Rebecca, Chris, And Leon In New Resident Evil: Vendetta Screens

Oh, these are… very small.

Despite Resident Evil 7 introducing a bunch of new characters and villains to RE lore, it hasn’t stopped the activities of the rest of the Resident Evil universe. Yep, while Ethan Winters faces sheer terror in the backwaters of Dulvey, Louisiana, Chris, Leon, and Rebecca all return in the canon film Resident Evil: Vendetta, to face off against a new threat. We’ve already gotten two trailers that showed off some footage of the new movie, which is a sequel to 2012’s Resident Evil: Damnation, but thanks to Capcom’s Japanese online store, we’ve gotten a few new, if depressingly low resolution, images from the upcoming film.

The first set of images shows Rebecca Chambers, a survivor of the original Mansion incident, bespeckled and working in what I can only assume is a BSAA laboratory. This is Rebecca’s first canon appearance in the series outside of Resident Evil: The Stage since the original Resident Evil, and it’s nice to see her again. She’s in her late thirties now, and has gone on to become a researcher and advisor in the BSAA, as (at least according to the events of The Stage) she has developed PTSD and cannot operate in the field as Chris does.

Chris shows up, talking some heavy stuff with Leon and Rebecca across a computer in what appears to be a Panera Bread (I’m kidding, I have no idea where they are). It’ll be neat to see Chris and Rebecca together again as well (They were together in The Stage, but they never really get a chance to talk), and I’m hoping for maybe a few reflective moments on their previous adventures together (maybe even a short flashback to RE1, like the short flashbacks to RE2 in Resident Evil: Degeneration). Either way, fun times gettin’ the gang back together.

Finally, we get some shots of Leon, who… well, it’s Leon. Doing Leon stuff. Leon is in a unique situation here as he’s never canonically met Rebecca before (not counting the non-canon novel Underworld), although who knows – he seemed to have already met Chris before their fateful moment in Resident Evil 6, despite them never crossing paths in any RE story before. I don’t really have much to say about these two images, other than Leon’s jackets have been getting consistently less cool since the bomber in RE4.

That’s it for now, although stay tuned, I’m sure we’ll be getting another trailer soon enough. The Japanese release is coming up pretty soon, May 27th, and I’m sure the US release probably won’t be far behind (as it’s simply slated for ‘summer’). There’s also a couple of slick new shirts and patches available on Capcom’s Japanese store, just for the film. We’ll keep you updated.


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