Resident Evil 6’s timed-exclusive Xbox 360 multiplayer DLC now available

Yesterday, Resident Evil 6’s first major title update went live. And starting today, Xbox 360 owners have new multiplayer modes to experience.

The first batch of timed-exclusive Xbox 360 DLC has hit, comprised of three new multiplayer modes.

“Predator” supports up to six players and has one of them taking on the role of the Ustanak (the latest graduate from Nemmy’s Academy), it’s everyone else’s job to avoid being captured or killed by Usty. Each player will have their turn as Usty, and the game’s over once everyone has played as him, the player with the most points accumulated wins.

“Survivors” is basically the game’s take on the classic deathmatch mode, supporting two to six players, where the goal is once again to compete for the highest score. The twist is that once you die, you come back as one of the enemies. You’ll have to defeat a human character in order to come back as your original player character.

“Onslaught” is conceptually like some good ol’ competitive Tetris. It supports two players and it sounds like it could become quite an ┬áintense battle between opponents. The key to success is to chain combos together. Once a player chains a combo, a wave of enemies will be sent to their opponent. Yeah, like I said, intense.

Each mode is available individually for 320 Microsoft Points. Or you can opt to purchase them as a bundle for 720 points.

Have you played any of these modes yet?

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