NE-T Virus

The NE-T virus has very similar properties to the T-virus, but it was designed specifically in relation to the Tyrant Project. In response to reports of the T-002’s failure, a new project was started. Its original goal was to ensure the destruction of all anti-umbrella elements, specifically STARS members. It was given the grandiose title of ‘Goddess of Vengeance’. The research team though nicknamed the project Nemesis, as they held the surviving STARS members directly responsible for the T-001 and T-002’s failure and took a certain satisfaction in working on a project designed specifically to eliminate them, and the name stuck.
Research pertaining to a similar project had been started a few years ago when Umbrella researchers were looking to improve the general intelligence of BOWs. So far all T-virus created BOWs had had extremely low intelligence ratings. Umbrella needed a BOW that could understand and carry out orders. The American team led by Dr. Birkin was working on ways to increase the BOWs’ strength, whilst the European team was working on ways to increase the BOWs’ intelligence. Countless theories and ideas were traded and they first started experiments that involved directly operating on the subject’s brain. Birkin’s team succeeded in creating the T-002, which unlike the highly unstable T-001 could follow the simplest of orders such as ‘restraint’ and ‘attack’. But its intelligence was still insufficient for the BOW to operate in the field.
Then a breakthrough by the European team came in the form of the NE-Alpha, an independent organism created from the NE-T virus that could affect the host’s brain. Further experiments were made, including inserting the NE-Alpha into a Hunter. It was this experiment that provided crucial data that led to the creation of the T-103.

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