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SDCC 2012: Capcom tweaks Resident Evil 6 due to demo feedback

Capcom brought some brand new demos of Resident Evil 6 to San Diego Comic-Con. In an interview with Destructoid, Resident Evil 6 producers Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi stated that ill-received aspects of the Resident Evil 6 demo are being currently addressed by the development team.

“We understand the parts of the demo that came with Dragon’s Dogma that were not received favorably, to put it mildly. We wanted to make sure we could try to improve on these things — the camera angles, the tearing and other issues.” Hirabayashi told to Destructoid.

Among the changes already present in the Comic-Con demo was an improved player camera. Due to much of the screen being used up by the player’s character, the development team has altered character placement in order to let the player see more of the environment. “This is the latest version of the game, and you can see how we’ve pulled the character out of the way now, so when you’re aiming you can still clearly see what you’re trying to shoot.” the producer stated.

During my time with the current demo available, I could not understand why my character took so much space on the screen. Aiming made things even worse, because the character would take up nearly a half of the screen, hiding anything of interest on the side my character was shooting from. Seeing this incredibly frustrating camera addressed has eased my biggest concern with the game. Due to the games faster pace and larger emphasis on gun-play, combat was unnecessarily claustrophobic because of how little could be seen. I was worried that this issue would make it into the final game, hurting gameplay.

Hirabayashi went on to tell Destructoid that not only can the camera speed be adjusted–as it can be in the current demo–but the team is adding the option for players to choose the angle of their cameras. This is something I heaven’t really seen before but the customization option is welcome.

Resident Evil 6 is already filled to the brim with control customization and this announcement means there will be even more settings for players to mess with. Out of all the things that they’re fixing, let’s hope they don’t change out ability to play footsie with each other.


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