Resident Evil 5 highlights ‘Xbox Live deal of the week’

Had enough Resident Evil 5? If you’ve purchased all the released DLC and put in countless hours into the game and its modes then chances are, yeah, you may have had enough of a Resident Evil 5 fix. On the other hand, there are those who haven’t downloaded the extra episodes and modes, for reasons ranging from pricing or just having those releases slip by under their radar. Well, now is the best time for those uninitiated with Resident Evil 5’s extended campaign to finally be able to purchase what they’ve been missing.

This week’s ‘Xbox Live Deal of the Week’ revolves around Resident Evil 5. As proudly advertised on your dashboard, you’ll now be able to download the following DLC with new, friendlier, prices:

Untold Stories Bundle: Reduced from 960 to 560 msp.

Lost in Nightmares: Reduced from 400 to 240 msp.

Desperate Escape: Reduced from 400 to 240 msp.

Versus Mode: Reduced from 400 to 240 msp.

Avatar items:

Chris Redfield’s BSAA uniform: 160 msp.

Hawaiian shirt: 80 msp.

Puzzle Crank: 80 msp.


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