TGA 2017: Death Stranding Gives Us Its Creepiest Trailer Yet

Death Stranding

You knew it was happening.

Yeah, there was a reason Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus, and Guillermo del Toro were showing up tonight. Death Stranding, Kojima’s first project since leaving Konami, has looked pretty freaky in the previous two trailers, but this one (we think anyway) cements it’s place as at least a horror themed game. Whether the gameplay is action or not, the world of Death Stranding is distinctly horror, with strikingly disturbing imagery and a world that has clearly seen it’s end come and go. Nostalgia for Ridley Scott’s Alien, and the incredible 2009 film Moon creeps into my mind. There’s… still no gameplay, amazingly enough considering that it’s been over a year since it’s original announcement at E3 2016. Oh well. It still looks amazing, whatever the hell it is.

YouTube video

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