Silent Hill: Prelude fan film hits IndieGoGo for funding

The Silent Hill series has a number of fan projects in the work lately. Awhile back I reported on Silent Hill: Anniversary and Lost Days, and since then there’s been a handful of other fan projects in the works, one such being Silent Hill: Prelude. Planned as a 60 minute film set before the events of the first game, Prelude comes to IndieGoGo seeking $52,325 to cover production expenses. The film is being produced by Neil London and written and directed by Edward DeBOY, former Silent Hill Experienced fansite owner (whom you may remember me podcasting with a few years ago).

IndieGoGo reward tiers for backers include the general fare, such as your name in the credits, digital and physical copies, and props.

Shot on a RED Scarlet camera, a teaser/test trailer can be found below showing professional-grade shots.The acting is a little wonky at times, but being test footage, things are subject to change. Full details on the plot and production can be found on the film’s IndieGoGo page.


YouTube video

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