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Sad news: Kenji Eno, creator of “D” passes away at 42

For anyone who listens to the Whispers in the Dark podcast I’m on, you probably know that the incredibly weird and line-crossing 3DO game D holds a special place in my heart for horror. It saddened me to sign online today and discover that the game’s head developer Kenji Eno passed away this morning at the far-too-young age of 42.

D, it’s sequels Enemy Zero and D2, as well as his sound-only game Real Sound where huge leaps in horror game design, emphasizing sound over visuals in order to instill fear- as well as some truly twisted plots that would give even the most messed up things in Silent Hill a run for their money. While they might not be the easiest to play (Enemy Zero‘s invisible enemies are a real pain in the ass- although it’s worth noting that this idea would later be copied for the “invisible enemy” mode of Resident Evil REmake), they are some of the most unique games out there.

Eno died of heart failure yesterday, due to high blood pressure. As of yet, there aren’t any other details known. I urge our readers to take the time to hunt out copies of his games, just to try them out at the very least, and honor this man’s passing. I’m truly sorry he didn’t get to do more, but what he did do will be fondly remembered, at least by this writer.


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