Countdown to Resident Evil’s 15th Anniversary (Part 1)

Today we’re starting a special feature that we’ll be conducting in celebration of Resident Evil’s upcoming 15th anniversary. From now until March 22nd, you’ll be able to find short daily articles detailing memorable events/characters/enemies/mechanics from the franchise. Don’t be surprised if some of these articles end up spinning off into their own full-blown features later on throughout the year. This will all culminate on March 22nd, the day when Resident Evil celebrates its 15th anniversary, a day where you’ll be able to check out a giant article here showing immense love for the original Resident Evil. But let’s get started with the countdown, shall we?

A doggie surprise

Possibly one of the most memorable moments in survival-horror gaming, this scene truly scared the crap out of me. Even now, whether I’m playing the original or the remake, I still jump up from my seat upon the sound of the dogs bursting through the glass. I know it’s coming, but it still gets me. I find fun in anticipating it, actually, walking forward ever so slowly as if doing so would disable the scare. It doesn’t. And I really loved the little false-scare the remake pulled off, only to have the dogs burst through at a later time. This is easily one of the most defining moments in all of survival-horror.

What exactly makes this scene so classic? And better yet, what makes it something that instantly makes you jump? It definitely has to be the pitch perfect marriage between the complete silence of going through that hallway and  the camera angle. Yes, the camera angle is actually a good thing here. As a matter of fact, the camera angles themselves serve to be some of the greatest aspects of the classic pre- Resident Evil 4 series, despite what frustration it may bestow upon some people. Check back tomorrow to see exactly why this is so in the first part of a 2-parter look at Resident Evil’s camera angles from a game-play perspective and cinematic perspective, respectively.

I would love to hear about your initial reactions to this scene, whether it’s from the original release or the remake. Would you consider this one of the best moments in survival-horror? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Vampire-Jekyll

    Not only is this one of the greatest moments in Resident Evil, but I would go so far as to say it’s one of the best moments in gaming history.

    • aisha derrouel

      yep i agree. i love that game

  • Definitely was a scare but I don’t remember it all that well way back then. However, I do remember my younger brother playing RE2 two years back. It was quiet but the speakers were up real loud. He was running through the hallway in the Police Dept. when the zombie arms broke through the boarded up windows and grabbed him. What a crash, what a scare, what a moment I will never forget! I was scared out of my body. It, of course, was the whole dead silence and not thinking anything was going to go wrong… then a loud crash and things terribly going wrong. Good times!

  • R.E.5HATER

    As I’ve always said my favorite scene from my favorite game of all time ,I can remember the first time that happens I literally jumped out of my chair and screamed like a 5 year old little girl!

    resident evil 5 has nothing like that , and doesn’t even come close

  • Drew

    One of those rare moments in a game that can’t be duplicated. I think the reason it was so intense, was the fact that you were playing through the first hours of the game and unsure of what lies beyond any door in the mansion. There had been a few slow-moving zombies encountered up to this point, but nothing that really surprises you and gives chase. This moment let us know that it wasn’t just us versus only slow-moving enemies.

    There’s also a bit of a tarnished glow to this aspect of the game. You’re seeing that nothing is sacred. Nothing is safe from the virus. Humans are infected and yes, even animals are infected. Even if you don’t realize it, your brain is telling you that you’re alone and alienated from everything you’ve ever know up to this point. You might not have realized it, but your brain did.

  • aisha derrouel

    i played this game when i was 6 with my mummy, maeve. we loved it but i never got anywere. but now i have a wii i have the remake which is really cool. i like when wesker say i stay here and mind the place. my mummy says what is he minding the vase the pictures dont come off the wall. hahaha. oh man my mummys funny love you mum


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