[Rumor] Resident Evil 7: First Look At Mia From The Lantern Trailer

Okay, so it isn’t that much, but still worth talking about.

There had been some speculation that the blonde woman showcased during the CEDEC was Mia, the woman who we’re playing as in the Lantern trailer for Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, but it looks like at least the first little bit of rumouring from AvidExpert, the Youtuber who dropped a butt-load of potentially spoiling leaks the other day, was on the nose. A picture popped up on Reddit today, presumably showing Mia as she’ll appear in the final game. Posted by ResidentEvil7Mia, (and it’s currently the only thing this user has done), we still can’t call this “official”, at least until we see something actually from Capcom, but it does look like RE7‘s in-game visuals.

It’s interesting finally having a face to work with, especially considering that one of the other rumors surrounding Mia is that she’s the freaky zombie lady from the ending of Begining Hour/Kitchen. Comparing the two images side-by-side isn’t a whole lot of help, considering the best picture we have of the mystery woman is garbled VHS crap (not to mention ten shit tons of viral infection), but I wouldn’t say no just yet. They do have the same hair color, and their nose and lips look similar. But there’s really no way of telling. I’ll put the best video we have of Kitchen here for you, and you can be the judge.

Avid claims the image was stolen from him, but no more information has been given one way or another, and we have no way of knowing exactly where the hell this picture is actually from. We’ve only got a few days until Capcom unveils more officially at the Tokyo Game Show, where some (probably not all) will be revealed.

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