DayZ on PS4: If you feel betrayed, you’ve got a problem

Today Dean Hall took the stage at PlayStation’s Gamescom conference and announced that DayZ would eventually make its way to the PS4. Stating that development on a cross-platform renderer would benefit the PS4 version, but also the existing PC version.

    [Edit: Removed a misinterpreted comment about the PS4 version being released in under three years.]

The announcement made waves, exciting many people at the prospect of playing this highly successful game on their console. But what did people within the existing DayZ community say towards this? Were they excited that more people will be able to experience the game they enjoy so much? Of course not. This is the internet and elitism, irrational conjecture, and straight up whining ensued.

Here’s a few comments I’ve seen come from the DayZ community in regards to today’s announcement:

What we have here are a few selections that showcase anger towards Bohemia Interactive making DayZ available to console owners. Let’s get a few things clear, first regarding Dean Hall and the company’s comments toward the port and how it will affect PC development.

“Console versions have allowed us to factor in a new renderer, ie DX11, any many other things not part of PC scope. Console versions come AFTER PC in priority but PC gets the benefits of things needed. As far as I am concerned, it’s a win win,” said Dean Hall.

“The way I see it, this is a guarantee we have to meet performance standards now. And it sees the PC leading, innovating, with the refined result trickling down to console gamers. A win win all round”.

DayZ has been in development for quite some time, that is true, and one of the biggest complaints is that development is too slow. Also, that the current early alpha build of the game is too broken (go figure an alpha has technical issues. If only there was something to warn people about that…). People are seeing this announcement as a betrayal in their trust and money – as if their patronage for a product can dictate whether or not Bohemia Interactive, a company, is allowed to make a business decision that brings DayZ to another platform.

People fear that PS4 development of the game will take priority, or take away attention from the PC version that’s still in development. That is not true. Looking at Dean Hall’s comments above, the inclusion of a PS4 port will mean a more optimized and quality game. But why infer that from his first quote? Let’s just look at another.

“The caution is well founded. The way I see it, this is a guarantee we have to meet performance standards now. And it sees the PC leading, innovating, with the refined result trickling down to console gamers. A win win all round,” Hall said on Reddit.

Will the development of the PS4 version detract from PC development? No, because a new team is being hired to develop the PS4 version: “Correct. Separate team with cross platform codebase. Results shared,” Hall said in response to someone with that concern. He later said in a different Reddit comment thread the following about the priority of the PC version, “Not only first, but i stood on sonys stage and said the pc was most important. They supported that. When has that ever happened?”

I can understand why concerns over the game’s completion and focus on hardcore survival mechanics might be affected by broadening the accessibility of the game, but the initial response to this announcement is depressing and uninformed. It’s reactionary and indicative of the “cool kids club” mentality that plagues many online groups. There’s been no sign that the game will have its mechanics made easier for the sake of a console audience at all.

As a fan that has put in 300 hours into DayZ Standalone on PC, I welcome PS4 owners to the game that I enjoy so much. But some people don’t share the excitement of sharing their toys with other kids. Instead they want to be selfish and rude. They want to call out the creators of the thing that they enjoy, because those creators sought out an opportunity to allow more people to play their product. A PlayStation 4 port of a game that made its start on PC is not betrayal or morally wrong, because you think you’re entitled to dictate whether or not a company is allowed to make their product reach as many people as possible.

As you can seen in one of the comments above, Eugenharton, the Build and Environment Engineer of DayZ stands behind the port announcement, saying that it’s not about the money, but the game. Our incentive is not in the money , but in the product and the game itself. You just assume , based maybe on your past experience with different product that somehow people here are just out to scam somebody. No we are passionate about what we can and will create,” he wrote.

It’s disheartening seeing a community that should be united by the thing that they enjoy act out toward the prospect of more people joining in on the fun. It’s also a shame seeing baseless and mean-spirited remarks sent toward developers that have been working to make a game better and better with every update (which has been the case these last few months with the team introducing a lot of fixes and new mechanics on a near-weekly basis).

Personally, I hope to see DayZ Standalone improve due to the game’s increased focus on quality thanks to an impending console release and the performance console owners and manufactures expect associated with it. I won’t lose my shit and assume the game I enjoy is going to become catered to casuals, nor will I have disdain for a console owner gaining the ability to enjoy a game reserved for the “PC Master Race”. Let’s just relax, not assume the worst, and be happy that more people will be cry when they’re killed on sight by pantless bandits, OK?

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  • killer89

    “..more people will be cry when they’re killed on sigh by pantless bandits..”

    its more disturbing, when the bandits have only underwear and clown mask.

  • ihatepurplecrayons

    What a idiotic fuckin article all your “examples” from reddit were down voted. So obvisously those so called elitist were the minority. This is shit sensationalism “journalism” quotes because that’s how pathetic this article is.

    • The article is about the response people within the community had from this announcement.

      It’s also based on the ongoing and repetitive complaints from a community that sends direct attacks and insults to Dean, Hicks, and others from Bohemia because their early alpha update is late or development is “too slow”.

      Despite being in early alpha, vitriol is swung at the team behind the game on a nonstop basis. Look at Dean or Hicks’ Twitter feed. It’s pathetic.

      Remember what people said about Dean when it was announced that he was leaving the game? That kind of backlash dribble is tiring to see.

      After observing that for a long time, I felt it was time to write about the shameful behavior from people within the community – which is ongoing. I see this PS4 announcement as nothing but a good thing, and Dean’s comment suggest that it will benefit PC players, not hurt them.

      Naturally, people will be passionate about a product and complain when they feel they’ve been slighted, but as someone that has observed this so much from people complaining about an incomplete game, I felt it was time to let off steam and write something about those entitled attitudes.

    • Brian Gabry

      You sir, are an ignorant dick. Before getting all huffy puffy, you should have read what this article was ACTUALLY about, because those comments were just showing the communities outrage, much like yours right here, over absolutely nothing.

      It doesn’t matter if they got downvotes or not, the fact that anyone in this community feels the need to lash out at the developers because they feel like entitled little 16 year old princesses, is just absurd!

    • bigshynepo

      Seriously, this has been the reaction in the comments section of every article about PS4 DayZ. Doesn’t matter how downvoted those comments are, it is still a very prevalent attitude in the PC gaming community. People just need to grow up, yourself included.

  • That Guy

    I’ve been playing DayZ since Standalone was released and I’m happy to see it ported over to PS4. I’m anxious to see how they map it to the controller.

    • Same. I won’t be using it (maybe just for long walks or vehicles), but I’m glad it started out with poor controller support. It taught me to get used to MK for hours on end.

  • Aden Asmr

    They may need to get the game playable before they port it…

  • Matt

    This came as a bit of a surprise. I thought Sony already had H1Z1 coming out.

  • Bezki

    We all profit from that. Anyone who browses the dayz sub and reads rockets statement should know better.

    As we can see, those irrational posts were downvoted.

    Of course, the uninformed youngsters and manchilds are making the most noise. Like always.

    Really informative if you’re not up to speed.

  • Axe99

    It’s just the (odd, given the current strength in PC gaming) insecure mentality of many (not all, by any stretch) PC-only gamers. They’ll go on and on about how their system is the best, then get anxious and aggressive if there’s a port of a game to console. It’ll settle down, but it’s sad to see that a significant proportion of group that dub themselves ‘the master race’ haven’t progressed to basic levels of emotional maturity.

    • Well said.

    • Carl Johnson

      You don’t call yourself the ‘master race’ unless you aren’t quite sure that you are.

  • French Sod

    Thank you for lecturing the community on how it should react.

    Why are people so angry about this “project” (it can’t seriously be called a game) being ported on another platform ?

    Because, they paid full-price, for an unfinished software, with very little improvement since its initial release, without the guarantee from the devs to ever finish it. That’s right, what if they came to the conclusion that they made enough money already and decided to bugger off, or to switch development to another platform, making PC funders frustrated guinea pigs ? Completely plausible. And legal.

    That’s the flaw with alpha-testing, the most dishonest, insidious business model ever thought: you pay at full price, you get some extremely crude excerpts from a vaguely ambitious project, and you’re never guaranteed of seeing it reaching final stage. Cross your fingers and pray basically.

    Why not Kickstarter this sort of thing ? You give as much as you want, and you’ll be refunded if the project doesn’t come to an end. Sounds slightly more ethical.

    But DayZ suffered insufficient developement since its initial release – I mean how come is it still “alpha” by now ?

    Every “update” adds completely insignificant content -new guns that you won’t find for at least 10 hours of pointless wandering, spray paints, animations of the player taking a dump in the woods – is that really the priority ?

    Technical bugs, general stability, graphic optimization, game balance – when do they plan to address that ?

    I’m sorry to say it, but for now, Day-Z is a scam, and its outlook is not bright.

    • Insignificant content updates? Have you missed the last 2 months of updates?

      Persistent items, animals, cooking, resetting loot and changes to loot economy, 64 bit server implementation, early zombie and AI navmesh being added, early physics system for both items and ragdoll bodies, changes to melee, new towns, new guns and gun accessories, tents for persistent storage, helicopter crash sites, grenades and flashbangs.


      P.S. No one told you to spend money on an early access product. If you knew the risks, you chose poorly (despite evidence contrary to your “insufficient development” claims).

      Either don’t buy an unfinished product or wait for it. Don’t decree the project is a scam because you feel like you’re entitled to more.

      • ChatWraithUpsilon

        Most of the things you listed are planned, but not implemented. Persistent items are not working in stable. Zombies still walk through walls.

        They keep adding things like clothes and other item content when they should be working on bug fixing and functional content. People are dying for vehicle addition, and they haven’t added a vehicle in to even see if that would work properly.

        But woohoo we have 6 new types of pants! Gotta get those pants and shirts in there, that’s critical.

        • Check experimental – the place where they test these new things so those on stable have a more stable experience.

    • Nyar

      The store page has warned people about how early in development the game is. People who buy it need to take some responsibility for their actions just as much as the developers do.

      I don’t own the game myself but have been keeping an eye on its development. I can’t see anything unreasonable there, it’s updated pretty regularly. The game isn’t going to finish itself magically overnight. Regardless of how much money they made. It still takes time.

      Now they announced that the PS4 version is being taken on by a separate team. And that improvements to the engine made for this will directly help the PC version as well. That seems completely fair to me.

      But a large portion of the fanbase is being very immature, no better than people crying over console exclusives – while trying to veil their complaints with a very poor understanding of what goes into game development.

  • ChatWraithUpsilon

    “-Console versions have allowed us to factor in things (DX11) that weren’t part of the PC scope.”

    lol…what. PC has always had DX11. Is dean completely delusional? In what way does he think taking on a second project will help him? He’s struggling (and quitting) developing just one.

    • Because they’re also going to do a PS4 version, they have decided to update the renderer beyond what they originally planned for just the PC release. That’s a good thing for us on PC. A very good thing.

      • ChatWraithUpsilon

        That is a good thing, but PC already has DX12 in dev tools. DX11 should’ve been prompted from the initialization of the standalone project.

        More or less, people are (at least I am) worried that the additional workload of developing for another platform are just going to be a distraction for a team that doesn’t have one complete game under their belt.

        • DX11 is more than capable. They don’t need to go as far as DX12.

          I understand that concern, but the team has been working hard lately and it shows. A lot has been accomplished these last few weeks.

  • Dangerousjo 1985

    Ohh here we go Sony and their big fucking money hats,buying everything up again, just killing the industry we love.

    • demfax

      dayz is not an exclusive game to PS4. Sony didn’t “buy” the game. Stop spreading fanboy lies, FUD, and hatred and get help.


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