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Extended version of Resident Evil Revelations’ TGS 2011 trailer released

First things first: it looks like I was very wrong on an assumption I made in my original TGS trailer analysis. There I assumed that Rachel was still alive after the brutal attack we saw in the original TGS trailer. Hell, Jill even states to Parker how she found a “survivor.” I don’t know about you, but that to me means that said survivor is kinda alive. But, we didn’t get the full version of that short dialogue between Jill and her partner. The extended version of the TGS trailer gives us that, and much, much more.

After telling Parker she’s found a survivor, Jill then confirms that the survivor (Rachel) has been killed by the BOWs. Now she’s going to try to piece together who this person actually was. (Anyone want to bet that Rachel will come back as a BOW boss fight?) Aside from this confirmation of Rachel’s death, we also get to see the scene where the Veltro leader injects a syringe into the neck of a downed body, re-animating it.

Then we get to see, at the end of the trailer, the gas-masked leader approach a man tied down to a chair (who’ve seen before and have been speculating heavily about). We don’t actually get to see his face, but it’s pretty clear that it’s Chris just by looking at his back. This notion is further confirmed when the Veltro leader calls him Mr. Redfield, telling him that the show is about to begin. You can view the extended trailer below.

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