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Vatra Games may be closing its doors

According to reports from Eurogamer, Silent Hill: Downpour developer, Vatra Games may be closing its doors. Eurogamer followed up with local sources and contacted Vatra’s parent company Kuju for clarity. Kuju’s official response did not confirm not deny the closure but instead left the situation open and stated that “no decisions have yet been made” and that the company is currently conducting a “strategic review” of its business.

“As part of this process, the on-going business activities of the Vatra studio are currently under review. However, at this stage, no decisions have yet been made.” Kuju told Eurogamer.

With only two games under its belt: Rush N’ Attack and Silent Hill: Downpour, the studio might be closing before it got the chance to accomplish much. Vatra’s third game was rumored to be a hack-and-slash type game similar in style to God of War.

If this closure does occur, I know many fans of Downpour and myself will be crushed. Vatra successfully created, what I felt was a good Silent Hill game, and to see them close down would be unfortunate. I would love to see them return to the Silent Hill series, and no matter how unlikely that might have been, a closure would kill any and all possibilities of such happening. Not to mention that this would be yet another instance of a developer having to shut its doors, leaving its employees without a job–something that is becoming very common these days. If Vatra does close, here’s hoping the staff won’t be left in the cold without options.


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