Slaughtering Grounds dev loses to Jim Sterling - Rely on Horror

Slaughtering Grounds dev loses to Jim Sterling

Slaughtering Grounds

A while ago we reported that the developer of The Slaughtering Grounds, a rather basic first-person shooter with zombies in it, was starting a Youtube series in which he (or she) would ridicule negative reviewers, starting with Jim Sterling who recently started his own website and has worked for both Destructoid and The Escapist in the past. That ordeal was left on a cliffhanger when Jim’s videos were accused of copyright infringement by the developer and taken down by Youtube’s automated system.

Digital Homicide, the developer in question, was unable to meet Jim Sterling in court, so after processing the video, Youtube decided to return it to its previous state and all penalties against Jim’s channel were dropped. As the tweets below show, Mr. Sterling is in high spirits, whereas a quick peek at the Steam forums of the game revealed a less-than-happy developer. A live-stream was held to celebrate this victory, but those who missed it can now see it alongside the reuploaded, initial video, on Jim Sterling’s youtube channel sourced below.


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