Women are scary! Gynophobia now available on Steam - Rely on Horror

Women are scary! Gynophobia now available on Steam

Linda - Gynophobia

There are many different kinds of phobias out there and a lot of them would make for great horror games. Last year’s Gynophobia attracted a lot of attention, however, as it was a first-person shooter about a man deciding to tackle his abnormal fear of women with a knife in one hand and a pistol in the other.

Okay, that is a bit too much sensationalism, in reality the game was a rather tame and underwhelming shooter in which most enemies were female monsters. Zombies, arachnids, some original creatures, it was kind of okay, but I wished it did more with the theme than just basing some enemies on it. Surprisingly, Gynophobia has now appeared on Steam as an Early Access title.

For $3.99 interested gamers can buy into the early Access period that is scheduled to last for about a year. Developer Andrii Vintsevych plans to move the game to a newer version of the Unity engine, add full controller support, and rework the gameplay’s balancing based on feedback during this period. Could this be an interesting project in the long run? Kinda, if Mr. Vintsevych is willing to make a gamble and restructure the levels to accommodate a faster style of gameplay, more akin to classic shooters from the old days, I think Gynophobia could end up being a memorable title for a small audience.


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