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RE2 Remake: New Ghost Survivor Details: Story, Unlockables, Gameplay

RE2 Remake‘s first DLC content, The Ghost Survivors, drops this Friday for free across Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. As such, we’ve heard surprisingly little about it since it was revealed just before the main game’s launch. Today, PlayStation.Blog got to release a few new details about what to expect, and by gum am I looking forward to this! Many fans have been pining for some sort of Mercenaries-type mode for the game, and this appears to be it! From the blog post, we get new details about characters, their stories, and new information about how it will be played.

The DLC comes with three chapters, each with a non-canon ‘what if’ story:

No Time To Mourn – Follow the devastated Robert Kendo (co-owner of Kendo’s Gunshop just outside the RPD station) after he’s contacted by an old friend coming to his rescue via helicopter (is… is it him?). Packing up his gear, he sets out into the infected streets of Raccoon City — but an all-new enemy, a poisonous zombie, will make the journey that much more challenging.

Runaway – Katherine Warren has famously never had a chance during the sad tale of Raccoon City’s destruction, but now for the first time, she’s given an opportunity to escape. Daughter of the city’s mayor, Micheal Warren, Katherine attempts to flee the city with the help of a “certain someone” as the blog puts it. Navigating the outbreak, Katherine will be encountering another new zombie type that requires a special kind of ammunition to put down (perhaps similar to the Fumers in RE7: Not a Hero).

Forgotten Soldier – While HUNK was canonically the only member of USS Alpha Team to survive the botched Operation Nestwrecker, this scenario follows a fellow USS member — GHOST. Labeled as especially challenging (even for 4th Survivor players), GHOST will have to fight through hordes of infected in Umbrella’s underground Nest facility, including armored variants.

These chapters will have multiple difficulty levels, from a regular difficulty to a “training” mode that allows for more inventory slots and items. That right, unlike The 4th and Tofu Survivor modes, you can pick up items — either from backpack wearing zombies, or vending machines. However, there appear to only be three items (it’s difficult to tell if the blog post is saying each vending machine/backpack or three total for the entire run) and picking one locks you out of the other two.

There are also a number of unlockable cosmetic items, with a tiger mask, a raccoon that sits on your shoulder, and more. There are also, of course, new achievements/trophies for the DLC as well. Alongside The Ghost Survivors, the ’98 “retro” costumes will be available as well, dressing Leon and Claire up in their original 1998 PS1 polygonal character models. All of this is, again, free — so make sure to pick them up! Personally, I can’t wait for more content, as I’m starting to run out of stuff to do in RE2, having nearly 100% completed the unlockables and achievements/trophies on Steam and PS4. I more than welcome these new features. We’ll get back to you with a review and guides for the DLC as soon as we can!


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