to know, that’ll be a good thing for some folks. For those who don’t like it, well then you have the Revelations series and RE2 REmake. If you’re not satisfied with any of the above, well that sounds like a personal problem. I’m excited. I’m ready to play them all.

    • Xuchilpaba

      Pleasing people about Resident Evil is not your concern and responsibility or duty. So you can drop Capcom’s mouths and words. But you can take your own advice and wait until we know more about the game before defending and apologizing and bitching about people who express their opinions about the game. And how can you declare it so confidently as a ‘true horror game’ if we know so little about it? Because you like it, we get it, and you may have a 100 reason for it, it’s just the same for the people who don’t like it with what they have seen so far or just some of it. just because their opinion is different then yours, they’re being concerned instead of excited like you doesn’t make them ‘persnickety assholes’ No one would attack you and calling names if you’re being crazy about the game, so return the same courtesy and shut your foul mouth.

      You don’t like what I like, what an asshole!

      If you don’t think what I think, don’t be an asshole to voice it.

      Sick of this shit.

  • Henrikm

    I said it before and will say it again love the old cast but would not mind a new cast all together with no ties what so ever to existing cast.

    Why not average joes and janes like in outbreak series.

    Think it would add alot to the suspense if there was not trained soldier types ala STARS and BSAA’s running around with army supplies gunning down all in sigth…

    Also one of the reason I love outbreak series so much no established characters.

    • Andrey Martim

      The playable char in the demo is a Cameraman named Clancy, so your dream (mine also) is true.

  • NoticeMePls

    I hope it’s Natalia and Rebecca…. natalia coming home maybe? in the song lyrics “everybody’s dead” maybe something happened in her family’s home?.. blah I’m too lazy to type anything that make’s sense.

    • Andrey Martim

      Natalia has potential to be the “new Wesker”, I would love to see her.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    Outlast ripoff :/

  • LoveAnimation

    The song in the trailer is about an Aunt Rhody so maybe thats the elderly woman in the wheelchair.
    Maybe the game is about a family that got infected and turned into insane killers.

  • D. Maki

    Capcom had a Twitch stream earlier today and said the demo has nothing to do with Resident Evil 7 other then the fact that it shows the direction they’re taking the game. They also wanted to reassure fans and said that there are NO ghosts in this game at all. So the demo is not even from the actual RE7 game at all. Edit: They did say that there are secrets or hints as to like what to expect in the actual game proper.

    • Chris Hawk

      They also said that there will be combat I’m pretty sure

      • D. Maki

        LOL yeah I’ve been SO busy retyping all that all day yesterday I forgot to add that.

        • Chris Hawk

          No probs, I gotta stop commenting on this game but, I’m just too excited

  • MissAdaWong

    Mmm maybe there is some reference to the very first people in the mansion like Lisa and Trevor, maybe there are flashbacks and the new characters are related somehow. I thought the guy in the wheelchair was Spencer as well, maybe that connotes a flashback.

  • Kyle Burd

    The new virus probably can make them disappear or teliport like ruvic from evil within. Giving the explination to the ghost girl and guy disappearing and also tying in to the ghost article. Now also keep in mind in RE1 RE2 RE6 the government and umbrella covered up the existence of the outbreaks therefore no one knows that zombies exist also disproving the ghost theory. There is no ghost in this game as you mentioned with resident evil 4 the original version sinji makami changed the whole entire idea because it wasn’t resident evil. Also in the secret ending for RE7 demo you’ll see a photo of a helicopter with the umbrella insignia on it and on the back they say that they think they’re watching them meaning they released the virus on them and we’re monitoring them confirming the existence of umbrella in the new game.

    • Chris Hawk

      Interesting theory Kyle, I think this too because it’s really the only explanation for them disappearing in the demo because of the confirmation of NO ghosts. I am very excited for this game

  • Jordan Goodeye

    Most RE fans have complained for years about the move away from horror and towards action. Now everyone is complaining about the move back to horror just because it’s in first person.
    I’ll admit I enjoy most horror games in 3rd person more, but being that it’s VR and capcom is trying to do something entirely original with the series I’m on board.

  • President EvilE

    My theory is pretty significant and substantial. I think it’s the girl encounter holding the chains when Chris or Jill first go into the cabin area in Resident Evil 1. Notice in the trailer there’s a quote over the telephone saying, “She’s back”. Aka this is the girl from the cabin. There’s a part in the demo where players during the VCR playthrough can potentially see an unknown ghost girl. There’s 5 or 6 different spots during the tape where you can see her before she disappears. The corridor through the fireplace has a ladder you can go down. If you look up, you can see the ghost girl. That whole transition reminds me of the Resident Evil 1 encounter with the girl in the chains. The area is too familiar especially with the fireplace in the cabin because that was there too. Later in the gameplay trailer of Resident Evil 7 we see this black liquid forming. If you remember wounding the girl from the cabin with a weapon, she has some sort of liquid bubbling and forming while she is down, and doesn’t die. I believe she is related to that black liquid from the trailer in RE7 We remember her towards the end of RE1 where she jumps off the cliff and “falls to her death”. Perhaps she either died and somehow became a ghost or she came back to RE7 as the same being. There’s files and notes lying around Resident Evil 1 explaining about the girl, her mother, and father. The father got trapped in that stone area where the piano is in Resident Evil 1and supposively died due to starvation as you read notes. Like I said, the area is too familiar and that area where players first start off in is next to a piano and a picture frame of a husband and a wife. This whole demo area could be their household aside from the Spencer Mansion.

    • CharlieTooHuman (Capt Obvious)

      Lisa Trevor?

  • Ramy Mamdouh

    Have anyone noticed that the man dragging the protagonist is also carrying a woman, maybe the same ghost one…….


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