Dr. James Marcus (3 forms)

Dr. James Marcus

Dr. James Marcus was one of the original co-founders of Umbrella. Born in 1921, he was responsible for the very first research into a mutagenic virus. He and Dr Edward Ashford discovered the Progenitor virus on December 4th 1967. Four months later Umbrella was founded and Spencer asked Marcus to be director of the Umbrella Training Facility. Marcus declined but later changed his mind when he realised Spencer was increasing his influence within Umbrella. Marcus ignored most of his duties as director and took advantage of the facilities to continue his research. It took him ten years and help from the UTF’s two top trainee researchers, but on September 19th 1978 Marcus successfully combined the Progenitor virus’s RNA sequence with leech DNA to make the very first from of the Tyrant Virus.
Marcus continued his research on leeches but the UTF was shut down and Marcus disappeared from view to later start research on the Tyrant Program. Unbeknownst to him, the two trainee researchers who had helped him with the research, Albert Wesker and William Birkin, were conspiring with Spencer. With the Tyrant Program approaching the prototype stage Spencer wished to remove Marcus in order to further tighten his grip on Umbrella. Wesker and Birkin were promised promotions and control of Marcus’s research in exchange for their cooperation. In 1988 Wesker and Birkin called in a USFU team and had Marcus assassinated. His body was dumped in the treatment plant beneath the UTF.

Mutation 1

Marcus’s Progenitor virus infected leeches were also dumped in the treatment plant. The Progenitor virus normally causes a very violent cellular reaction, but if the virus is slowly metabolised over a long period of time it allows the human host to maintain control, similar to the T-veronica virus. Truth be told you do not get a slower metabolism than that of a dead person’s. The queen leech crawled down Marcus’s oesophagus and attached itself in an almost symbiotic fashion. There it incubated for ten years whilst Marcus’s cells were sustained and eventually metamorphosised and on July 23rd 1998 Marcus awakened. His body had reverted to the physical age of his early twenties. The other Progenitor infected leeches that had spent the last ten years hibernating and reproducing were controlled by him using a sonarific technique. Marcus immediately formulated a plan to exact revenge on Umbrella. He used his leeches to cause a T-virus spill at the Arkley labs and the Umbrella Training Facility, where a team of Umbrella engineers were investigating the prospect of reopening it. A second team of researchers being transported there by train were also attacked.

Mutation 2

The leech queen finally completed its incubation process and disposed of its host. It mutated what was left of Marcus’s DNA and changed into its adult form. It attacks suing its tentacles and an acid spit. This BOW demonstrates just how many features and traits seen in future BOWs originally came from the Progenitor virus. Similarities in T-virus BOWs and even the NE-T virus can be seen.

Mutation 3

The leech queen continued growing, aggravated by an aggressive mutation caused in response to damage done to it by personnel in the area. It uses its acid spit to wound targets before crushing them with its massive girth. Unfortunately this BOW is extremely photosensitive and therefore not practical as a weapon. It was destroyed in UTF’s self-destruct.

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