Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Manga Delayed to 2023

Announced in 2020 at New York Comic Con (during a MetaVerse online event) and published by Tokyopop, fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer to get their hands on the now surprisingly far away release of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness‘ manga tie-in. While the manga never had a hard set release date, it was presumed to have been slated for some time after the release of 2021’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness anime series on Netflix, but then presumably pushed back to 2022. Today we finally have confirmation that the manga will be skipping 2022 altogether and is now going to be hitting store shelves sometime in 2023. This comes via the @REcountdown Twitter (an account dedicated to keeping track of upcoming Resident Evil release dates along with other fan content and activities), who reached out to the official Tokyopop Twitter account for an update on the manga’s release:

The only real information we have regarding the manga is that it will (obviously) tie into the anime series in some way (which would also make it canon) and that it would star Leon and Claire together again. No word on if it took place before, during, or after the series’ events, or if any other characters would appear. This tie-in will be the series’ fourth canonical manga series, after an Umbrella Chronicles tie-in and two original series (The Marhawa Desire and Heavenly Island), and the first to feature Leon. There are of course tons of other RE comics and manga (or rather Manhua) but none of them are canon (and some get very weird), so it’s exciting to know that a new canonical story is on the horizon, delay or no.

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