Resident Evil 6 sales continue to weaken

Initially, Resident Evil 6’s sales were strong. While review scores were another thing, Capcom was happy with the sales numbers they were seeing at first. But that was then, and this is now.

Since its launch, the game’s sales have started to weaken, so much so that Capcom has now lowered their financial forecast for the latest numbered entry in the beloved franchise. They’ve cut 3.3 billion yen ($39 million) from their original estimated profits for the fiscal year. Oh boy.

I know what the general response to this news is going to be here: “THAT WILL SHOW CAPCOM! NOW CUT THIS ACTION CRAP!” So I’m not going to be surprised by those inevitable comments. And while the game’s mixed reviews could be a huge factor in the game’s dwindling sales, I always hate to see a game from one of my favorite series not perform as well as it could. But with a franchise as famous and as big as Resident Evil, we know it’s not going away anytime soon.

I just hope Capcom looks at Revelations and uses that template for a future entry. It still has action, but it embraces its survival horror roots. More of that, please. And speaking of Revelations, perhaps this will be the revelation that shows Capcom what fans really want (or don’t want) from the series.


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